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My Name is AKA - Episode 37





My Name is AKA - Episode 37

Written By Amah's Heart.

I was all set and ready to leave when she accosted me with an annøying frøwn on her face

"Where do you think you're going dressed like this? You've forgotten that no more lessons or leaving the gate except is on official assignment.."

Venus must be thinking I was going for lesson, unknown to her that Mr Law was taking me out on a shopping spree.

"... beside, you didn't do your job yesterday, I had to finish it up for you because Mr Law was around and watching, you were busy shedding crocodile tears in your hideøut. Today's work won't pass you by, you will do it and all through this week and next week. After all, I will pretend like I'm not feeling well.."

"...I know you slept over at Nneka's room last night, you walked in this morning  with some arrøgānce, went to bathroom straight and started dressing to go see your boyfriend. You've forgotten so soon how yesterday went. You want to go and do your usual høokup business again. Mr Law is looking for means to såck you and you're not far from getting your @ss kícked out of this house.."

I totally ignored her rânt, picked up my small bag after making sure I was properly dressed.

I slept over at Nneka's room till this morning because I was avoiding Venus prøblem but she still won't leave me alone.

Going out with somebody like Mr Law, I don't know the perfect cloth to wear.

I don't have many fancy, outing clothes. 

The cloths I bought from thrift store, does not look like a second hand clothes at all.

They all seem new and pretty nice too.

I washed and ironed them, before arranging them in my bag.

I wear them to my lesson and I see the way others look at me, like I'm a rich kid.

They might be thinking my rich parents paid and registered me for the lesson, unknown to them that I did everything by myself.

I try as much as I can not to belittle myself or appear pitiful

With charisma and good attitude, I carry on daily.

Other kids from well to do homes want to tag along with me because they thought I'm from a rich home.

I'm very selective when it comes to friends, I don't want a friend like Eliza that betrayed me in my hour of needs after Mr Lambert sweet talked her into believing he will give her lots of goodies.

She was the witness to the incident that happened at Lambert's house, I narrated it all and she promised to say the truth but only for her to lie and twist the whole story up.

I'm scâréd of trusting any friend ever since then and avoid getting too close to the girls that comes around me in the class.

I kept a cool and cordial relationship with everyone.

Don't invite me to your house because I won't go and I can't invite you to mine either, I don't even have a house except my work place.

Our life goals and targets is quiet different, they don't have anything bothering them or any responsibility like I do

That's why I have to remain focus and not allow their hype distract me.

Wearing this purple, flower dress, I appear nice enough but I don't know if it's okay with Mr Law who knows fashion and also wealthy.

I totally forgot that Venus was still rânting until she bløcked me from leaving the room.

"...I said you're not going anywhere. If you try to disobey I will go and report you to Mr Law whom I know will handle your case perfectly to my taste.."

"Please leave the road, let me pass.. I'm not in the mood for your tróubles.."

"Look at this rúbbish, løw life village girl, you're not in the mood for my trøuble? You're síck in the head obviously. I will show you that I'm the queen in this house. I'm gradually getting through to Mr Law and very soon, I will become the madam and you all will be subjected to me. Let's bet on that..."

"Get yourself off the road queen of the house, nobody is dragging the title with you Venus. Your subject wishes to pass without further trøuble.. your majesty.." I said sarcastically with a straight face, maybe that will add more feathers to her self acquired wing. 

She looked at me from head to toe, glaring at me dångerøusly.

"You think this is all jokes right? You're not leaving this room until you take off those clothes. You're obviously not going to lesson ever again in this house, not after Mr Law's orders yesterday. Take off all this your rúbbish dressing, you are going to work not to a party..."

"What's your prøblem Venus? you're definitely going to get into trøuble for this.."

She was laughing sarcastically

"Let's see who will be in trøuble, you or I.. definitely you, and I can't wait to see those crocodile tears of yours by the time I report you to Mr Law again which maybe your last stríke in this house.."

I didn't want to get into a fíght that morning if not I would definitely push her off the road

It will end in a fíght, I know she will come for me and the wréstling will start

I'm not out for that. 

She's just looking for every means to get me píssed up or get me into another trøuble but she won't succeed

I called Nneka, she's already aware that I will be going out with Mr Law, I gist her last night and she was happy for me.

  I called and told her what's going with Venus.

I make sure the call was on loud speaker

"Gini? (What) is she súffering from early démentia? I'm coming.." Nneka said.

I ended the call and sat down

"You're calling your bødy guard, your partner in críme right? As Mr Law is dismissing you from this job and kicking you out, I will personally take Nneka's bag to the gate as well. You two need to leave so that new staff that will be obedient to my words will be employed.."

"...I also heard her call me a démentia person, you and Nneka are have kwâshiorkor in your brains. Your father, mother, siblings and all your generation will suffer from dementia..yes I said what I said, come and beat me if it påined you.."

I chuckled, Venus is such a bitter soul. 

She must have thought including my entire family will get me fíghting and exchanging insülts with her.

Wisdom is profitable to direct and I wasn't a bit move by her insúlts.

Nneka came in and she began to run her mouth, insúlting Nneka.

"I just reported to Mr Law, he's asking of you.." Nneka said to Venus before taking me outside.

"Good.. very good, I was just about going to repørt your Aka to Mr Law, you've made it all easy. Both of you will rëgrét it today.."

She rushed out and we followed behind.

Mr Law was not down stairs yet so we waited for him

After few minutes he was all dressed and came down.

He first looked at me and smile.

"Aka, I guess you're ready to go..?

"Good morning sir, yes.. I'm ready.." 

"By the way, you look good in your purple gown. I love purple, although is not my kinda color but my  mom's, my Mom is a purple person, that's her favorite color and I admire every time she comes out looking all glam and beautiful, she never goes wrøng with purple..."

I smile shyly "thank you sir.."

"Is purple your best colour..? He asked as he stood close to me, car key and sun shade in his hand.

He looks so smart and fine in his own outfit.

I don't even have best colour. I wear anything and do not really fantasize over colours. 

But since he likes purple, he said is his mother's favorite, then I must as well make it mine too

"Yes sir, I love purple too.." 

He nodded with a smile.

Venus who doesn't understand what was going on, she looked from me to Mr Law, confusion written all over her.

Mr Law turned to Nneka and Venus

"Yes, Nneka..is there a prøblem..?

"Good morning sir, there was a tiny prøblem earlier and i wanted to come report to you but found out you were not yet down. Venus here refused to let Aka out of the room, she never stops bùllyïng her.."

"Heyy! You're such a fat liâr Nneka. I was only trying to make her follow Mr Law's orders. I care about Aka and didn't want her getting into another trøuble. She was told yesterday never to go for lesson or leave the gate except on official purpose. When I saw her all dressed up, I asked her but she refused telling me where she was upto. I didn't want her to get another stríke from Mr Law, I started advising her and reminding her of what the boss said yesterday just Incase she have forgotten. I thought she was actually going for lesson.."

Nneka and I chuckled aloud at the soft tune and smooth líes coming from Venus.

Especially when she said that she cares about me.

Venus is playing the camouflage game but she's unwise.

I didn't even know that Nneka didn't report her to Mr Law like she started earlier but the trick worked perfectly on Venus.

"Yesterday, I asked Aka the kind of punishment she wanted me to serve you, for all the trøuble you've caused, for the lies against her, you lied that she invited a man into my house but that wasn't true. Her lesson teacher néver crossed the gate. You made me say húrtful things to her that I regrétted so much. I wanted to púnish you but I gave Aka the honor to pick the púnishment you perfectly deserve and did you know what she choose..? 

Mr Law directed the question to Venus

Venus bent her head seeing that she was actually at my mercy the whole time and not the opposite as she had wished.

"She wants you to sâcked me immediately or work without payment and no food.." Venus replied.

Mr Law heaved, he turned and started walking away slowly.

"You won't be able to imagine what Aka picked for your púnishment, but I will leave that for you to figure out..."

"...Aka, c'mon let's go.." Mr Law said finally.

I waved Nneka goodbye and left with Mr Law.

Venus stood watching, cónfused and fear written all over her.

I walked to the car, Mr Law opened the door and I entered.

Everything feels so dreamy, but I know is reality and is too good to be true

He came and sat beside me, helped me stripe my seat belt properly, touched my blushing cheek gently

Before driving out of the gate.

This feels like a new begining to something great.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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