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Clash Of Love - Episode 28




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 28

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

Mum, please where is my room, I need to go and arrange my stuffs 

Your room is upstairs, the 2nd door by your left, Just go and check it out I know you will love it.

Sure I will. The house is fabulously luxury no doubt that my room will be superb 

(Delight smiled at her mum and mount the stairs to her room, she turned the lock and stepped in.... The room was captivating, 100times more beautiful, neat, well furnished and decorated more than her previous room, every thing was in there including a portable plasma. Her bed was magnificent, 5times bigger and softer than her former bed with flowered decorated bedspread neatly arranged.... Her bathroom was great and beyond descriptions.. The room was decorated with solar electric bulbs and they were just amazing)

Oh dad you have such great and expensive test, Thank you very much dad, You are the best. Oh that's true I have a message from an unknown number.... Who must that be? She opened the message. She was excited because the message was from her dad. It reads... 

Delight my angel of light, dad is safe and currently on my way to dubai now, I have my eyes all over you dear and the fake officers told me every thing and how well you acted though they didn't know that you are aware of every thing.... Information reaching me is that you are now in your new house... Hope you love it, how about your room hope you like it's decoration?  I  am missing you my darling and in no time I will be back and won't ever leave you again. Please  be conscious of your mum because she has really gone so deep in her wayward and negative life, don't allow her to influence you please my angel.

 The kind of friends and people she mingles with are those that poisoned and killed their husbands with their own hands and now single with kids flirting around the whole cities of Lagos and other countries, some had even involved their children in their dirty games that they are now pr0$titutes selling their bodies just to make money... I have even seen your mother couple of times with strange men in restaurants laughing and playing. Some people are watching her movements and recording them still as evidence... Please stay low and mind how you talk and mingle with her so that she doesn't hurt or corrupt you, don't worry about anything, when ever she is out of sight you can always flash me and we will talk no matter the time or hour and always make sure to delete every of our conversations after talking. Our plans are working out and very soon every thing will be alright. Just remain the good and smart brave girl that I used to know and stay off your mums part for good. Always remember that dad loves you very very much my angel of light..... Take care of your self my baby and always be safe.


(At this time, Delight was in tears as she quickly replied her dad and deleted the messages. She continued crying thinking over everything her dad told her that she didn't realize that her mum has entered her room. She was astonished and her heart flew into her stomach when she heard her mums voice )

Delight what's wrong why are you crying? 

Nothing mum she said wiping her tears


Oh please my darling little angel, tell me what's wrong I know there's something.

Delight was so scared not knowing if her mum was there while she was reading her father's messages.... Her phone was still in her hands and that's another thing, then something came into her mind.

Mum please let me be, you wouldn't want to hear why I am crying.

Oh sweet, don't say that.. Mum loves you so very much..... Let's bury our hatchet and move on now. So tell me my angel why are you crying?

Nothing mum, was just watching my dad's pix and I remembered him, I just wished that he was here with us mum.

Treasure frowns.  oh I taught as much but I just wanted to confirm. So I can see that you are crying over nothing.,  just keep it on dear. Meet me downstairs in in an hour I want to speak with you

Delight looked at her mother and smiled inwardly) What a f0ol you are mum, she said in her mind. OK mum,,, her mother left and Delight Smiled and breath in relief. Thank God she didn't find out.... That was so close I just have to be more careful.

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