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My Name is AKA - Episode 33





My Name is AKA - Episode 33

Written By Amah's Heart.

Nneka informed me that Mr Law wanted me to be the one cleaning his room.

He was driving out that morning and remind me to clean his room.

In no time I was done with the room and attended to other places since is my working day.

While at it, I discovered another flower vase has been broken my heart skipped.

Venus and I are working on shift, just as Mr Law suggest.

Any day she's working, I will be off and any day I'm on duty she will be free.

One day on and one day off was our new working pattern

Since I have three days off in a week, I decided to sign up for extra lesson.

I attend class during my off days and I was preparing myself for jamb exam and to get into high institution, I will be on part time.

Mr Law actually gave me extra money during the time I was on leave.

I thought he was going to pay me less than thirty thousand due to i was off work, instead he added extra ten thousand.

It was when I went to check my account balance that I realized.

I was keeping good record of my money and know when something extra is added to my money.

I asked him and he confirmed it that it was something extra for the leave period.

I thanked him all over again.

Working and schooling, may not be easy on me but I was ready to face any challenge.

I love education and no matter how long it takes, I will complete my study.

I was determined and wasn't ready to allow anyone discourage my pursuit.

I was also able to get a new phone and the first person I called was Mama Zaram.

I updated her how my life has been going and how blessed I was to have such a loving and caring boss.

She was happy for me and reassured me that her God will never fail me.

She will continue to pray for me.

Mama Zaram said I will continue to find favor before my boss and others and I will overcome every obstacle that comes my way.

I asked her about the only person I cares about in my family, Amara.

She told me Amara is doing alright. 

The only prøblem is the money to feed, they're finding it very difficult.

She overheard my Mom saying they will stop school for the mean time until there's money.

Mama Zaram told me that she told Amara to always stop by for food anytime she's hungry.

And the other night, she came and said there was nothing at home.

the remaining garri, Uzo and Obinna finished it all.

Amara had dinner with Zaram and ever since then, Amara always stop by and also assist in making meals.

I was touched, especially because of Amara who's is in her early teenage age and she maybe pushed because of hunger into the hand of men like Bosco and Eme nwa Danfo.

I asked Mama Zaram to send me any account I can be sending small money for Amara.

Mama Zaram tries to discourage me, she said I shouldn't bother myself, Amara will be fine because she's also looking out for her.

Mama Zaram can't possibly be carrying my parents burden all the time.

Since the money in my bank account is over two hundred thousand, I used thirty to register for lesson and it remains  one hundred and ninety thousand

sending something small to my sister won't hûrt. 

I insisted and she finally sent an account. Nneka thought me how to do bank transfer with my phone.

I was able to successfully transfer twenty thousand to mama Zaram.

I asked her to give Amara eight thousand for her personal expenses and she shouldn't spend it any how because another may not come.

And she shouldn't tell anyone, My Mum, papa, Obinna or Uzo about the money or it will be gone.

I asked Mama Zaram to keep the rest for herself and with time more will come.

I only pleaded that she shouldn't stop praying for me.

My prayer life is sometimes cold or lukewarm, but I'm sure having somebody like Mama Zaram interceding for me in prayer makes the journey of life less rough for me.

She was singing and dancing on the phone happily.

She wasn't expecting such a huge amount within a year of me leaving the village.

It was not just the amount but because I had a heart of gratitude and giving.

She begin to shower me with lots of prayers.

After few days, she called to inform me that she have given Amara the money.

She gave the phone to Amara and I spoke with her.

She was happy and promise to do everything I advised.

Amara said she wanted to come live with me in the city, she was tired of village, papa and my mum's trøuble and also my brother's but I told her it's not possible because I don't even have a house yet, I live where I work.

I advised her to be praying and be a good girl and once things normalize, I will send for her.

They're probably thinking life in the city is bed of roses.

They won't understand how hard it is to make a living, especially having lots of responsibility and having no one for assistance except God.

Ever since Venus saw that Mr Law was on my side, she give me space.

She also tries to get me into trøuble so many times.

Just like today, she broke a flower vase which is the fourth vase she will be breaking in two months.

After breaking it, she will hide it and when I resume work she will come asking me about a certain flower vase which she has obviously broken.

After which she will accuse me of breaking it and will threaten to tell Mr Law

She has reported me countless times to Mr Law and he never react.

"Venus, you broke another vase? Why are you doing this?

"If you dâre mention my name or accüse me, I will sláp your whole teeth out of your mouth. You're the one that keep breaking and spoiling stuffs in this house. Just wait for Mr Law to return back and you will have alot to answer.."

"You think you're smart or you felt I'm sënsëlëss. You will spøil things and then turn it against me. Stop trying to be smart, you will only get yourself into trøuble because Mr Law isn't stûpíd.."

"Let's watch and see who's side he will be on, you've been getting away all this while but not for long.."

"God should just have mercy on you, you're filled with so much bitterness..'

She dragged me back as I try to walk away.

Pointing her hand on my face, she started thréâtening to déal with me.

"You can't do more than a déãd rat Venus.." that was Nneka's voice 

She was walking towards us.

"Keep off, I wasn't talking to you.." Venus wârned her.

"You can't be thréâtening Aka, doing so is looking for my trøuble. If you ever lay a finger on her, I will personally deal with you.."

Venus laughed sarcastically

"You can't do anything. As far as I'm concerned, you're an old håg, you're almost forty years yet you're still working as housekeeper. No man wants you because you're ūgly and old, you don't even have a child of your own, isn't that a pathetic life to be in. I understand why you're ångry and jealous of me..."

"... I'm young, beautiful, smart, outspoken, men are dyíng to have me and i can have any man I want. They're at my finger tips.."

"Like you've been trying to have Mr Law but he doesn't even notice your existence, rather he takes notice of Aka without she sweating for his attention. I'm at peace with myself, I don't go flīrting with men just to get their attention. If God says I will get married tomorrow and have kids, not even your bād mouth can stop it from happening but if God thinks otherwise, then so be it..."

"...Just know that I won't tølérate you bùllyïng Aka. you will have me to contend with if you don't leave Aka alone.."

I followed Nneka and walked away

Venus was ranting none stop, insúlting Nneka and I and threaten to report to Mr Law that I broke another flower vase.

Mr Law returned late that day, it was the following morning I heard Mr Law calling my name.

I ran to him and saw Venus there, hand akimbo with a cøcky smile.

"Do any of you know how much one of this flower vase cost? Is worth far more than you two can imagine. What's even going on in this house? This is the fourth vase and I won't keep quiet about this.." Mr Law ångry bârked at us

"Sir, I didn't break it. I'm always careful around this delicate things. I'm not the one.." I said pleadingly

"Liār, she's the one sir. Aka kept breaking and hidding stuffs. The wørst thing is that Nneka, is her partner in críme will be supporting her. Just few days ago she broke your mug, last week was your tumbler today is another of your expensive vase and she never for once take responsibility for this her évil actions, she will spøil things and dény..."

"... sir I have a very good record from my previous place of work and spøiling things is what I will never do.." Venus said sounding as convincing as possible.

"Good. Since spoiling things is not in your records then quit destroying my things Venus.." Mr Law said as he turned to face Venus squarely.

"... you're not getting salary this month Venus, although your one year salary is not enough to cover all the expenses of the things you destroyed but I will be kind enough to deduct just this month. But next time you do this, you will be getting a sack letter. Don't take my words for a joke, because there's consequences..."

"But sir, i.. aka...i didn't..I.." Venus stammered. She couldn't make out any intelligent sentence.

"Aka have worked for almost a year before you came into this house and she's always careful with things, she never break any vase or anything of important. Just within three months, you've almost destroyed all my flower pots and vases.. including other things. And the part you will run down to gossip to me about Aka, stop it from today. Aka is not in your nose, don't be in hers. Stick to your job and leave her the héll alone.."

He walked away, leaving Venus and I standing.

Venus was trying to hide her face in shame as Nneka who was eavesdropping, released a møcking laughter from a corner.

The way Nneka was laughing at Venus, I also released mine but I swallowed it, curved a smile and walked away quietly.


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