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My Name is AKA - Episode 40





My Name is AKA - Episode 40

Written By Amah's Heart.

"Wait, are you kidding me..? That was his first question after I narrated my school ordeal to him.

"... this must be a joke Aka, I presume.."

"Is not a joke Mr Law, it's true and I'm helpless right now concerning this matter, that's why I decided to call you.."

I have thought of leaving him out of my school prøblem but as it is I don't have anyone to turn to

Mr lecturer has given me till Monday to think and return back to him with a supposed positive feedback.

He wants me to lodge with him in the hotel but I told him I can't 

I will never do such and he continue thrëātening to make my life miserable in the school, I was definitely going to fāil his course, he promised to fâil me even if I get all the answers correct in his exams.

He was going to make my school year hëll if I don't corporate with him.

I pleaded for him to give me this weekend to think about it and be done with my mënses, the mënses part was a líe but I wanted to use it to buy time for myself.

He later agreed and said I used report back to him on Monday after the lecture hours is over

He will drive me to a nice hotel where we can both spend the night, that's the only solution to me excelling in my study, especially in his course.

Is not just going to be a one night thing, anytime he needs me I just have to show up to quench his bødy taste

I returned back, I prayed and didn't know what else to do.

I spoke with Mirabel who asked me how it went

After explaining to her, she said I will have to need somebody in a higher authority to help me overcome the wícked lecturer.

I don't have anyone like that except Mr Law.

I decided to call him but it seems this was another místake.

Maybe I shouldn't have called because he seems very ångry with me and not with the lecturer

"What on earth are you doing that made you late for your test? Attending an all night vigil it's not explanation enough for me.."

"...Do you even understand the reason why you're in that school? 

"Yes sir..I do. This has never happened before. I'm never late for class. I only over slept due to the Virgil.."

"Why not clap for yourself? You gonna get yourself out of this mess that you got into because I can't help you. You're aware that I'm very busy preparing to travel to UK next week for my sister's graduation. I don't have time for any of this.."

I heard a female voice speaking close to him and asking him what's the prøblem

He hesitated at first before replying that his domestic staff who's in school is getting him worked up.

I heard her say suiting words to him, I didn't hear a noise untill I repeated "hello sir.." 

He responded that he's still there, it seems he was walking out of the room and going to through the corridor.

I felt båd, not just because of my predicament but mostly because of Mr Law probably having a female guest and making me appear like a burden with the way he explained to whoever the lady was.

I wanted to end the call but i remembered it was his call.

I called earlier and he didn't respond until about fifteen minutes later, that was when he called back.

Even if I was the caller, I still won't be able to end it because I solely depends on his help.

"..I'm very angry with you right now Aka. you're not in the school to join some stûpíd fellowship or go praying all night. What sort of nønsénse is that? You knew quiet well that you have class early the following morning and you choose to go all night church or whatever you said you were doing? 

"... does that even make sense to you. When you're not a kid, why will you substitute your primary assignment for something as irrelevant as that. You've time to do as you please whenever you're off class, why tamper with the most important reason that you're in school. Are you there to attend some church night prayer or you're there and to study and get good grades... answer me.."

I heaved sadly before replying

", I'm here to study sir.."

"You got into trøuble because you choose to be in trøuble. This was very avoidable but you decided to get into it because you thought I will rush to your aid but hey, sorry to burst your bubbles I'm not gonna help you. You will have to find a way to get out of it all by yourself..."

"....He's sëxüally harräsing you, then report him to the school authority or find a means to sort it, you can as well go sleep with him but make sure you leave me out of it. I have more important things on my desk and yours is definitely the least of my prøblém. This will teach you a lesson to be serious with your studies, next time you won't substitute your primary assignment for some useless activity..."

I heaved again, tëars clouded my eyes I allowed it to run down my face.

He was way too harsh beyond my expectations.

My fellowship has never gotten in the way of my studies, I balance it all and my relationship with God is very important to me.

I don't joke with it, this was the first time this will be happening and I thought he could help me, he's the last hope for me but I guess I was wrøng.

".. don't make me regret putting you in school. Don't make me regret it Aka and make sure you don't bring this kind of news to me next time. I try to make your life comfortable so that you won't have any reason at all to fâil. You're living comfortably outside campus, I try to make sure you lack nothing so that you won't have any excuse of fåiling. You're begining to feel too comfortable and that's why you forgot where you're coming from and why you're there.."

"... your second year school fees won't be paid until I'm back from my journey. I was supposed to pay this week and send some upkeep but you just succeeded in discouraging me. Manage whatever you have until I return from my journey, which I don't know when exactly. That will teach you to sit up and be serious.."

I listened with a broken heart. 

At this time, I wish he can stop talking but he had more húrtful words for me.

"...I don't know if you actually think. You're not related to me, not my woman, you're not my responsibility in anyway, you're just my domestic staff yet I'm pushing in money to make your dreams come true for you. At the end you and your parents gets the glory. What's difficult in concentrating in your books? My sister is graduating this month, she did outstandingly well all through her academic year. She school in a faraway province, all alone. She didn't choose some usëless party or church to waste her time and get into school trøuble. She got parents and siblings who cares for her and will do anything for her even if she gets into one but she choose not to. You, that got nobody and should be more focused, instead you're busy playing around with your studies and you want me to leave what I'm doing, drive down to your school and come meet your lecturer to do exactly what? To make him leave you alone when you obviously wanted to get into the méss in the first place.."

"... you must be thinking i don't have anything doing with my time. Don't you dâre call or disturb me ever again.."

He finally ended the call.

That was the longest thirty minutes of my life.

I felt useless and began to wish I wasn't at the mercy of anyone.

I wished I had enough money to carry me through my school year

I will move into campus because I won't be able to afford the rent here.

Get myself in order and begin my life without the help of anyone but as it is now, I can't do that.

I don't have enough money to do any of that and him not sending any upkeep or school fees will worsen my situation.

I really don't know what to do.

Mr Law just washed my life out and I felt hørrible

I regretted calling him, thinking he will be a solution and my confider.

Maybe I should have worked more hard, saved up enough money and start school at my time.

Because I feel so wørst with myself now than before.

Reminding me of those things were totally unnecessary yet, he said what he said. I can't do anything about it.

I sincere thought he will understand, i was wrøng

His woman must have clouded his sense of human reasoning.

It's okay to condemñ me for attending vigil, oversleeping and getting late to class which brought about my prøblem with the lecturer.

But so many things he used to troll me was unexpected.

I called Nneka to ask her what's going on back in the house and she said nothing much

She asked to know if I was the one that Mr Law was shouting at over the phone because she overheard him

I explained to her what happened and she also cøndémned Mr Law's use of words

She said I shouldn't allow any of what he said to get to me.

I asked about the woman who was with Mr Law and Nneka told me that is one fine model, her name is Emily.

Mr Law seems not to like her that much but the girl is all over him and for several months, they've been seeing each other.

She mentioned that Mr Law have been añgrily talking with his parents over the phone, she doesn't know why they were fïghting but she have been hearing his phone conversation lately due to the way he shouts.

Nneka also told me that Mr Law will be gone for several months and their salaries were totally slashed down during this period he will be away.

Reducing salaries was unusual.

Nneka said that she got a place within the estate as a Nanny, which is going to last for about six months. Mr Law will be gone for more than that so that's why she decided to take up the nanny job.

She will be coming to check up on the house upkeep.

Venus was on suspension and won't be coming back until Mr Law returns but there's another new cleaner who's doing a great jo and she's respectful too unlike Venus.

We talked some more before I ended the call.

Mr Law is dating a model, he has a thing for slender, tall women.

Yvonne his ex was pretty and tall like a model. She's more like a half cast

I don't know why I always feel bād whenever I think of Mr Law with another woman.

I'm begining to over think things which I shouldn't

I like him very much because he's the first man that ever showed care, he made me feel loved even without anything intímate attached.

He showered me with so much love and defended me like I matter to him.

I thought I actually did matter to him.

What a dream, I was hanging my coat somewhere way higher than me.

Mr Law was only being nice to me, he felt pity for me and decided to help.

I don't know why I nurtured this extra feeling for him that I hürt so much Knowing that I don't mean anything beyond his helpless domestic staff.

I wish he truly cares beyond pity, even if is just a pinch of sincere care.

In my wildest dream, I will never meet up with his standard of women.

I can only be crushing and daydreaming in vain.

I remember the day we got so close and I thought he was feeling what I felt, that was on my 19th birthday.

I was back to the house, the school was on holiday.

He drove me out and we had a great time out.

Retuning back to his car, it was dark but he looked at me and I thought my heart will pop out.

I thought he was going to actually kíss me

But he didn't.

 he handed me a new expensive smartphone and a laptop after getting me several  other things.

He said the laptop is to help me in school and I need a good phone too.

I hugged him which has become my usual way of saying "thank you" when words fail me.

When he brought his face close, I was assuming it's definitely a kíss and sincerely ready for it because of how I was so emotional attached to him but instead he looked pass my lips and peaked my cheek before starting the car and we went home.

That was the highest he ever did. It never passed a peak on the cheek, even though I have imagined the most.

I'm not slender, I can be passed as a figure eight. 

Not slim and definitely not fat. But i have a fat backside and bøøbs which is definitely not a spec for Mr Law, I guess.

I'm not too tall, just average height unlike him, he's tall and so is the women he moves with.

Well, there's nothing about me that can attract him, is high time I erase this nonsénse feeling and focus on my studies.

I have pray about this Mr lecturer, God will make a way for me to overcome temptation just like he helped me overcome my past difficulties.

I'm sure of that

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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