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My Name is AKA - Episode 41





My Name is AKA - Episode 41

Written By Amah's Heart.

I sat under a tree, I was exhausted and felt really helpless.

All I could think of is the fear of failing and finally it was coming to reality.

I was definitely going to get a carry-over and that's not what I ever wished for.

One mistake is about to cause me so much such and my sanity is tampered with.

This semester is way too tough for me and I leave it all to God.

My sister, Amara said the pressure from the house is weighing her down.

She no longer go to school, she's working in one of Eme nwa Danfo new factory while the boys are the ones schooling.

Mama Zaram also confirmed it and said she's too little to be working in the factory

I have sent money alot of times through Mama Zaram because I wouldn't want her to go through the trøuble I went through.

She wanted to come to the city and I agreed.

She should come to the city and get a hand work, we will both save up money for her to return back to school.

I only asked her to be patient let me be done with my second year which seems to be one of the toughest time of my life.

The breeze blew all around, I love the quietness and the lone time.

I was done with other exam but Mr lecturer didn't allow me sit to take the last paper Which was his main course.

I knelt and pleaded and he said nothing can save me from his hand until I do everything he ask.

Reporting him to the school authority will worsen my predicament according to Mirabel and Tifo.

He sized my phone yesterday, forcefully took it from my hand because he thought I was recording him when I went to his office to plead.

He refused giving it back.

He said he was definitely going to make my life miserable and he's succeeding in doing that.

How do I get myself out of all this méss?

I'm préssurized on every angle, I'm losing concentration and focus due to all of this.

I bent my head on my knees and began to sob, the evening was far gone but I remained there.

Students are probably back to their lodge and getting ready for the night but I remained at that spot waiting for night to come so that I can go home and sleep.

I have prayed so much that God will come through for me, I fasted for two days for this same purpose.

This morning, I woke up at midnight, kneeling and praying to God to soften the heart of the man and take this whole trøuble away from me.

None of my prayers was heard, God probably wasn't listening to my plea.

God is the only one I can confidently talk to but for so long I have been doing just that but instead my prøblem seems to be compounded.

With the way I have prayed for days, I thought some how God will have mercy and come through for me

I don't know what else to do again.

Mr Law was out of the country and he already made it clear that he wasn't going to help me out.

I have money saved up and I don't spend any how except for maybe handouts, textbooks and probably feeding and also sending money to Mama Zaram and Amara

Amara issue disturbs me alot but I asked her to keep holding on and to be patient until I sort out things.

I wish the people that bore me are not self centered and greedily driven by money.

I sometimes wish I have a better parents who will strive to see their children succeed.

Is about four years now and I have been living without them in my life and business.

They might be thinking their cürses took effect and waiting for me to come back and beg but they will wait in vain.

I'm so ångry with every one of them and it will be better if I was an ørphān than knowing I got a mother and father who care less of my existence.

Mama Zaram and Amara had confirmed that my mother was critical ïll last year.

I didn't want to care if she's well or not but I was worried after that news

I had sent twenty three thousand back home, I told them to give my Mom ten thousand and Mama Zaram should keep eight and give the rest to Amara.

No matter how I choose not to care, I still cares and can't even pretend about it.

The whole bürden is way too much and now I'm faced with this lecturer trøuble.

I'm truly exhåusted.

Everyone has deserted me, even God is silent.

"Hi...heeey.." there was a voice, a man's voice 

I startled but I didn't raise my head up.

"...hello, are you okay.." he repeated.

I nodded still with my head bent.

I just want to be left alone. Whoever he is should just leave me alone.

I just want to stay here, cry until I feel a little relief to go home.

"... you're obviously not okay. Can you look up, what's the prøblem..?

I didn't reply but it seems whoever he was, was not ready to give up.

I quickly clean my face with my already soiled handkerchief.

I blew off my noise before raising my head to face him.

I looked up at him, he was tall and young. He's one of the popular boys in school

Tifo had pointed him out before that she was crushing on him

She's his secret admirer.

What's is he doing here.

"I have walked passed here twice and my eyes caught you in this distance corner..."

I didn't respond, I remained mute and not ready to stand.

"... there are lots of snåkés around this tree, you don't need to be here.."

I quickly jumped up and ran out as fast as my legs can carry me immediately he mentioned snåkës

I have been there for over two hours, nobody came close, maybe that's why.

He began to laugh

"...i was only kidding, there are no reptiles there, I haven't seen any though. I just wanted to get you back on your feet. The trick works on my junior sister everytime, just thought to use it on you.."

"That wasn't very nice.." I finally said as I began to adjust and dust off any dry leave that maybe attached to my dress.

We slowly walked down together 

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you off. 

"... you've been crying, did you lose a love one, family pressure, school prøblem, boyfriend break up or caught him with another girl, oh wait.. are you prégnant..? 

This guy is really funny, he definitely has a way with words.

 I chuckled a little.

"Is just school trøuble and I felt helpless.. that's all.."

"And you decide to come, hide under the tree to cry your eyes off. Is there anything too difficult for God to do..?

He said it like an encouragement not as a question.

I looked up at him

Is very rare to see such a fine young man taking the things of God very serious in such a pressured environment.

I was impressed and also felt a bit relieved.

"...I'm Daniel, I'm not just a Christian because my Mom is a pastor and also a chief judge in the court of law, I'm a Christian because I love God and try to follow his way.."

"I'm Aka, this my second year here.."

"Oh great. I'm in my third year studying bio chemistry. Why are you crying.. what's your school trøuble? I maybe able to help.."

I heaved, hesitated a little before I started narrating.

He asked me not to worry or fright, he will handle it.

He asked for my mobile number but i informed him that the lecturer took my phone from me

He walked me to the bustop and I took bike to my house which wasn't too far.

He said he will meet me tomorrow in school

He described the time and place he will be waiting for me.

The following day he was waiting for me when I got there in the evening.

He gave me my phone and asked me to follow him to the lecture's office so that he can schedule time I will retake the missed test and exams

That was how Daniel took care of this situation for me.

I sincerely don't know how he did it

 the lecturer thought he was my boyfriend but I didn't even care whatever he thinks.

I wrote and passed the test which the lecture already planned for me to fâil and get a carry-over.

With the influence of Daniel's Mom and his father who's a vice Chancellor in one Africa university, Daniel was feared by most cørrüpt lecturers and I was able to escaped those turbülence dífficúlties.

God has a way of doing things, his time and pace not mine

I may want it done immediately but God always got a better plan and his plan maybe to get it fixed next week or next year.

I really want to learn to trust God in all things because sometimes, my faith wavers, I succumb totally to my present pressure and gets ångry with God for not coming through

When his words states clearly that his ways are higher than mine and so is his plans.

Daniel was a strong believer who knows the Bible so well

He said despite he can get away with anything in school but he choose to be upright and féar God instead

He try to avoid prøblem or anything that will bring stain to his parents names

He was also very brilliant and do not joke with his study time.

I love his sense of reasoning and I try to stick to the right path and avoid every trøuble.

Tifo and Mirabel were surprised when they saw Daniel and I 

They wanted to know how I get connected with one of the popular guys in school

Almost every girl in school was crushing and wish to get close but Daniel was very disciplined.

He doesn't keep close female friends

I was just very lucky to have him in my league of friends

Tifo asked me to connect her to him if I'm sure we're not dating but Daniel obviously doesn't have time for girls.

I don't know how he picked so much interest in me and sincerely, I likes him too.

We study together in an open place and also have Bible study too.

Tifo who was never religious started joining our Bible study time because of Daniel.

My second year was very smooth after that very íncident with the lecturer.

I was able to pay my school fees through the help of Daniel

I gathered up what I have in my account, it wasn't up to, Daniel decided to support me, I promised to pay him back and he said I shouldn't bother doing that.

That's was how Daniel and I became an item and my work with God and my academic scores improved.

I didn't go home during my school semester holiday, through out my second second year I remained in school.

Nneka called and told me that Mr Law was back and kept asking why I didn't come back

Mr Law called to check up on me one day and I told him I was doing alright.

He told me that he sent money to my account for the school clearance and whatever I owe.

He apologized and asked if I was harräsed due to the fees

I thanked him and told him I was able to sort all the school bills out through the help of a friend

He became silent and after sometime, he said I should try to return back home he wanted to see me.

I promised to do that but it was the same week that Daniel invited me to his parents 30th wedding anniversary 

I was the only one he invited and he also wanted me to meet his parents.

He promised to drive down in one of his daddy's car which was left in his care, he will come pick me

As much as I looked forward to that, I hope his family likes me too and there won't be any prøblem.

I will have to find time to go back home but not right now, Mr Law won't care much even if I don't show up.

So I thought but I was wrøng, Mr Law drove down to my school that week to pick me up and he met Daniel and I outside my lodge, snacking and gisting like new lovers.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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