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My Name is AKA - Episode 32





My Name is AKA - Episode 32

Written By Amah's Heart.

Nneka informed me that Mr Law has paid salaries, I suppose to be getting the alert but since I only have a sim, I don't have phone, Nneka tells me anytime payment comes in.

I wanted to know if mine was the complete thirty thousand or half payment.

I haven't worked for the past one week now and that's a minus.

I fear, Mr Law is very stríct and will pay either twenty or twenty five which is still very okay by me.

I will try to squeeze money out for a phone immediately I'm out of the house.

I told Nneka that I was leaving and she asked me to wait until Mr Law says so

She said I should ignore Venus and wait for Mr Law to dismiss me first before I will leave.

But I should enjoy the free food and accommodation until when the boss is ready.

Mr Law has been around for days but I hardly see him.

Anytime I step out, I try to avoid him seeing me.

I saw him swimming yesterday evening, he has a female guest who was relaxing in her bikíni and shade beside the pool

Laughing so loud as Mr Law splashed a little cold water towards her.

I thought I was the only one watching until I saw Venus, she has this jealous and angry look as she stood anonymously watching from a corner with a dusting towels in hand.

The lady didn't sleep over, she left after sometime that same evening.

Venus saw me outside going to watch television in the staff sitting room.

"Haven't you been told that you're only meant to stay in the room? I still don't know what you're doing in this house because obviously, you no longer have a job here. You want Mr Law to come over and inform you first before you will have sense to think? Ever since I came, you've been idle, which is over a week now, why not leave and become useful to yourself out there.."

"...quit lazing around girl, you're young and should be looking for another job out there. Your bags are already packed, so what are you still doing? You're inconveniencing me in my room and wallowing around in self pity. If your long mouth friends, the house keeper and cook can't tell you the truth then, I won't hesitate to do so. Go get a life.."

I felt really attacked by her words. She's already claiming the room we both share as hers. 

"Did you know what a verse in the Bible I read this morning says? I asked her unexpectedly

"I don't care about what you read or about you.."

"Pride goes before a fall Venus. But in full verse it says, let him that thinks he stand, take heed less he falls.."

"If you think telling you the truth that others are afraid to tell you is pride, then you obviously need a psychiatrists to examine your méntal health.."

"...and becareful how you speak to me, We're obviously not mates. I won't hesitate to sláp your mouth if you insúlt me, that's what little girls like you who think they're grown deserve. Pack your baggage and get løst, your stuff is occupying too much space in my room.."

She walked away after rolling her eyes at me.

I felt like like a prisoner already

I have really had enough and don't know how much I can take from her.

I packed my bags properly and was ready to leave.

After packing all my books, I set one aside and it was the book I got from Mr Law.

I decided to return that book, The Priceless One by Amah's Heart.

 I don't want to be accused of taking what's not mine.

Maybe Mr Law only gave me to read and return back Whenever I'm done.

No one can predict that man.

I just want to have only my things with me when leaving and be at peace with myself

With the book in hand I left for the library.

I was going into the library and Venus asked me what I wanted to go do there and I said I wanted to return a book.

She asked me to give it to her she will take it to the library by herself, she asked me to leave because Mr Law will be måd if he sees me.

 I insisted that I was going to drop it off by myself, after all my bags were packed and I was leaving that day.

What other wørst thing can happen that haven't happened already.

The library was open, I walked straight to the shelf.

I wiped off a tear that crowded my sight.

I dropped the book and was leaving, I saw Mr Law Standing beside a book shelf and flipping a book in his hand

"Aka.." he called.

... how're you doing.."

I had another tears coming unknowingly, I quickly blinked back.

"I'm okay sir, Good afternoon.."

"... I wanted to return back the priceless one before leaving. I appreciate you for giving me this Job and I cherished everyday that comes while working in this seren environment. I understand some of the reasons why I'm being dismissed and I'm very grateful for everything sir.." as I was speaking tears filled up my eyes, I can't believe that I will no longer be working here. 

"Aka, what are you talking about? Who dismissed you from your job? Or you no longer want to work here..?

"I do, I so much do sir but I don't have any Job again. Venus took over and I have been locked up in my room like a prísoner, Venus said I'm not allowed out. Nneka also told me that you probably want me gone. I got my salary for the month already and there's nothing to Wait for I..."

"You're talking nonsénse.." he said interrupting.

He dropped the book in his hand and moved closer.

Examining my face.

"... you're all healed and fit now right?

"I'm always fit sir. Nneka and Sylvester helped in massaging my face and the healing didn't take time.."

He touched my face checking if I feel any pain.

"Hey..Aka, you don't have to cry. I never sâcked you? I only gave you a time off to heal properly. I searched for domestic workers online and that's where I saw Venus with years of experience and good credentials.  She's only helping while you're taking a leave off work. I understand everything Tobe did must all be traümâtizing and hürt badly. I felt bād over it all because you're meant to be protected under my roof and not exposed to dânger.."

I was speechless as happy tëars filled my eyes.

"Oh God! You mean I still have a job here? Thank you so much sir, God bless you greatly. I'm sorry for everything and none of what Tobe said is tru..."

He interrupted with a finger to my mouth.

"I don't give a dámn about your past Aka. all I know is that you've been trying your best in your given duty and that's cool with me. I made Tobe sign that he will never hårass or hürt you ever again. You're safe and your job is secured. You and Venus can work on shift, it will be easier that way and not cumbersome and you will also have time for yourself..."

"... since you're fit to resume back to your duty, you can start again tomorrow.."

I released this filled up happy tëars as I unapologetically threw my hands around Mr Law, hugging him like my life depends on it.

 He held me too surprisingly

Venus walked in, she pretend to be sweeping and dusting invisible dirts.

He released me gently from his arm

Mr Law asked Venus to leave, she should go clean somewhere else.

She grudgingly cat walked away.

Mr Law wiped off my face with the best face towel that felt so soft and comfy, he pulled it out from his pocket.

"Are this happy or sad tears.."

He asked touching my chin

I giggled, I laughed out like a happy baby.

He treated me so tender and with care.

"Happy tëars sir.."

"I'm glad. Please no sad tears.. alright?

"Yes sir, thank you... thank you so much.."

I said and turned to leave.

", Don't forget your book. I told you that the novel is yours, I don't understand why you should be returning it.."

"Thank you sir.." I repeated like a chorus as I went back and collected the novel.

"Aka, just like the title of the novel says, you're priceless and remember you are safe in this house. No man will dâre try to hûrt you ever again under my roof.. do you believe me..?

"Sure sir, I believe you. Thank you again and again for everything..."

He nodded with a smile.

I threw my hands up in jubilation as I hurried out to tell the good news to Nneka and Sylvester. 

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES) 

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