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My Name is AKA - Episode 31





My Name is AKA - Episode 31

Written By Amah's Heart.

Nneka informed me that Mr Law wanted me to stay in my room for some days.

I asked her why he will say that, she said that she doesn't know his reasons yet.

Now, I was getting really afraid because he was obviously done with my service and to confirm it all, on the third day after the incident, Nneka brought a young pretty girl to my room early morning that day.

She was with her bag, and was introduced to me as Venus.

Venus will be taking over my job.

My jaw dropped, my heart was racing, I couldn't utter reasonable word.

I called Nneka aside and asked her what's goin on but she had no reasonable answer to my question.

 it was very obvious that this Venus girl has come to replace me 

Is this how I'm going to be jobless again and at the mercies of crüel men like Tobe that's out there.

Is my father's cúrse already taking effect in my life.

"This is not happening, oh Lord..."

I cried out that evening while I was alone in the room.

Venus has resume duty and only brace in and out of the room during the day.

She retires late at night and I wonder what she's doing outside, probably she's already gotten acquainted with Nneka and Sylvester

She took over my job, took over my room and now she has taken over my friends

I have nothing and soon enough Mr Law will take notice of her because she's pretty and tall.

My heart skipped severally as I thought of it

None of that should really bother me but I felt emotionally beaten.

 my work is the reason why I was in the house.

Now that is gone, what am I supposed to do.

My only concern should be my job and how possible to get it back

Nneka told me that Mr Law was out that afternoon, is already one week and he has probably forgotten that I was still in that house because I hardly come out.

Nneka had told me that Mr Law wanted me to remain in my room until he returns.

He went to visit his father and won't be back until the following day.

I used that opportunity to step out to the main building.

I wanted to see if I can do some work, I was already feeling useless staying idle.

I saw Venus cleaning and I decided to go clean another parts that she was yet to touch.

"No.. no. Don't worry, I will definitely attend to that area..." She told me immediately she saw me cleaning.

"This is equally my job and I want to do my work.."

"I wasn't informed that I will be sharing this job with another person. I think you've been relived of your duty, I guess the next step is to go home.. to your house or don't you have a house, then go live in the street but you no longer have a job here.."

"I don't know who told you such but I'm yet to be informed by Mr Law.."

",Do you need a suit Sayer or you want God to come down and tell you that you no longer have a job here? Why do you think I  was employed by the boss? I didn't come here to play, rather to work and if you don't mind, I will like to do my job without further interruption.."

"...I noticed you're giving me this cold vibes because you felt I took over, well, I didn't get myself here and don't fvckking care over what you or anyone feels or think.."

I walked away to the kitchen, dejected and speechless.

"What's with the long face? Sylvester asked

"Is the new girl, Venus. She's too rude.."

Nneka walked into the kitchen as I was talking.

"Don't pay her any heed, she's arrogant and I do not like her.." Nneka said taking a seat beside me.

"But she's very pretty or you two haven't noticed? That maybe one of the reasons Mr Law employed her.."Sylvester said while washing off some dírty utensils and arranging them.

"Who cares if she's pretty, is she finer than Aka? Aka is also beautiful but she's not arrogant or rude.."

That was really sweet, they think I'm beautiful and that really made me felt good but whenever I think about my job, I want to weep bitterly.

"Well, that still doesn't change the fact that the new girl is really pretty.." Sylvester said to Nneka in defense

"You better don't fall for her chårms, they're the type of girls that targets the fat pockets, believe me. she will stain your white, so watchout if you're already eyeing her....

"...Venus or Pluto, whatever her name maybe, she is only fair, she's a yellow pawpaw that can easily spoil, while Aka is black, bold and beautiful..."

I know Nneka was only trying to make me feel good, although she was doing a great job on that but I can't help but think about my Life.

What will become of me outside this house.

"Aka is beautiful in her own way and very hard-working and Venus is equally beautiful and I appreciate beauty when I see one. Since the new girl did no wrong to me, I'm not håting. She's obviously older than Aka and maybe has more experience in the job too. I don't see anything wrong with that..". Sylvester said to Nneka

"Is alright Sylvester, I'm okay with her too but she's always displaying ill attitude and she's rude. She's acting like she owns the room we share and the job is all hers. I know I no longer have a place here and just thinking about it all truly hurt. I never thought that I will be going home soon. That Tobe just came to ruin my life, now I'm jobless and waiting maybe for a pay off from Mr Law. I don't really know where to start from or what to do, I'm helpless and angry this days. I'm feeling more useless the more I remain here, Life is so unfair and I'm such an unlucky girl...so unlucky, maybe God hates me.."

"Don't say that Aka, everything happens for a reason and you can't conclude your fate yet..." Sylvester said

"I understand what you might be going through and I wish I can predict Mr Law, he's so unpredictable and anytime he asks me to keep off, I don't trespass and that's why I lasted long in this house. I try speaking to him and he scølded me to keep shüt and stick to the job he pays me to do.."

We talked a little more, they tried to cheer me up before I finally returned to the room

 I was feeling embarrassed, angry and ashamed watching Venus go about her day dedicatively and with pride as if she was trying to make me feel bâd.

I wasn't supposed to feel because it was Mr Law that employed her but I was not only feeling bād, I felt jealous of her.

I wish I still have my job but it's already taken from me and there was nothing I can do.

Venus is right, us time to pack and leave.

If I leave now, where exactly am I going to go?

I can't go back to Uche, that's absolutely not a good idea.

Maybe I will look for low budget guest house around in the street and stay while I horridly get an accomodation.

Even if I don't furnish the room with bed and all, atleast I still have mama Zaram wrapper.

I will check out used, second hand cooking things, something that will be very cheap and every other necessary thing.

My cheek used to pain me anytime I'm chewing food, the spot that Tobe hít me that was initially swollen has gone down, I'm relieved and fine.

Life won't stop for me here, I will try everything I can to get another Job once I'm out of here.

 for myself, for Mama Zaram and to make sure Papa's curse doesn't work out in my life because all they're looking out for is to hear bad news but they will wait in vain.

My name is Aka, I'm unrelenting and no matter what I face I will fíght hard to secure a good future for myself.

"So help me God!

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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