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My Name is AKA - Episode 43





My Name is AKA - Episode 43

Written By Amah's Heart.

I was grinning from ear to ear as we walked outside the gate.

"I would have love to go drop you but my parents and the guest will definitely ask of me. I need to be present.."

"I totally understand Daniel. Your family is such a loving, welcoming and super cool. I love your parent.. they are warm and friendly.  your siblings, your house and i also love the delicious meal. I really enjoyed my day and very glad that I was able to come..."

"Me too. I'm very happy that you showed up. I thought your boss, who's also your guardian won't let you out but after you told me that he had no problems with you attending the anniversary party I was relieved.."

We stood outside waiting for my ride.

Daniel ordered a ride that will take me home straight.

"I wish I can stay longer, I felt like becoming part of your family already but I don't want Mr Law to be mad at me. I told him I will return early and I don't want to abuse the privilege he gave me today.."

"You know I like you a whole lot and want the best for you Aka, I don't know why I felt a certain way about your boss.."

"How, certain way...how? I asked looking up to him as we stood side by side 

"Well, I have been wanting to ask you but waiting for a good time. Are you in a relationship with him.. you understand what I mean right?

"The only relationship we share is just a very friendly one. Like a boss who goes extra mile to give me a comfortable life. He's a good Man and a God sent to me.."

"He acted strangely towards me on the first day of meeting him. He probably has feeling for you beyond what you think. You supposed to have observed and understand that he maybe interested in you.."

I chuckled aloud.

"I wish, in my wildest dreams. I'm not Mr Law's type. He dates all this big runway models, pretty slender women and he can't possible belittle himself to have something with me.."

"That's what you thought, I just hope you're right Aka. I don't know God's plan for both of us but if it was up to me, I will do anything to have you permanently in my life..."

"...I have had this feeling and also prayed over it. I even spoke to my Mom about it and she said a genuine love cast out fear and if what I feel for you is aligned with God's way then I should tell you. She said we should avoid all form of sin, immorality and remain steadfast in study and doing the will of God and with time the God will manifest himself in our friendship.."

"...she said lots of things Aka and I was waiting for the holiday to be over so that we can have a serious talk over that but I just want you to know that I love you with the love of Christ and I pray God help us in the race and at the end his name will be glorified through our friendship..."

He asked me to also take time to pray over it. He wasn't rushing me or forcing me to agree. 

He wish God will communicate to me and direct my answers and ways.

My ride finally arrived and we waved each other goodbye.

I had a lot to think about while I was in the car.

I like Daniel alot and felt so blessed having him in my life

But there's a whole lot of other women who will do anything to have him, although he doesn't give them a chance to get too close, but I sometimes get scared of losing him to those pretty lady.

I value my friendship with Daniel and he's ready to keep the bed undefied until his wedding night.

He never encourages any form of intimacy or selfish desires.

He has a high self control and fear of God

If he gets confused over something, he goes to his mother to clear his confusion or go to God in prayer.

Daniel is just perfect.

He mentioned about Mr Law having feeling for me.

I have allowed my imagination to run ahead of me in many cases with Mr Law

He was the first man that showed me care without demanding anything selfish from me.

He maybe unpredictable but he's a good and disciplined man.

I truly likes him alot and won't lie about that. He used to be the Prince charming in my imagination until I met Daniel and many of my worldly thoughts began to change to more of godliness.

I silently wish what Daniel said was true but I doubt it.

Mr Law can be likened to a weather, friendly and caring this minute and very unfriendly the next.

I guess I'm the luckiest domestic worker that he obviously cares for.

Venus, who try to get close to me after returning from suspection, she asked me how I was able to get Mr Law to my side.

She wanted me to give her my secret ingredient or however I usually get Mr Law to myself

She was ready to pay for it but after I told her I did nothing

She refuses to believe me and said I was stingy and want Mr Law to like only me.

Mr Law liking me was unexpected, I never thought I will be in the position I am today.

All thanks to God who showed me favour through Mr Law

Recently, he acts and looks at the in a funny way 

I still can't explain his strange behaviour but I feel special and wanted whenever I see him watching me.

Daniel asked me out today, it was long overdue.

 I wasn't surprised at all because he never hides his love for me and that's why he choose to be closer to me than his other female friends

With Daniel I won't be distracted or lose focus rather I will grow more in my spiritual walk.

But Mr Law may not understand and will think Daniel might be a distraction.

That's why I have to seriously pray over it and be wise so that I don't raise a suspicious dust.

I don't know if it's right to still have real feeling for Mr Law but I really do.

I like that man, he has showered me with so much blessings and loved me like an angel.

He has his térrible bâd side but his good covers multitude of his sin.

Nneka said she wants to leave and faced the nanny job.

She told me that she prefers it because she finally gets through to the man's eight years old daughter and the little girl who was difficult to get along initially was finally coming around her

The man, the little girl's father who is in his early forties is gradually picking interest in Nneka

She told me that the man drove them out over the weekend and held her hands as they walked down the park 

The girl's mom has remarried and the man is hoping to get a wife and a good Mom for his daughter.

Nneka said she loves this family and wish to be part of them but she wants the man to open up fully and stop cutting corners.

He buys her sensitive gifts like úndies and other numerous gifts, he sometimes join her in making dinner and they've shared a kíss twice but he's yet to fully open up.

I told Nneka not to rush but be patient and pray about it 

 she said she was doing exactly that.

I looked forward to Nneka finding happiness, either as a single well established lady or as married.

I only wish her happiness and hope God grants her desires.

She truly deserves to be happy.

I arrived home and went straight to shower and dress for the night

I left to go check on Sylvester and Nneka

I joined the workers for dinner as we gist and laugh.

I asked of Mr Law and was told he was in his study.

After eating, I took over washing of the dishes and didn't listen even as Sylvester asked me to leave it and go to bed.

Everyone was pampering me but I won't fail to do the little I can because we're all equal in that house

 After washing and tidying up the Kitchen, I decided to go check Mr Law and to inform him that I was home and going to bed.

I greeted him as I walked into the library.

He looked up at me with a delight in his demeanor.

He asked how my day went and how the event turned out, I informed him that it was great.

I sat beside him at his order, he asked if I have had dinner 

Mr Law stood and came back with two cups of beverage

One chocolate tea and a coffee for him

I sat close to him as we drink and talk about the most interesting books we've ever read.

It was late but I wasn't feeling sleepy.

I was enjoying the moment.

He asked me to go to bed after realising that it was Indeed late

I stood up, yawned tiredly 

 I said goodnight to him.

Mr Law stood and did the unthinkable

He drew me close to him and planted a kiss on my lips

His heart was pounding, I can hears it's racing beat.

He looked at me, maybe expecting my reaction but I don't know exactly how to react.

He held me, more to himself and kissed me some more before finally letting go.

His eyes were fiercely staring at me, his heart beat was pounding

He wanted something more than a kiss 

He stared at me but I knew I needed to leave before something worst happen 

I haven't seen him in this form before.

"Flee Aka.. Aka flee.." it was as if Daniel was whispering to me at that moment.

I abândoned the cups I wanted to take back to the kitchen and took to my heels 

I heard him calling me but I ran like a little cønfused girl back to my room and locked the door.

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