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Clash Of Love - Episode 27




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 27

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

Treasure ignored her daughters request to open the main door to the house, carried away by her selfish desires, lust  and greed, she forgot that her daughter was right there with her and that they are still outside the house, she brought out her phone and dialed Sandra her friends number at the first ring, she picked the call.

Hello sandy bae

Oh baby T, I have been trying to reach you but your lines wasn't reachable

Oh sorry sweet, that might be network issues, Well I just called to let you know that I am right now, here in my mansion..oh dear this house is very beautiful with flowers and gardens decorated in it just like heaven. A very beautiful large swimming pool is right inside Oh this house is the best I have ever seen in my entire life!!

Wow! I am happy for you, your husband really is a mugu, you shot your target without mercy

Oh sandy just forget about that fool, he is on the run right now and I know he won't show his face any close just yet for fear of been caught. I am so happy, because I am just very free like a bird

I am happy for you too, so that calls for celebration T bae, I can't wait for you to flex me around.

That's a small case, I am hosting a party this weekend and is gonna be a boom boomm... When I said booom I mean bammm!! You ain't gonna miss it right? 

Not for anything in the world,  I will be right there in fact I am gonna sleep over before the D - day

Kikikikikiki! You are very funny sandy. You are always welcome to my heaven


Thanks T. and that reminds me what about your little girl??

Oh that one, she's just a pain in the ass!. After saying that... it was only then she realized that she has been saying all the trash in her daughters presence and right outside the house. She turned around and met the preying eyes of her daughter 

Eeem.... Eeem I will get back to you Sandra... 

How long have you been here? so you now sneaks in on me and eavesdrop to my conversations right? 

Mum I don't understand what you are saying...... I have been asking you to open the main door so that I will take my stuffs in but you choose to ignore me and do your things your way

(surprised) are you serious about that? 

More than serious.... And please mum I didn't sneak in on you or eavesdrop on your conversations, I just helped my self out by looking around  the compound since you were over excited and forgot that we are still outside

Oh forgive me dear (she went straight and opened the door to the main entrance. Delight carried her luggage and headed to the door, her mum still very uncomfortable stopped her) 

Eeem... Delight dear

Yes mum

I just want to ask you something

I'm listening mum

Yah actually..... Eem... Really I don't know how to ask you this..... But... OK... Eeem the thing is that...

Mum, what's wrong, why are you stammering and unstable in what you wanna ask. Whatsup mum.? 

(Smiles) Eeem, well nothing much.... So never mind.... Please let's go inside dear

But mum you don't seems OK, moments ago you was making calls all happy and smiling. So what's wrong now, hope my dad has not been caught?

Mtcheww! You always irritates me with the talk of your father been caught.... I think you've just got to give it some break and leave the fact that your dad is not returning here

(Delight smiled inwardly, sensing her mother's fears and why she can't boldly ask her the intended questions she want to ask  her earlier)

 Mum I know you hate dad so much but please stop wishing him death because he is not gonna die yet. She pushed the door inside and stepped in then turn back to her bewildered mum again, oh yes mum, patterning your conversation don't worry about it..... I heard nothing, I only heard that you are gonna throw a party by weekend, Good luck mum

( She went in living her speechless mother outside in shock and devastated)

Wow! Delight exclaimed, my dad sure have eyes for good things, this house is Wow! I don't know the right figure of speech to use for it. She was still admiring the magnificent and well decorated beauty of the house when a message from unknown number peeped into her phone.

Let's guess who the message is from??

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