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My Name is AKA - Episode 27




My Name is AKA - Episode 27

Written By Amah's Heart

"Who's there I ask again, except you're déåf and dümb.."

"Is me.. only me sir.." I said coming out and walking towards him while holding the novel

"Aka? What are you doing here by this time?

By this time he said, I wondered what time it was.

"I'm sorry sir..I.."

"You're always sorry Aka. what are you doing here? You're obviously not cleaning.."

" I actually came to clean, after cleaning..I decided..I mean I saw a book...I.. I'm sorry"

"I have been here for over an hour and never knew I got company"

I looked over at his reading table and saw that most of the books there were  on historical research and Earth science.

"... which means you've been here far too long before I even came in.."

"Yes sir, It won't happen again I promise. Just give me another chance again. I know you warned me not to come in here except for cleaning.."

".. as I was cleaning the other day, I stumbled on this novel and decided to go through it and it's really interesting, I was determined to finished it today and that's why you met me here. Please sir, Mr Law I'm pleading on my knees, don't sack me. I promise never to do this again.." Amah's Heart novel has gotten me into trøuble. God! How will I get out of this now.

"Who's talking about sacking you? He scoffed as he stretched his hand forward

"... let me see what you're reading?

I placed the novel in his palm

"Priceless One by Amah's Heart. That's strange, I can't even remember how I got this novel. Is probably my sister in UK that gave it to me. She's also a lover of Amah's Heart, she got some of the authors books in her mini library but I haven't read it because novels aren't my kind of thing.."

".. take it, you can have It Aka.

"Oh my God! I can? This means a whole lot to me. Thank you sir.." I exclaimed aloud

"You're welcome. You don't need to hide to read, since you love reading, you can always come in here and read, alright?

 I nodded with a broad smile

".. I will check if I have more novels by this author or some other authors which I will set aside for you speacially. I know I restricted you from coming in here except whenever you want to clean but that embargo is lifted off from today, I can see you're a book lover like me but we have different taste and that's okay. Feel free to come in during your free time to read.. okay?

"Yes sir, does that mean you're not angry with me..?

"I have no reason at all to be angry.. Aka, you've been a good girl and I'm impress. I understand that you left out on the cleaning of the library but I was happy when I walked in here few days ago and the whole place is sparkling..."

"Thank you Mr Law, You're too kind. I will be on my way back to my room.."

He nodded quietly.

As I try to walk past him, he caught my hand and immediately removed two pieces of shredded paper that was attached to my hair.

That must've been from where I was hiding to read.

"..Thank you sir.." I repeated again before walking away

Getting to my room, I placed a warm kiss on the novel before putting it on my chest as I lie down.

I thought the book by Amah was about tearing my heart apart but it actually brought warmness to It.

I checked the time it was almost 9pm. 

The happiness in my was much but I was hungry and needed to eat.

 I stood to go get something from the kitchen to eat.

I almost forgot that I haven't eaten all evening.

I was microwaving some food for myself when Mr Law walked in.

He came to make a cup of black coffee

"You're still up..? He asked as he went straight to his personal cabinet to get his coffee cup.

"I'm microwaving some food sir, I missed dinner. I didn't even know the time was far gone.."

"... the light in the library makes it feel it's still day time.

He smiled.

"Hey, do you want some of this..? He asked pointing at the cup.

"No Sir, I'm alright with the spaghetti. I don't take coffee.."

"Coffee? No, is actually hot cocoa. I hardly take coffee at night except when i want to read or have some other important work to do in the night. I take coffee mostly in the morning.."

"Oh, I see..."

"Sit across the table as you eat, I will fix a hot cup of chocolate for you.. okay?

I blushed while nodding, amused at his kindness.

I was eating my spaghetti quietly when he dropped a cup of chocolate beside my food.

"Take a sip and tell me what you think.."

I try to blow it with my mouth, thinking is too hot.

"Is not so hot, just very normal. Take a sip first.." he said again as he watched me across the table.

I obeyed and drank, then drank deeply again.

"A sip, I didn't say you should gulp it down at once.." he said laughing.

"It's so.. so delicious. I haven't tasted anything like it before.." i replied chuckling.

"Exactly! This particular chocolate tea, isn't from here. I got it in UK the last time I visited. Is one good thing I can't get over and I'm glad you confirmed it too.."

I chuckled aloud

"I love the way you laugh. You're very cheerful.."

"Thank you.." I said shyly.

He drank quietly from his cup, I finished my own cup of chocolate in no time and was about rounding up with my food.

"A friend of mine who works with a mechanic company is coming to check out my cars and do a general maintenance on them.."

"Okay sir, what will you want me to do?

"Make one of this chocolate for him, I want him to have a taste of it too but that's not the main important part, he will be spending two days. I need the visitor's room cleaned up and make sure there's a working air freshener.."

"Sure sir"

"Tobe is a hard working young man but he likes women, that's one opposite things about us..."

I startled immediately he mentioned Tobe.

"Hey! Relax, he's into big ladies and wouldn't even give you a second look. There's nothing to be worried about just attend to him in your best way when he comes. Hope you understand..?

"Ye.. yes sir.." I stammered.

I suddenly lost my appetite.

"Thank you sir, I will be going to bed now. Goodnight.."

"Okay.. goodnight Aka! He carried his cup of cocoa to the his room

I was really trøubled as I walked calculatively, back to my room.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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