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My Name is AKA - Episode 26




My Name is AKA - Episode 26

Written By Amah's Heart

I heard my name while I was cleaning the upper staircase that morning

I abandoned everything I was doing and rushed down

Mr Law voice can be very loud and there's a bit of ánger I dictated in it.

"Good morning sir.." I greeted

"When last did you visit my library..? He asked, obviously ångry

"I..uhmm..I haven't been there since this month.." 

"Why haven't you been there? I went in there this morning and was greeted by cobwebs and dust. That place haven't been cleaned in a long while, I want to know why..?

"I'm sorry sir I.."

"I don't want sorry, I want an explanation. The books have turned into spider din because nobody dim it fit to clean it. The last time I checked, that supposed to be your job and the reason why you're here.."

"I'm so sorry sir! I was careful going in there because you warned me not to be seen in certain places in..."

"Shùt the fvckk up! I remember everything I said and I specifically told you that you can be in those specified places whenever you want to clean them. I didn't restrict your going to do your normal cleaning or did I..?

"No Sir, you didn't. I'm sorry.. please forgive me. I will go and tidy it up right away.."

I try to leave but he stopped me with a another hard voice.

"Hey you! Hope you like your job here? 

"....Do you want to continue your job here because if this rúbbish repeats itself, I won't think twice before replacing you with another competent person.."

I apologized again with a bow before leaving.

I spent all morning and afternoon cleaning the library.

I make sure I cleaned each books one after the other.

I haven't really taken my time to clean the library, it was indeed dusty and I understand his anger.

I try as much as possible to avoid all those places he said he does not want to see me in

The gym, the swimming pool, his relaxing section and the bookplace

I usually clean the gym daily because I know he visits there often, I also tidy up his resting corner and the pool too.

The library, since Mr Law travels alot, No one goes in there and is mostly locked.p

I used to totally forgot that such place was even parts of the house.

It was even Nneka that reminded me of it two months ago and I gave it a thorough cleaning and locked it back up and ever since then, I forgot again.

I didn't even know that he goes in there to read sometimes.

The key to the library is two, one is with Mr Law and the other is hanged in the key box.

Library is written in it for easy identification.

I felt really bad that the place was indeed dusty.

After sweeping, I mob up the place and make sure the whole book shelf with it's book were properly cleaned.

In the process of cleaning, I was going through some of the books and they're quiet intriguing.

Some are philosophy, historical, political and science books were also included.

There are few fictions too but very bulky, they're not like the Nigeria type I was already used to.

They're mostly foreign and I later saw some African books in there

The likes of Chinue Achebe's books, things fall apart. Chiamanda Adichie, half of a yellow sun and Amah's Heart, The priceless one.

The Priceless One by Amah's Heart got my interest that I read three chapters of it while standing and relaxing my back on the wall.

 I couldn't drop the book down, it was so interesting.

Is something that I can fully relate to and I was too eager to know what happened to the school girls in secret cøurt.

I heard someone calling my name and I rushed to dropped back the book at it's position.

It was Nneka who was wondering why I have been for over four hours.

After two days, I told Nneka I was going to clean the library.

I went in there, dust off as usual and rush to carry the priceless one by Amah's Heart.

I hide at a corner, sat and began to read

I was really taken by the book, i wasn't ready to drop it down until I'm done with it.

I got to the part were Shalewa was mishandled by Sandra and the rest of the dynamite squared, I began to sigh sadly.

Just then I read the part that Harriet, the fearless one arrive and caught them on a video after challenging them and threaten to expose them.

 I scréämed "yes, perfect... that's it! go girl, Harriet my girl.."

"Who's there..? A strong voice startled me.

I heard a foot sound approaching.

That was Mr Law

"I'm døom, he will såck me today, what am I supposed to do now.."

I was shaking as I held the book while crawling out of my hidding place.

"...oh God, he warned me, he told me that he does not want to see me here except when I'm cleaning. Now, he will finally dismiss me. Where will I get another Job as this one..?

This was my ninth month here, is not even upto a year and I will be sacked

I don't even have a place to go to or a Friend to run to for shelter.

I have saved enough money, but getting an accomodations will take it all.

I have about one hundred and twenty thousand in my bank account

I can only get the type of Uche and ify's kind of room but I will still need money to buy bed, cooking item's, foodstuffs and so many other things.

I suppose to have more than that in my account but I used part of the money for important thing.

I have been saving so well but is not enough to get me started with the outside world.

I desperately need this job and can't afford to loose it now.

I don't even have a phone yet, I planned to get one soon but I keep postponing because I don't have anyone that's constantly calling and if I want to make a call, either I use Nneka's phone or that of Sylvester.

There's a landline and Mr Law said we can use it but I'm scâréd of touching it.

I spoke with Ify the other day and she told me that she wasn't with Uche, she was squatting with a friend and even though she's not comfortable but she's praying to gather money to get her own place.

She was the one that informed me that getting a room is above a hundred thousand and that includes the agent and agreement.

She asked me about my job and I was too excited and told her that the job is a gift from God

She pleaded with me to make sure I inform her anytime Mr Law needs another domestic staff.

Ify was doing two jobs according to her but is never enough.

She advised me to hold onto my job tight because there's no job outside.

I already know that, I know the kind of trøuble I went through before I was able to meet Mr Law who  gave me this job willingly

I can't afford to loose it now.

 I attended private coaching for three months when Mr Law was away on those his numerous journey.

With the help of Nneka, I paid for this private academy tutor 

I attended it for three months and my academic life really improved and got better too

It was worth it all and I never miss any assignments or homework.

I have more text books and novels than I initially had.

I'm aiming to get into high institution in the nearest future

Going back to secondary school wasn't in my interest anymore and I heard that Mr Law will be traveling in about two months, I planned to upgrade my tutorial lessons

But all my academic ambition, my life goals will be put on hold because Mr Law will dismiss me today.


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