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My Name is AKA - Episode 42





My Name is AKA - Episode 42

Written By Amah's Heart.

Immediately I saw him, I quickly stood from the chair.

I was very surprised to see him, he never informed me that he was coming over.

Thank God school wasn't in session, he would have just showed up to meet my absence.

Daniel also stood in respect as Mr Law walks down slowly.

He wasn't looking happy immediately he saw Daniel with me.

He carefully approaches.

"Good afternoon sir.." Daniel greeted first 

Mr Law didn't reply as he looked from me to Daniel.

I also greeted but he didn't respond

He gave Daniel a cold stare but Daniel remained standing and didn't feel threatened.

He gasped, took a deep breath and flashed us a smile which I knew didn't come from deep within.

"Hi...who are you..? He said turning to Daniel and stretching his hand towards him for a handshake.

Daniel shook him with a satisfying smile on his face

"I'm Daniel, Aka's friend.." he boldly said still with a smile.

Mr Law nodded as he withdrawn his hand.

"Nice to meet you Daniel.." he replied coldly.

"The pleasure is all mine sir.."

Mr Law smile before looking up to me

"You're welcome sir, I wasn't expecting you here.." I said nervously. 

I was scâréd of him getting angry of seeing Daniel but he was acting indifference.

No anger dictated

"Yea, thought to come around and surprise you but.."

He paused and looked over at Daniel.

Daniel sensed the tension and said to me.

"I will see you later Aka, maybe I will call you. Please take care of yourself.."

I nodded quietly

"... goodbye sir, it's really a great pleasure meeting you.."

He crossed the gate and drove off in the car his Dad left for him

I was watching him walked out before Turning to Mr Law

Mr Law was staring at me.

"Can we go inside sir or you prefer staying outside here..?

He said let's sit outside 

"Daniel? He's your boyfriend?

"Yes, he's my friend.." I said with my head bent

"You two are in a relationship..?

"Not really, we're just friends.." 

"Are you lying to me now..? 

"Not at all sir. Daniel and I are just close friends.. that's all.."

He heaved in relief

"Is okay Aka. I believe you.."

"...why didn't you want to come home, the school is obviously on holiday and Nneka said you haven't been home for a while now.. ever since I travelled. Why is that..?

"Nothing sir, I just wanted to remain here since you traveled and there's nothing much for me to do back at the house. I stayed back to study some more.."

"Or is it because of Daniel? He asked turning to me

"No, it's solely my choice.."

We became quiet, he stared at nothing and I remained quiet, hoping he won't be måd at me for any reason.

I'm always afraid whenever he's ângry, he's anger is unbeatable

He can say or do things he may not planned for.

"Do you mind getting away from here for sometimes. Let's go home but before that let me take you out, let's grab some dinner out first before heading home.."

I was quiet, I thought of Daniel's invite to his parents wedding anniversary, it will be happening the following weekend.

If I go home, I may not be allowed out and Mr Law may frown if I try telling him of the invitation.

I really want to avoid all prøblém with him.

The last thing I wanted is to get him pissed up and mâd at me

"What's the prøblem? You're hesitating.." he said taking my hands which wasn't expected

"... you can tell me whatever it is.."

"I...is..I don't want to offend you sir.."

I said stammering and carefully selecting my use of words

"I won't, trust me...I won't be måd at whatever you will say. Well, I just hope you're not carrying Daniel's baby.."

"Whaat! No oo. We're not intimately involved. We're just friends.."

"But he have obviously kissed you before and slept over at your place.. right..?

Where's is this coming from? I wondered quietly.

He sounded like one who is pâíned and jëaløus but I know that's definitely not the Mr Law I know.

Why will he even be jeâlóus? I'm only his domestic staff whom he took pity on and help me in getting a good education just like I dreamt off.

"... your silent means you two have been smøóching and kíssing, he's getting under your skirt and sleeping over at your place and you at his. You obviously have the freedom, no one to tell you what to do and what not to do. That's the obvious reasons you refused to come back to the house during each break..."

He dropped my hand and stood

"... you're unbelievable Aka. I'm trying not to get angry with you but each time you make me so worked up. Is this the reason Why you're in school? Have you totally forgotten your senses and allow some school românce to distract your main purpose? The main purpose for being here was to get quality education, what's up with you? I'm highly disappointed right now.."

I stood, each time I try to talk he shuts me down.

This is exactly what I was avoiding, i just have to say something before it gets awkward

"I'm not doing anything with Daniel.." I said while standing up

He became quiet

"... we're not in an intimate relationship Mr Law, there's no kíssing or getting under my skirt. He néver did any of those things you mentioned and Daniel is a good Christian, he will never sleep over at a female's friend house.."

I heaved, broken emotionally

"...I really don't know what you think of me sir but I'm not sleeping around with anyone. When you said I can go and sleep with the lecturer that almost made Life miserable for me, I can never do that sir..."

"Did I say that..I can néver say that to you Aka, néver..."

"You did sir, you said a whole lot of things to me and it's all fine. I'm used to it already.."

"..Aka.. I'm so sorry.."

 "Daniel came through for me and saved me from that man. I was drained emotionally and thought I will loose my sanity. The lecturer almost failed me Because I refused to oblige to his sélfish request. I don't know what I would have done if God didn't send Daniel to my aid..."

"Is okay, you don't need to keep talking. I fâulted.. again. I'm sorry... please.."

he came close, wiped off a tear from my eyes with his hand.

"I don't blame you in anyway sir, I know I shouldn't have allow other things get in the way of my study. Attending vigil when I have morning test was childish and even God said we should be wise in our dealing. I was føôlish and since I couldn't chéat nature, I landed in trøuble with the lecturer. I only felt more helpless after thinking calling you will be of rescue but my prøblém compounded. Every word hûrt but i know I deserve it and.."

He put a finger to my mouth

"No..no, you don't deserve that. I'm sorry Aka. can we get out of here? 

"... what's your reason for hesitating then since is not any of what I thought.."

"Daniel invited me over to his parents anniversary, I promised to be there but if I go home, you may not allow me out. That was my féâr sir and that's the reason I couldn't reply immediately..."

He was quiet and didn't say something for a while

"Is alright Aka, you're not caged back home. You're free to attend your friends event... reasonable ones offcourse. Since you trust Daniel enough, then is fine by me. You can honor his invite if that will make you happy.."

"Thank you sir. It will indeed make me very happy. It means a lot to me.."

He curved a smile and put his hand in his pocket.

"So, can we go now..?

I nodded and asked him to give me few minute to go and pack my bag.

He told me he will be outside the gate waiting in his car.

In no time I was done packing, I locked my room door and left.

Mr Law drove silently to foreign fast food, we ordered for some Chinese food. 

We sat in an exclusive table and ate quietly.

He wasn't really eating, he was just picking at his food.

The Chinese was very delicious, I wondered why he wasn't eating.

"You're not hungry sir? Did I do anything wrong...is something bothering you..? I asked concerned.

"Uhmm! I'm fine Aka..kinda lost my appetite but I'm cool. Enjoy your meal.."

I ate quietly until I was done.

We stood and left.

He was all moody and I wondered if I was the cause.

While at the car park, before driving off he sat helplessly.

Looking all defeated

"You know Aka, you're amazing and intelligent, beautiful lady..."

I blushed as I said my thanks to him.

 "I was angry for a different reasons that period, I shouldn't have transferred my annoyance towards you. My Mom and Dad had misunderstanding that period over who will attend my sister's graduation. They were complaining of the distance, My family matters to me and distance isn't supposed to be a prøblem if one truly cares but they play it around like a game of raffle draw. I was the only one that flew to my sister's graduation, my parents didn't later show up even after I had a serious fight over the phone with them.  Well, I don't want to go into details but I'm deeply sorry Aka for everything I said to you. I will try to get over my ánger next time so that the innocent doesn't sùffer for it.."

I told him it was alright and his apologies is always accepted.

He asked if I care to see pictures he took during the sister's graduation

I replied affirmatively

He began to show me the pictures, he also pointed to his younger brother who seems to be in his teens, still in highschool. 

They're just three and they all look good.

His sister is really pretty.

"I'm so relieved that Daniel came through for you. I don't know what I would have done if that fvvcking lecturer had taken advantage of you or any guy infact used your wéak moment to his advantage. I wouldn't have forgiven myself. I'm glad you're okay..."


He touched my face tenderly, he looked straight into my eyes.

"...I don't know why I'm so drawn to you. It's crâzy in a way but I love the way you make me feel.."

He looked down to my mouth

I had butterflies in my belly.

At that moment I actually thought he was going to kiss me

He straightened and turned on the car engine.

"... let's go home before I do something crâzy... something that I may later regrét.." he said before we finally drove off

Daniel called to check up while we were still on the road and I updated him that I was finally going back home.

He said he was going to call me before he sleeps and will say a short night prayer for me.

After the call, Mr Law didn't say a word

He drove in silent until we got home.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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