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My Name is AKA - Episode 39





My Name is AKA - Episode 39

Written By Amah's Heart.

Friday 9:42am

That was the day and time I have ever been so late 

I had so many activities scheduled down for me and never intended to go late.

In my second year, first semester I can categorically state that it was first in history.

Maybe it will be a good idea to get a room mate. 

If I had one, I'm sure I won't be this late because she will definitely wake me up by 7pm because lecture starts 8-8:30am.

Mr Law wanted me to be serious with my school without any form of distraction.

 After getting me into school, he rented a room with kitchen and bathroom attached, very close to the school and he furnished it for me.

That's why I have been skeptical getting a roommate. I have so many ladies asking to be my roomie and we will be splitting the bills but I told them my guardian wanted me alone and I can't go against his orders.

If I go back during my school break, I will ask him if I can get somebody, is not something I can discuss over the phone with him. And if he says no then that's how it will be.

I understand the reason I overslept was genuine but no lecturer will understand that especially on the very day we will be having an important test.

This week have been hectic, I must confess. 

I joined the school fellowship, I'm also one of the prayer group leader.

There always a three days Virgil first week of every month, I don't miss it.

The night Virgil started on Tuesday and I have been keeping up, i have not been able to get quality sleep this period.

The prayer Virgil ended yesterday, we prayed till this morning and I decided to sleep by 5:30am

I set alarm to wake me up by 7pm since lecture is by 8:30am

I was hearing the alarm in my sleep but my body was too tired to respond.

I screamed as I woke up and checked the time.

I hurried to the bathroom, it was a quick bath.

I quickly brushed my mouth and hair.

I wore one of my green, knee length skirt that's a flay, with a white chiffon blouse one of the clothes I picked when Mr Law took me for shopping during my first year in school.

 I wore my sandals before dashing out in a hurry with my bag.

I ran breathlessly until I was at the lecture hall.

Class was almost over and no one was allowed out or in

I pleaded with the security by the door to let me in, I thought I will be able to write down something before the time is over.

He refused, saying that he was acting based on instruction

The lecturer is very strict and I know no matter how I plead I won't be allowed in

After the class was over which was just in five minutes.

I wouldn't even meet up even if I was allowed in.

As students were leaving the hall, I try to go meet the lecturer and to plead with him

I was hoping to get another chance to take the test but the lecturer said i was probably with my boyfriend and forget to come for the test and I'm an unserious student.

He asked me to give him genuine reason Why I was absent

I try to explain but he said it wasn't good enough and kept saying some guy must be enjoying from my honey pot.

He asked me to see him in his office later in the day 

That felt like positive response, I had other lecture which I attended.

I had time to talk with Mirabel and Tifo my course mates and friends

After the whole day lectures was over, they followed me to go see the lecturer.

He said others should stay out, he wanted to see only me.

Mirabel said to me earlier that I should hold some money, that the man may start demanding for money before he can allow me to take the test.

I had to withdraw some money from the school ATM machine.

Although I didn't plan for this unnecessary setback but i don't want it to escalate to something serious because I know some lecturers can be dramatic

I sat in his office, waiting for him to be done with what he was doing on his table.

He asked if my friends were gone and I said yes, Mirabel and Tifo went to wait at a close by cafeteria.

He said I should call them to go home because the meeting between us will take a little while.

I know writing the test won't take more than twenty five minutes because I have read and prepared for it but if he didn't want my friends close then is fine by me.

I called Mirabel and Tifo to go home, I will see them tomorrow

Mirabel asked to know what happened, I informed her that I was about writing the test and didn't want to keep them waiting because I don't know how long that will take.

Mirabel said over the phone that I should be careful with that lecturer.

He has a thing for pretty, young girls.

That's not even my worry because I don't fall into such category.

I have seen pretty ladies and how they display their body assets to the public.

I don't judge but I can't help but condemn their dress sense.

I'm always all covered, I dress properly. There's nothing in my body that will draw attention to me.

"Well, I love them big and large.." he break the silent as I sat waiting for the test

"Excuse me sir, are you talking to me..?

"Offcourse, who else is in this office with me. You're a pretty girl and I can't deny that this was my second time to notice you. Do you know what you carry..?

I don't know how to answer such questions

He repeated it while crossing over to where I sat.

"No sir.."

"I know that you don't because if you do, you won't be covering up so much and suffocating those outstanding creatures that are meant to be displayed. Don't you see the way some other girls used to dress, even if we don't get to touch but atleast we will enjoy with our eyes.."

"...is not meant for your boyfriend alone. Lectures like us are also humans too.."

He laughed sarcastically.

He asked to know who my boyfriend is but I told him that I don't have any. He began to laugh even harder after calling me a liâr.

I wondered what he was getting at.

"Stand up and give me 360.."

"I don't understand sir, 360 what..?

", Turn around, you're so backwarded, you don't know all this simple slangs yet you're a student here. Turn around I want to check something.."

I try to argue

"...do you want to write this test or not? I'm assuming you want to fail and get a carryover..."

"No.. God forbids. Please sir, I don't want to fail.."

"Then stop wasting my time and give me 360, do it slowly..."

I heaved as I began turning round to his shameless pleasure as he began to hail my backside and bøøbs.

"You really got what I'm looking for, you're so endowed. the day i saw you, you were walking out of the hall with your friends. I quietly admired the way your buttøcks was dancing makosa as you take every step. I never knew we will be meeting so soon, this can only be fate. Don't you agree.."

I know I got a visible backside right from when I was a teenager but I have seen so many others ladies with bigger back and front yet nobody notice or disturbs them

I wear cloths that covers me properly, yet I still get called out by guys with lustful nature.

"Sir, can I take the test? It's it money.. please tell me so that I can know what I'm supposed to do.."

"Are you trying to brïbe me miss Aka?

"Nooo! I'm only asking.. don't take offense to that please.."

"No offense taking because you got exactly what my body needs. If you're willing to do what I really want then you're going to be on a flying color. You may choose not to attend my class again but I assure you that you will pass. All I need from you is to respond whenever I call..."

"What do you want from me sir.."

I asked and watched him smile and licked his lips dïsgüstingly

He reminds me of Mr Lambert.

A man in his early fifties who supposedly have grown up kids, is displaying such irrïtating behavior.

I was really worried and my heart beat was racing.

I wanted for him to be done with his dirty acts before he can tell me what exactly he wants

Maybe, Mirabel was right after all but I'm patiently waiting for him to speak first.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES) 

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