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My Name is AKA - Episode 29





My Name is AKA - Episode 29

Written By Amah's Heart.

As I opened the door and stepped out, it was Nneka.

"Aka, are you okay? As I was walking pass, I heard you scréäming.."

"Not really, I.. I'm okay.."

I hastily walked past Nneka to the kitchen side were we won't be heard.

She followed behind

"Mr Law's guest, I used to know him back in the hood. We met one of those strange night in a hotel, where I have gone for a høokup..?

"What's høokup, you mean prøstïtütīon? Nneka whispered with a surprised face.

"More like it but I wasn't into one. A neighbor talked me into it for that night and I decided to give it a try but I couldn't do it. Tobe was the first client but I begged him not to hurt me and he didn't.."

"...I thought he actually meant well for me until I happened to meet him again and he started demanding for intimacy and I couldn't do that. I asked him to give me time to think it through. That was the last I saw him before coming to work here.."

"...I never knew he was the new guy doing maintenance on Mr Law's car, I took him to his room and he held me, saying that I owe him and he must have me by force before he leaves here.."

",He lie, that guy won't do shït. whatever his name is, I don't care but if he messes with you then he's messing with me too..."

"... I believe you Aka and I'm taking over this fight from here. I will be serving him, make sure you stay clear off him. let me see how he will come and force himself on you. He's so shameless.." Nneka said, obviously taking over the fight from me.

"...I would have suggested you inform Mr Law but that kind of boy may have something hanging on his sleeve. He will try to counter everything you say with the evidence of meeting you in a hotel for høokup or whatever it is. Lay low in your room and don't show yourself, I will be at his service anytime he need to be attended to. Is just two days and he will be be gone from here..."

"Thank you Nneka..." I replied. She nodded and I walk to my room to relax from everything that happened.

Nneka later brought dinner to me while I was in the room.

"I told Mr Law that you're not feeling strong. That mechanical, Tobe boy kept asking of you but I informed him that you're not available and if he needs anything, he should tell me..."

I thanked Nneka and ate my dinner, had a cool shower before going to bed.

The following morning, I got ready for the day but didn't step out of the room immediately.

I said a short prayer that everything will go down well.

Nneka must have left for the market because she's the one that mostly go shopping for the house things every weekend.

Mr Law will only give her money and she will go to the market and will make sure she gets everything needed both for kitchen and the entire house wares.

 I was already on my way out to start my day work when Kamp came knocking

"Since Nneka is off to the market, can you try to assist around the house? Nneka previously informed us that you're not well, I hope you're feeling better this morning..."

"Sure Kamp, I'm doing alright. Thanks for asking. I'm right behind you.."

I went straight to the kitchen to wash off all the used dishes but found out that Sylvester had already done that and was busy making breakfast.

I chat with him a little before leaving to clean, sweep and mob the house which has become my daily routine job.

While at it, Mr Law who was just leaving his room saw me cleaning.

I greeted him as usual

"I can see you're feeling better this morning.."

 "Yes sir.."

"Good! Tobe, my guy is not yet out. Can you make the chocolate tea with some toast to his room.."

"Ooh.. okay sir.." I said dryly and defeated.

"Is everything okay.." he suddenly asked

"Yes, sure sir. I only wanted to say that your friend may decide to come out to the dining for breakfast instead, I don't know if he's up yet..."

"Yes, he is. I guess he enjoys your service and personally requested that you send it in for him. I don't know why but I love to make my guest very comfortable. Tobe is not exception.."

"Alright sir.."

"Can you hurry up with that. You need to help Sylvester set the table and my room needs cleaning.."

I nodded and went on my way to do as he instruct.

I took Tobe's breakfast request to his room.

After double knocking and was instructed to come inside.

He was on his bed, the duvet was covering him from his waist down

He was with his phone.

He asked me to bring it to his bedside and I hesitated.

"Listen Aka, about yesterday, I might have over did things and I'm sorry. I didn't means for it to turn out the way it did. such thing never happened before in my life, I don't force women to be with me. I was only pissed because you were proven stubbørn.. I'm sorry.."

I nodded quietly.

He stood up from the bed, he walked up to me.

"If you're really sorry, can we maintain a clear distance please..."

"I don bite Aka and won't hûrt you. I said I don't know what came over me yesterday and it won't happen again. I was really angry for many reasons and I'm sorry if I hürt your feeling in anyway.."

He was just on a tight undies without a top 

The undies exposed the whole shape of his mânhøod and I had to quickly look away.

"...I just want a simple hug.."

He collected the breakfast tray from my hand and dropped it on the table.

He gently try to pull me close to himself but I made attempt in walking to the door.

He draw me back, held my shoulder.

"Aka, I really like you. Stop doing this to me. I want you clearly but the more you reject me, the more I feel stûpíd. I only asked for a kiss nothing more.. you can go after then.."

"Tobe, please I can't.."

"Why not? I didn't ask you to sleep with me. I only asked for a simple kiss Aka and I promise to let you go.."

He bent over and kíssed me but he didn't let me go. 

Instead he moaned out loud as he held me tight to himself, grabbed my bøøbs and pushed me to the bed.

I fell and quickly try to get up but he descended on me like a rock.

I try to scream but he held my mouth.

"Please Aka, you're driving me cräzy already. I'm going to be gentle and quick. The more you struggle, the more I want you. All I was thinking about all through the night is you, I try to deny it, but I really can't think straight when you're close to me.."

I try to plead and fought but his pants were off in no time and there stood his mânhøod, uprightly pointing at me.

He try to get under my gown and pull off my undies but I kept fighting him, making it difficult for him to have access.

"...I promise not to tell Law about your hoøk up business or reveal your true identity to him. I'm going to take you away from here and we will be together. You will never lack or work for any man. I promise.."

"... just relax and I promise you will enjoy it..."

"Get off me Tobe..."

I began to scream but he pressed his hand hard on my mouth.

I fought and struggled, I used my leg to kick him hard.

He released a silent scream.

I try to get up but he came back at me.

I threw another pünch to his face, he startled in pâin and rëtåliated with double of his.

I began screaming but he held onto my mouth again.

We føught roughly on the bed untill the door suddenly flew open.

Somebody opened the door and hurried  inside like a speed of lightening

This time it was Mr Law.

"What the fvckk is going on here.." 

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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