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My Name is AKA - Episode 24




My Name is AKA - Episode 24

Written By Amah's Heart

He drove until we were close to my street and parked.

"I will never force you against your will Aka but I still want to know..

"...When are you coming to my place, this coming weekend? should I come over and get you? I want to be with you Aka. you will spend the entire weekend with me"

"... Don't you wanna be with me and learn what it feels like to be loved? We're Young and filled with live, this is the time to have the best fun and live the best of it. I'm 24years and you're 16years, that's a perfect match. I really want to cuddle you up and kíss you and.."

"You're doing it again Tobe.." I said to him, irritated.

"Yes I know. I want to be your only man, I don't want to have anything to do with other girls or even attach myself to all this høokup girls again. I want only you in my life and I promise that you won't regret it. Be my girl and I will always be yours and yours alone.."

"Give me time to think about it at least. I can't jump at your offer yet because I don't feel ready but with proper thinking, I  will definitely come up with a positive response.."

He smiled

"That's what I want to hear, you've made me happy. I will even help you get started with your life to-do list once you give me a positive reply. Going to school or getting a job, I will make sure your desires are granted.."

I nodded while forcing a smile, I just want to be gone from him.

The only clear intention I see clearly is his desires to sleep with me. 

His hands are all over me, touching, kïssīng and he brushed hand on my bréâst more than twice deliberately

I'm glad he didn't pretend or hide his intentions. He's vocal and likes me clearly but my body is the trophy for him. 

I thanked him and try to open the door but it's lock

He drew me back again and began kíssing me.

I pulled away from his hold.

",I can't help it, I don't want you to go either. I wish you will follow me home right away. Ever since i met you at the hotel, I haven't been with a woman, my body wants only you. Look at me.." he pointed at a swelling in between his trouser.

That must be his mânhøod swelling up, I had this goosebumps all over

"...touch it, please touch it you will understand how much I yawn to have you.."

"No, I can't touch it.."

", Why, I'm not asking you to use your mouth, I said use your hand and hold it a little for me.. please, should I bring it out for you to see..."

"God forbid bad thing. I will néver do that. Please unlock the door I want to get down. You're scaring me.."

"I'm not Aka, there's nothing wrøng in doing me this little favor. You're nerve, you're not too exposed, I understand that you haven't experienced a lot of things. I'm ready to teach you my love. Touching my thing, is very normal. Høokup girls and some others even use their mouth and sent me to paradise and beyond. You're almost like my girlfriend and I only want a touch that's all.."

"... you know if I wanted to take advantage of you and force you to do what you came to the hotel to do that day, I could have done that. I didn't Aka and I haven't touched another woman, I was waiting and hoping you will be mine and I will stick to only you as my woman. You've this soft body that I really want to devour before another man first me to It. I want you to be mine.."

I will say anything to get out of this car at this minute.

I have seen it all in this my young and  lonely life.

Nothing surprises me again.

"Yes, I understand but give me little time and I will be yours..." Do you even féâr any consequences or have the thoughts of God maybe once in a while.."

"Yes, I go to church too..once in a while though. I'm a full bløoded young man Aka, even God will understand my plight. He didn't give me a mânhøod for keep, he didn't input all this emotions just for nothing, I didn't ask my månhøod to rise each time I'm attracted to a lovely lady like you. Do you want to start judging me now..? Are you holier than I am?

"Not at all, I'm only concerned. God didn't make mistake in creating you with your body necessities. You're meant to have control over it because is your body, it's your property, you're in charge of it and it only what you want it to do that it will respond to. If you decide not to touch me, trust me you won't. Your hand will respect your orders and stay put but if you send it to work, it will respond to both negative or positive orders.."

"You must be a preacher's daughter. Your father or mother must be a pastor right? You're intelligent and maybe correct but i still need you and will look forward to having you in my house.."

He counted money and stretched it out towards me

"... take this, is ten thousand but there's more from where it came from. I will give you more when you come visiting. Call me whenever you're done thinking about it and I will drive down to pick you. Remember I'm traveling next week, so hurry up with the thinking so that I will fix you up with something before I leave and when I come back, I will look into more better offer for you..."

"Thank you Tobe but the takeaway food is enough. I can't accept the money.."

 it seems like he was trying to buy me over with money, he probably saw my desperation for a job and maybe upkeep. If I keep accepting cash gift, the more he will continue having hope and thinking I belong to him.

"... please open the door, is already late I have to go now.."

"Take the money, you need it more than I do. Sincerely, I'm only trying to help you in my little way and nothing else. Don't reject my gift Aka.."

I collected the money and thank him again.

"Don't forget to think about my offer, I don't have much time here. Also call and let me know when I should come get you.."

I nodded as he opened the door. I was about opening the door when he said.

"You want to leave like that? No kíss, no hug, nothing from you.."

I heaved silently.

I turned and try to hug him instead but he kíssed me instead, trying to force his tongue into my mouth

He grabbed my bøøbs, while still holding me.

I try to pull away but his grip was tighter than before.

I had to bite him hard right in the mouth.

He released a scream and released me

"Aka, Why will you do that.."

I adjusted my clothes, quickly open the door and walked out.

Everywhere was dark, I checked the time and is already 9pm.

He followed me.

"...I'm sorry Aka, are you mad at me..." He said immediately he caught up with me.

"Yes, but is all good Tobe. I understand that my presence put you in the mood. I'm out now, atleast you're a free man.."

He chuckled, called me a naughty girl before slapping my buttøcks gently.

He reminded of his offer before walking back to his car.

I sigh in relief, quietly walked down the street to my compound.

Uche was in the room, sitting comfortably on the bed.

 I have been trying to avoid him all this while, I don't to have another encounter with him.

I went to Leba but she wasn't around, she's probably gone for her night Job

I went to aunty Julie and begged to stay with them for the night.

I put the food in their small fridge for tomorrow morning breakfast

As I lay on the mat  that aunty Julie gave me, I just kept flashing back to Tobe

I don't know how much more I can overcome or why this men see my bødy for their pleasure.

I began to pray that God should help me not to fall as their prey but I will continue to overcome.

I also pray that i secure a proper Job soon so that I can save up and return to school.

I checked the date on my small phone, that man that promise me a maid job supposed to be back by now.

I will call him by morning, I'm hoping for positive reply and also pray he's back to the country.

I ended my prayers with many thanks to God before shutting my eyes to sleep.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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