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My Name is AKA - Episode 25




My Name is AKA - Episode 25

Written By Amah's Heart

"Over there is the pool, as you can see is clean because I pay the pool guy to make sure it remains tidied both when I'm around or away..."

"Yes sir.." I replied again that's has been virtually my whole reply as he took me around.

"You're not allowed close to my private corners, my pool, my gym, my study or my relaxing place, except you're asked to clean or you see the need to tidy it up. Do you understand..?

"Yes sir.."

"Is a good thing I have a chef, I don't need you to cook, your only work is to work wherever you're needed. If you're called to laundry, you've to do it well like your life depends on it. If you're asked to sweep or clean, make sure you put your best to work. I håte idleness and låzïness, stick to your job and I don't want to complain over anything not being done right. Do you understand?

"Yes sir..."

"Is not just repeating yes sir to my orders, I want you to ask questions wherever you do not understand, tell me anything that's confusing, point out something I haven't introduced or mentioned to you, remind me whatever I missed out, stop following me like a slave and chorusing yes sir to everything..."

"... you're not my servant, you're my worker and I'm your boss. This is not a military regime or a directorship. Feel free to ask questions wherever you're confused. I'm available from now to six more months. I will be off and on to my family house within this period but that shouldn't stop you in carrying out your duty effectively..."

"Yes sir.." I said absent minded.

He turned and looked at me with a frown

"...no sir, i mean I understand everything you said and will definitely ask if the needs arises. Ms Nneka already put me through some of this things" I replied.

"Good. That will be all then. since you don't have anything doing this evening you can go to the kitchen and ask chef Sylvester for your food after which you're free to return to your room.."

"Thank you sir..I appreciate" I replied before turning to leave, be called me back.

"Hey you! Aka... Make sure all the dishes are washed, cleaned and put away before you go to bed. Sylvester will also help out in that area but you're equally his kitchen assistance and remember your work is generally everywhere. If you don't have idea and what a maid does you are free to ask Nneka or read up on it. there's a small TV in the boysquatter sitting room, you are free to watch in your leisure time.."

"Sure sir, thank you..."

"Sylvester,  Nneka the housekeeper and Duke the gate man said you're doing well. I didn't get any negative news about you after I return, no complain at all and that's a relief and I hope you keep it up that way.."

",I will. Thank you sir.."

He shakes his head "must all your replies be yes sir, I will sir, sure sir, you sir, okay sir.. sir...sir..sir huh? 

I kept mute

".. don't get me wrong, I'm very okay with your sir whatever but I also want you to know that sometimes, you can reply me with my general name. Mr law is the name some of my workers call me. Is that clear.."?

"Yes sir. I mean law, Mr law.." I stammered, cónfused on which to use

He chuckled, waved me off to leave, I quickly did.

After I was done with my entire job for that evening, I went to my room

My room is very comfortable, it has an in-built tøilet and a bathroom.

There's a big wardrobe space for me, my bed is a student size bed with two comfortable pillows.

It feel like a home for me, even though I know I'm only a worker here.

I haven't had such a luxury and I'm almost at my third month in this house, I'm enjoying my job.

After I called Mr Law, last two months, he sent address and asked me to resume right away and without wasting time I hurried to the address.

He didn't have time to take me round or introduce anything to me, he told me he was traveling again and will do proper introduction when he returns but Nneka will show me around.

He travelled again after a week and said he wasn't going to stay long

 he stayed for two months before coming back.

While he was away, there wasn't much to do and there was no need for extra expenses because almost everything was provided 

The other workers were very nice and friendly, we all related well and each person has a room in the quarters, which was beside the main building.

Nneka who's in her late thirties and told me that Mr Law is very easy to work with, I shouldn't be scâréd of his behavior or domeneering attitude.

If I can obey his orders and do everything he ask me to, then I won't have any prøblem with him.

She also mentioned that Mr Law is not very familiar with the country because he lives most of his life outside and his family are still outside while some are in Nigeria.

One of his parents, either his Mom or father is living in the country and he always go visiting.

Nneka said she was the first employer after Mr Law bought his house last year but the only issue is that he's hardly around.

I was elated, so free and happy in my new home and job.

I don't even have much to do, I sometimes spend alot of time watching television.

I wasn't expecting any payment but after the first month, I was given twenty thousand.

I couldn't believe it because it felt like twenty million.

I didn't even do much yet I was paid

Nneka said, Mr Law asked her to give me twenty thousand and on his return, my salary will be normalize, which means there maybe more.

I hugged Ms Nneka, thanking her repeatedly.

She was just laughing at my excitement

I decided to follow Nneka to the market one day, I purchased about six different academic book

I bought some novels too because I love reading.

I got few new cloths and foot wear.

I stopped by the barber to trim my hair, to make it very low and neat.

Somebody took my phone charger back at Uche's place before I came to work for Mr Law, I couldn't charge my phone or get pin charger for it, I was still talking about getting a charger when the phone fell off from my pocket while I was climbing the stairs one day, during my first week at work, to go clean Mr Law's balcony

That was how the phone smáshed.

Everything scattered, even the Sim card went missing.

I didn't even fright, I packed it and trashed.

The only number I have in my head is Mama Zaram

I speak with her with Nneka or Sylvester's phone.

I updated her about my God given job and how excited I was.

She was equally happy for me and wish me the best.

After Mr Law returned, which was after two months, he informed me that my salary will be thirty thousand naira and I will have to create a bank account for it.

I almost scréämed, it was too much.

Maybe he just want to help me because the work I do is not even upto ten thousand a month, yet he feed me, takes care of toiletries and I have a very comfortable place to sleep,

A whole room to myself.

He paid me twenty thousand naira for two months and said that since he's back, he will start paying me my real salary.

I didn't expect this kind of miracle, I felt like the luckiest girl alive.

This is my third month, it's still feel like a miracle.

I'm saving and also studying in my free time.

My life is getting back to normal and this kind of opportunity can only come from God.

As I lay, facing the ceiling in my room with my belly filled with food and my heart filled with gratitude.

I have an unfinished novel beside my bed.

I'm not yet in the mood for tonight's reading, I just want to reminiscing over my past life and thank God for his many kindness.

It may seem early to others but I'm counting my blessings as each day comes by and hoping nothing goes wrøng.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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