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My Name is AKA - Episode 28





My Name is AKA - Episode 28

Written By Amah's Heart.

I went about my duty while trying not to think much on the unexpected visitor who will be coming later in the day.

I was unexpectedly quietly and even skipped lunch.

Through out the night, I try to engage my mind by finishing Priceless One, the novel from Mr Law library.

I enjoyed every bit of it and it enabled me to have a sound sleep but waking up in the morning, I had to face reality.

I wondered if there was another Tobe that Mr Law was referring to.

It can't be the same Tobe that was after my body, he wanted to devour me but God helped me and I escaped him by coming to work for Mr Law..

My phone broke and I had to trash the small phone and didn't bother getting another.

Tobe might be trying to reach me but couldn't

Is over nine months working for Mr Law and that's a long time to forget that somebody like me exist.

I have forgotten everything about him until last night when Mr Law mentioned Tobe coming to do a general maintenance on his cars and he will be staying for two days.

I heaved sadly, I began drying the whole used utensils and putting them away.

"You're not happy, is something bothering you? Sylvester the chef asked

"Nothing serious, just one of those mood swings.." I replied 

"You? Mood swing.. I haven't noticed you having a sad day even when Mr Law is hard on you, you still find reason to laugh. That's why your second name in this house is happy girl.."

I heaved again.

", You won't understand Sylvester.."

"Whatever it is, don't think much on it..it will still pass.."

That's right, every of my life challenges and fear has one way or the other vanished even before I even noticed.

Definitely this will disappear in no time.

"Thank you Sylvester, you're amazing..". 

He chuckled aloud

"Offcourse I know that already.." he replied with a wink.

I began to laugh

"Don't sweat it, you're just little amazing, not too much.." I demonstrated with my my tiny finger

The laughter that erupted from him made me also began to laugh.

Nneka walked in to the kitchen.

"What's the joke..? She asked trying not to be left out in the laughter.

Sylvester began to fill her in.

She began to laugh along and told Sylvester that I'm only jealous of his smart cooking style.

That brought more laughter as I try to defend myself

"He has nothing I can be jealous off..? I said defensively.

"Are you sure? You have been wanting to learn his new french dish but haven't had time to do so..." Nneka reminded me

",Yes, that's right. I'm probably a little jealous. I enjoy all his cooking and I sometimes wish I can cook like him.."

"Aka, you have nothing to worry about. I gat you baby girl and anytime You're ready, I will teach you whatever dish you wish to learn.."

"Thank you Sylvester.." and I mean it.

Sylvester and Nneka have been a great friend and colleague and I thank God for giving me kind people to work with.

Somebody walked into the kitchen suddenly, interrupting our good moment.

"Aka, Mr Law wants your service right now. he's sitting by the pool with his friend who just arrived.." 

Kamp, the butler who's also a security guard for Mr Law said and he quickly walked away.

Anxiety, fear and uncertainty came crawling back into my mind as I left to see Mr Law

From afar I recognized him, it was indeed Tobe.

My legs shakes as I went over to where they were.

"Yes sir, I was told you sent for me.." I said, trying to avoid looking towards Tobe.

", Wait a second?.." Tobe said as he stared at me.

"... what's that your name again..? what are you doing here..?

"You know each other..? Mr Law asked puzzled while looking from Tobe to me.

"Uhmm! She looks so familiar.." Tobe said. I guess he was trying to make Mr Law not to think much on it.

"Okay! Aka is the guest room set for my friend Tobe?

",Yes sir..."

"Good then, that will be all. I will take Tobe to his room so that he can freshen up for dinner.." Mr law made attempt to stand but Tobe stopped him.

"Why not allow Aka take me instead. Is just to show me the room and I will come  back to join you.."

"Oh! Ok.. that's fine.." Mr Law said calmly.

He looked up at my face and asked me to take Tobe to his room.

I picked up his small Leather bag which was lying beside him.

I walked ahead, trying to make sure he didn't catch up.

He slowly followed behind.

I got to the room, dropped his bag and was about leaving when he walked in and closed the door.

"What the hëll Aka, you left without notice or a call. I called severally but couldn't reach you. I went to your former place and was told you Left and never returned.."

"..You're working for The Law now? Is he scrëwīng you too? 

"I don't know what you're talking about please. This is my working place and certain language isn't allowed.."

"You're an ungråteful bæstard, after all the love I showed you? We were dating and you didn't see reason to update me when you got a Job..?

"...I would have fvckk up that night at the hotel because that was a perfect time and you will be fulfilling your right as my høokup sëxy girl.."

"... Does Law knows that you're into høokup?

"Leave me alone Tobe. For your information i never agree to any of your request. We were not in any relationship and you offering to help me or give me money was from the abundant of your heart. I'm I was only seen as a one night høokup girl because I was in desperate need. Please, this is the only job I have, don't spoil it for me, I beg you Tobe.."

"You will have to pay with your body or I will tell my rich friend that you're into høokup, I will let him understand the kind of girl that you're and why you shouldn't be working under his roof.."

"Please Tobe, let me be please. If it's about the money you gave me, I'm ready to calculate and return them back..."

He began to laugh.

"You hurt me Aka because I was planning to devøur you before you disåppear. I never knew that this is where you've been hiding all this while, I would have come sooner. Well, is a good thing I'm here now.. you look..."

He licked his lips with his tongue and began to demonstrate with his hand.

"..You look taller, fuller, prettier and delicious.." 

I turned to leave but he stood, blocking the door.

"... you're not going anywhere. Except you promise to sneak into my room tonight and every other nights I will spend here to fulfil your promise in bed to me because you obviously owe me.."

"I owe you nothing, Tobe. If you want the money you gave me, I will calculate it all and return it back to you..."

", You think you've money now right? You got nothing. Running your mouth won't save you from me. I got you now and there's no escaping and if you try to disobey, I will tell Law how I first met you.."

He drawer me roughly to himself

"Let me go Tobe..get those hands of yours off me.." I said as I fought back.

He turned and pin me to the wall, he grabbed my bøøbs

"The oranges on your chëst are so succùlent and bigger than the last time. Your back side grew larger too and you're taller than I last saw you. You aren't a sixteen years old vïrgin girl anymore, so quit acting like a kid.."

I slapped his hand off and try to push him away but he was too strong than I am.

He held my hands and began to kiss me like a crâzy, hungry pig.

I try to get free but there was no way.

"I got you now Aka, you will always be mine..." He repeated as he fümbled with my bréâst.

I Managed to free one of my hands.

I slapped him hard across the face before pushing him with all the strength I got.

He was surprised at the level of my strength as he fell back.

"You will regret this Aka.."

"You're a disgùsting human being. God have mercy on you.." I managed to say while trying to unlock the door and leave.

He came to hold me from behind. Stroking me with his mânhøod from behind.

I screamed aloud and just then there was a knock.

That must be Mr Law

Tobe let me to go immediately and adjusted himself

"We're not done. I will definitely have you before I leave this house.."

I quickly rushed to the door as the knocking became very loud.

I was panting hard as I opened the door.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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