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Witches Lust 3 - Episode 3




Witches Lust 3 - Episode 3

Written by Sadiq Infinity

Notice: This story is Rated 20+ contains f_ul languages and $ex in writing.


Humans! Hmph… Their existence is really a pity… Their very presence irritates me.. I’ve spent time with them and I’ve seen that their life is full of despair… Every step they take leads to their doom, They’re the very architect of their downfall.

Yet.. What surprises me is that they cling to this worthless idea, called hope.. Despite their failures, they believe everything is going to be alright.

My human father, Riley femi is the one that pisses off the most.. I wonder why mother even got married to him. Ever since I was born, he’s been trying to bring me up in human way… It’s not I’m resenting my human half self but I don’t want to be human,.. Everything about them is just about despair, weakness and failure.

I don’t hate my father but the reason why I don’t like him is that fact he’s human and the fact my mother had to give up her powers and immortality to be with him… That’s a high price to pay all in the name of love..

I hate the fact that I have to watch them grow old and die.. Mom’s barely aging but Dad is getting quite old.. If only I knew a spell to remove the seal on my mom and to make my father age slowly..

And speaking of spells, My parents have been watching me to see if I had magic powers.. I do have powers but I refused to let them know about it.. After years of watching, both of them were finally convinced that I was powerless… The reason why I didn’t let them know was because I had unlimited fun with my powers..

I can’t explain or describe the type of my magic but here’s what i do know.. I can mimic any magic ability and make it mine permanently.. Through out my life, I’ve possessed many magic powers by watching other witches… I don’t need to learn them, or chant the spells.. once I see it or hear the spells, I can do it with ease just by making simple gestures with my fingers. All I have to do is visualize the magic I want to use in my mind and then unleash it by moving my fingers.

I sometimes read my grandmother’s books about witches and their type of abilities but there’s none like me.. I wouldn’t call my ability Copy magic, cause Witches who have this ability can only use the magic they copy once but I can use it endlessly.

But despite possessing all this magic abilities.. I don’t use them much.. My mom had taught me that we don’t use magic unnecessarily, we aren’t allowed to use it on humans unless there’s a critical problem. But I don’t wait for any critical moment, I use my magic anytime I want to especially when my parents don’t give me what I want at the time I want it.

There was this time, I went to the store with my mother to shop.. I saw a Chocolate 🍫 that I wanted but she refused to buy it.. So when she wasn’t looking, I used an instant teleportation spell I saw a witch use and used it to get the chocolate.

I also use my magic when I’m in school… There’s nothing I hate more than school… It makes me so angry.. Especially when I have to blend with those noisy kids.. I hate it there.

My mother didn’t want me to go to a human school but my father sweet mouthed her into allowing me to go. Not only where the child annoying, but the teachers as well.. They would stack us with assignments.. There was this time, our class Teacher Mrs. Anne gave us an assignment to go and write 20 countries with their capitals.. It wasn’t hard for me because i escort Dad sometimes to watch football in Uncle Leo’s house, Its amazing the knowledge one could get from watching that boring sport but as for the rest, it was like giving me JAMB to write… We’re primary 2 students, Why would she give us an assignment like that? So I decided to test her out and humiliate her if possible.


Ebinoluwa ➡ Excuse me ma!


Anne ➡ Yes Child..


Ebinoluwa ➡ It’s not fair..


Anne ➡ What’s not fair?


Ebinoluwa ➡ The assignment you gave us.. It’s hard.


Anne ➡ See this girl o.. I’m your teacher and it’s my choice to decide what’s fair or not.


Ebinoluwa ➡ Is that so?.. Then what’s the capital of Netherland?


Anne ➡ Where’s that??


I couldn’t believe it when she asked me that?.. Common Netherland, she doesn’t know but she wants us to go and do this assignment.. She’s sick.


Ebinoluwa ➡ You don’t know the capital? .. Shame on you.. You don’t even deserve to be a teacher. You’re just wasting our time.


Mrs. Anne wasn’t pleased with her answer, she started insulting me calling me a spoilt child, she even went as far to insult my parents.. She had no idea the mistake she had made caused I hated anyone who insulted my parents.

Without any time, I casted a spell on Anne.. There was a wind magic spell, I saw one witch use.. The ability was called the “wind bullet”.. It was powerful to do quite a damage especially on a human, so I flickered my fingers and in an instant a powerful gush of wind emerged into our class breaking all the glass and scattering everything before it hit Anne and sent her flying out of the wind.

I was expelled after Mrs. Anne insisted that I was a witch in disguise… My parents took me to another school and another incident happened.. This time around I casted an illusion spell on the entire school showing everyone their worst nightmares.. I was changed to another school and another incident happened, I was soon changed again to another school and another incident happened again… I was transferred to 10 different schools and none of them seemed to work out. My mom begin to suspect whether I had powers but there was no evidence to prove it.. She had even taken me to her Aunt Jezebel to check whether I had magic but nothing was found.. Little did they know that I had read from one of grandmother’s books how to completely erase a magic aura from oneself once that is done, it will make the other witches think you’re powerless.

That’s how I’ve managed to fool my parents all this years.. In their minds, they think I’m just an half human witch with no magic but they have no idea how wrong they are. In fact my parents are boring.. All they want is the simple life.. Who wants that??? I want to do something daring and adventurous but my parents won’t allow me.. Both of them knew I could teleport but they wouldn’t allow me to use it, they wanted me to keep my half witch side a secret since I was now living among humans.

I hated following under their rules and wished that I could be free from their grasp.. The only fun I have is when I’m hanging out with my human grandmother, Sara.

Despite my irritation for humans.. She’s the only human that I liked very much.. She was funny and very generous.. She gave me everything I asked for and told me many stories some are quite interesting and some are well boring.. The story she loves telling me is about prophets and their deeds..

There are times where she takes me to church so that I could become a devoted Christian… Lets be real here… I really don’t want to be a religious being.. In fact.. I really don’t understand the whole religious stuff… I realized there was more than one religion in the world and Most of them seems to be aiming at one thing which is the worship of one God.

I sometimes sit and think about this. Why are there different religions? Why can’t everyone be serving one religion since their purpose are all the same? And which one is the true religion?..

I feel sad seeing this religious nutcracks devoting themselves so much to their various faith. It’s good that they’re devoted but wouldn’t it be a shame if they found out it wasn’t real?.. I believe in the existence of the Supreme being but I just can’t align myself with any religion.

Speaking of Religion.. My parents share different views about it.. My father is a Christian and as for my mother.. Well, I really don’t know.. She doesn’t go to church and she doesn’t do her devil worship rites like the other witches.

So one night, I was at my mom’s favorite place which was the Iroko tree, staring at the moon with my cat, Rosey.. I named her after my late Aunt, whom I hear was very terrifying.. I would have loved to meet her.. I heard she sacrificed her life to bring my father back too from dead. Despite her reputation for despising humans, I can’t understand why she did that.

As I was saying Rosey and I sat on the tree branch staring at the moon, when I heard a big boom 💥, it shook the earth and I was curious to know what it was.. Rosey took off in fright, but before I could get there, I saw a dark substance flying in the air.. It wasn’t just flying, it was moving as if it was looking for something then suddenly, it headed straight into the forest, I flew and followed it to see where it would land,.. But it was faster than I was… Suddenly , I saw Rosey on a tree looking around when the dark substance hit her, she fell from the tree straight to the ground struggling as if she was in pain, I stood and watched as she struggled, she cried out loud and then stopped moving, I approached her quietly and touched her body, but she didn’t stir or move.. In that moment, I heard a loud thud behind me, as I looked around I saw a black book, It’s title was written in Witches language which was ” Book of forbidden spells”… I took the book and wondered how it got here… I opened it and saw different variety of Top level spells.. As I browsed through the pages.. I heard a voice behind me, as I turned around, I saw my cat Rosey talking.


Rosey ➡ My… What am I doing in a cat’s body? Of all the places to place my soul in I had to place it in a cat?


Ebinoluwa ➡ How can you talk?? Animals can’t talk?… Who are you.. What did you do to Rosey?


Rosey ➡ Rosey?? You dare name a cat after… Sniff, sniff… Strange… Who are you little girl?


Ebinoluwa ➡ I’m nobody… Tell me who you are or I’ll be forced to do something bad.


Rosey ➡ My, my,… You’re quite a fiery one.. Tell me.. Why do I smell Christen on you? Is she your mother?


Ebinoluwa ➡ Christen? How do you know my mother’s name?.. Who are you?


Rosey ➡ Silly girl.. Well.. I’m your mother’s sister… Rose.. I’m your Aunt.



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