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My Name is AKA - Episode 36





My Name is AKA - Episode 36

Written By Amah's Heart.

I was leaving the bathroom after a warm bath when Venus walked in.

"Where have you been? She asked authoritatively.

I didn't reply her as I quietly walked to my own corner and began to dress.

"...are you déåf? You stuïpid girl, you think you're smarter than me? You thought you will always be in Mr Law's favor, well you heard and saw it all today.."

I continued to ignore her

"..I saw those crocodile tears of yours falling from your eyes, I almost laughed out loud but I had to hold myself because of the boss. So you can actually cry? I thought nothing gets through to you, I thought you're one tough unbeatable kind of girl. So why did you finally breaks down today, your toughness couldn't hold you together anymore.."

She began to laugh sarcastically, I still didn't say anything as I continue with what I was doing.

"... Aka is finally in the mud. I was so happy hearing Mr Law say those things he said to you, how I wanted to jump and dance. He rubbed your shít on your face today and it was very satisfying to watch, when I saw you sobbing like a baby, tears falling from your eyes, I seriously held myself from laughing. Moving forward, you're going to do everything I say or I will come up with another thing that will send you packing from this house. This is my territory and it's just a matter of time you will be gone..."

I was done with everything and started leaving the room.

She pulled me back with force.

".. aren't you the one I have been talking to? Do you want me to get you sâcked because that can be arranged and is only a matter of time and you will be gone.."

I slápped off her hands from my wrist.

"...Prøstîtüté, høokup girl from the slum... that's what Mr Law called you, isn't it what you are? 

She was trying too hard to get to me but I refused to react but immediately she called me those names.

I pushed her hard and she fell to the bed.

She came with force and slâpped me but in the same order I returned it back

I slapped her right back without thinking twice.

"How dâre you.." she asked raising her hands again.

I raised mine too, daring her even more.

"I will béât you to a pup, no one will recognize you. You're not even upto the people I used to déal with. You're not even upto twenty years yet, you're not close to my level so if I want to deal with you, I won't think twice.."

I gave her a loud hiss before readjusting my clothes.

"... you will soon start another crocodile tears, today's trøuble was little compared to what I'm planning. I'm always the winner here you can't beat that no matter how you try. Høokup girl.."

"Okay, you want me to be scâréd like a cat? well, sorry to disappoint you,  I'm not afráid of you Venus and whatever you're planning again will backfire on you. As for your winning today, do you want a sash or a crown? Go get a real life Venus, this is not a way to live, you're going to hûrt yourself because whatever we do, have a way of coming back to us... both the good and the bād.."

"Your days in this house are numbered, you will be leaving any time from now. I will definitely make sure of it..."

I walked out and went to get some food in the kitchen because it was already late

She almost made me lose my appetite but it's not going to work.

I only took a lite breakfast before the whole incident

I need to eat before I sleep.

I walked into the kitchen, checked the pot and then the fridge

I checked the microwave and saw food, Sylvester must have left some jellof rice and turkey for me.

I quickly microwaved it, took it to the staff eating table and began to eat 

I was thinking about the whole Venus incident while concentrating on my delicious jellof rice 

I heard a noise, somebody cleared throat loudly 

I startled and looked, it was Mr Law

"Good evening sir.." I greeted while pausing from my food.

He nodded and went straight to get his personal tea cup

He placed two cups on the table.

I stood, I don't want any further trøuble from Mr Law.

I will eat in the quarters sitting room.

I eat in the kitchen most of the time but today isn't going to work.

I carried my food and started leaving

"Please sit and eat your food aka.." he said it more like an order.

I heaved quietly and sat back.

I picked at my food, hoping he will leave soon

"Here, that's for you.." he placed a cup of hot chocolate tea beside my food

Sat opposite me and began to sip his own quietly.

I never requested for cup and he never asked me if I wanted tea.

He just set one before me, unexpectedly

"Thank you sir.." I muttered quietly.

After what happened this afternoon and him serving me with a cup of tea now, I'm becoming more confused over his kind of person.

I said another thank you to him, he nodded, stared at his steaming hot cup of coffee

The coffee sweet smell filled the kitchen.

He's taking coffee while he made tea for me

He looked at me with a straight face and then looked away.

"Everyone was searching for you this afternoon, you were nowhere to be found.."

"I...I was at the back house.."

"Doing what? Crying..?

I didn't reply as I stared at my food.

"..I'm sorry for what I said to you in the morning Aka. I was just angry at everything and everyone and I regretted it deeply. I knew it was all Venus plot.. right? Or you actually invited a man over..?"

" No, I will never do that. He was my lesson teacher and came to check up and to know why I haven't been in class for days. He never crossed that gate, we spoke at the gate and he turned back and left.."

"I believe you. So tell me, why haven't you been in class, which prompt your teacher to come over.? I thought you have a free day to go about your class and personal business.."

"Venus changed it all, after changing our working and off day she pretend to be ill so that I can be doing all the chores. That didn't enable me to go for my class because you may be ångry if you meet the house untidy.."

"... Teacher Uche only wanted to know if everything was fine with me because after he called, I told him I will come but I néver did.."

He heaved loudly. Take another sip from his coffee.

" I see, now I understand clearly that it was all a plot against you and I'm sincerely sorry.."

"....I know I said a whole lot of things that I shouldn't have said. I hürt your feeling and seeing how hûrt you seem broke me into hundred pieces. can you forgive me.."

He came over to sit beside me.

The hair on my body stood as he took one of my hand into his soft palm.

"... will you forgive me? He said calmly while looking into my eyes.

"Ye..yes sir..I forgive you.." I stammered. 

I was really uncomfortable with the way he was close and holding my hand.

I can smell his cologne and the sound of his heart beat.

He suddenly planted a kíss on my cheek before standing up.

I was frozen on my seat, I held the spoon and couldn't lift the food to my mouth.

That was unexpected.

"Yvonne, my woman went back to her ex who just returned back from Germany. She didn't tell me, she was acting up and giving attitude, I overheard heard her conversation on the phone and confronted her and she had to confess. They were back together over a month and I was only finding out few days ago. That really got me real pieced off. I was just trying to get over it all when Venus came telling me that you invited your boyfriend over. I didn't even wait to hear the rest of the story, I came at you.."

"I'm sorry about your woman sir.."

"Yea, it's all good. I felt really betrayed. She was leading me on and making me feel I was the only one, not knowing she has been communicating with her ex even before he flew into the country. Yvonne told me that her ex is a fvvcked up guy and she can never have anything to do with him. Imagine my shock when I found out she was back with him.."

I don't know what to say as I quietly nodded.

I felt bād for him, he sounded so pained.

"I'm sorry sir, God will give you another better woman who won't hurt or betray your trust.." I finally said.

For him confiding in me, means he is comfortable with my person and trust me enough.

I felt very important.

He chuckled after I said that.

"Yea, Aka thanks. even if I don't get another woman, I'm good..."

"... can I take you shopping? I want to make it up to you. Hope that's okay?

I was speechless and didn't know what to say.

"... you can leave all this week work for Venus. I haven't gotten time to handle her case yet, I Will let her be if you wish or what would you like me to do to Venus, what punishment will be befitting for putting you through so much trøuble..?

"I will rather forgive her sir, she's ignorant and acts childish. I already let it go.."

"You got a good heart Aka, your personality is warm and friendly, you got great aura. Get ready tomorrow, we're going for shopping alright..?

I nodded with a sheepish smile before thanking him.

I was smiling like a new bride as he dropped his cup in the sink and said goodnight

He walked away to his room which was upstairs.

 I finished up with my food and washed the used items before going back to my own room.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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