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My Name is AKA - Episode 38





My Name is AKA - Episode 38

Written By Amah's Heart.

He was chuckling so hard after I was done narrating my wørst moment of cooking to him

He told me of his own which was pasta and he never tried again.

He also mentioned watching his Mom make a waffle and he also try making one but it turned out all burnt.

I began to tell him of mine, Which was back when I was living with my aunty.

".. that was my first time, my aunty was so måd at me, she said at my age I can't make a common pancake. I actually thought it was going to go so well but it was a disaster.. sincerely.."

"I could just imagine the look on your face after you realize it was a real méss.."

"I was shøck, because I took so much time, I thought it was very simple, I made them think I can actually do it.."

He laughed a little more, took a sip from his drink

"... but I got it right the third time, yes I did and I never made another mess.."

"Wow, that's great! He replied, he took a deep breath and relaxed.

"This was a beautiful day and I had my fill of fun...shopping, eating, visiting the parks and having drink with you. Hope you had a nice time..?

"I'm having a great moment of my life and wish today never ends. Sincerely, this is my first time going out.. this kind of outing. Never went on rich people kind of shopping.."

He chuckled and I was grinning from ear to ear.

"Rich people kind of shopping? Does that supposed to be a thing because everyone shop the same way..to my understanding.."

"Yes Mr Law, you know what I mean. I haven't been to any of this places you took me to today. It's a whole new world to me and is like a dream.."

"It's not a dream Aka, this is no big deal at all. You deserve even more and I want to make this day count for you.."

"Thank you sir, God bless you. You really made my day. So many shopping for only me, my new room will be filed with boxes of clothes..."

Mr Law had said earlier that I should move into the main building, I can take one of the three rooms down stairs all to myself. 

Venus can stay in the quarter.

I will be moving into the new room immediately I get home.

"You picked some for Nneka and Venus, I was surprised that you will get something for your supposed enémy.."

"Venus is not my enémy, she's thinks I'm in competition with her but I'm not. She gives her self too much headache and I won't lie, I feel bothered when she tries to get me upset. The gift I got her is not for friendship because we may never be one but to let her understand that she's fighting the wrøng person. I don't håte her Mr Law but I detest her behavior so much.."

"I can dismiss her if you want, replacing her with another person immediately will be far better and peaceful too for everyone. I don't like any of my worker giving me headache or messing with my sanity. I kick them out and get a good replacement without thinking twice. She obviously doesn't seem to like you much, what I don't understand is why you still want her pestering your life.."

"... well, your wish is my command my queen, anytime you want her gone, you just have to ask and it will be granted.."

I nodded quietly, I drank deeply from my cocktail fruit drink but I realized that there was no content, It was empty, I have finished all the full cup without knowing. Since I couldn't sip anything, I began to eat the fruits attached to it.."

"...Do you want extra cup? I can get it ready in no time.."

I told him I was good, my stomach was already filled with food, fun and drink.

"Can we go now..? He finally asked

I nodded and stood.

He paid the waitress and asked her to keep the change

 I watched him tipped the two waiters and security by the exit door.

That was a kind gesture which I deeply admire.

My shopping bags were all packed in the car.

He opened the car door as usual and I went in and sat down with my seat belt properly on.

He came in and we drove off.

There was silent at first, it was already getting dark and the time shows 7:34pm.

"Do you have a boyfriend..? He suddenly asked. I was taken aback by the question.

"No sir, I don't.."

"Oh.. okay. Why..? 

The question took me off guard

"I.. well, .. I'm..I don't think I'm ready for that, It's not on my priority list right now. I'm still young and have lots of things on my to-do list which I'm yet to tick.."

"Things like what..? He asked why concentrating on his driving

"School, I really want to go to school, finish well with good grades, get a good job and become somebody important in life and in the society.."

"I see. What of your parents.. you hardly mention them.."

"They're in the village.." that's all I could say.

There was another silent

"Your teacher..I mean your lesson teacher that came looking for you, is he in anyway interested in dating you.."

I thought of my reply first, I didn't want to lie to him, I have gained his confidence and trust and do not want to tamper with it.

"Yes, he was. I took my time to think it through and it was indeed a huge distraction and i told him being my lesson Teacher and also my boyfriend..it won't help me in concentrating in my studies. I let him know that I can't and we're good.."

",Ooh! That's very thoughtful... you are a smart lady. How old are you again..?

"Eighteen, last two months was my birthday. I became eighteen sir.."

"Interesting. Thought you're still seventeen, so you've been Workin for me for almost two years now, because I know you were employed when you're still... around 16. Time fly so fast.."

I nodded quietly

"..Why didn't you mention your birth day, we could've celebrated with you. Even if I wasn't present I will drop money for the celebration.."

"Uhmm, I have never celebrated my birthday before sir. I always mark it in silent, all by myself. There's nothing speacial about it to celebrate. I haven't even achieve anything or arrive at any important stage of life. It's just another year to remind me that I need to focus more and put more effort in my hard works.."

"Celebrating your birthday isn't about what you've achieved in the previous years, is just being thankful for arriving at another new year of life, there are so many people who couldn't make it but you did, you accept good wishes and believe that the year will turn out better than the last. That's the way I perceive it anyway. I also mark my birthday in silent but I welcome good wishes and gifts from family and friends who remembers.."

"Thanks for educating me on that sir. When is your birthday so that I can prepare my own good wishes for you?

"It's a month before yours. Mine was three months ago. No celebration though, I silently marked it and as usual got family and friends wishes. I will celebrate when I clock thirty, that's in three years time..not far because time fly real fast.."

He turned to my side and looked at me, curved a smile before looking ahead.

"I don't want you to go back to that lesson.. especially having a teacher who's interested in dating his student. That's a big turn off for me. I will make some enquiry tonight on the internet, I will check out high institution around the state, how you can get in and all that's required. I will take it up and take care of you and the bill. You've become my responsibility and you don't need to wish anymore because your desires are all achievable and with the seriousness I see in you, you will definitely make good grades.."

"Are you serious sir, are you for real..? I asked unbelievably

",Yes. I don't make empty promises or throw irrelevant jokes. You will provide me with your personal data, the course you want to study and anything you think is necessary. I will start processing it from tomorrow.."

I chuckled as emotions choke at my throat. I wiped out tëars as it quickly settled in my eyes.

"I don't know how to thank you sir, I don't know where to start from. I'm speechless right now.." I wiped off another tears.

"Just don't make me regret this. Focus and become somebody important..in life and the society as you wished. Knowing that your to-do list is perfectly ticked at the end is happiness enough for me.."

He speed down the road in silent, car lights shown at every corner.

I stared at the night sky and wondered how good God is.

I muttered a silent thank you to the heavens, wipe off another tear drop before focusing on the night sky that's filled with shinny stars.

I never wish upon a shooting star yet God has granted my heart desires

I lack words to express how exactly I feel. This is too good to be true

God indeed answers prayer, I have been asking for so long, I thought I wasn't qualify for his blessings, I thought I have to keep working hard no matter how old is get untill I'm able to go to school.

God was actually listening and in a platter of gold gave me another new begining.

he heard my secret prayers and is about to make it a reality. 

"Thank you father for having my interest at heart, help me not to disappoint Mr Law or make him regret this great help he's about to render.." I prayed quietly and did not stop praying until we got home.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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