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My Name is AKA - Episode 22




My Name is AKA - Episode 22

Written By Amah's Heart

It is not rosy back home

Mama Zaram said she was called several ill names and she's already used to It.

They accused her of my disappearance and Papa kept threatening to déal with her.

Eme nwa Danfo got papa arrested for dëcéiving him and collecting almost two hundred thousand from him with lies and pretense.

He said is either papa bring me out or return all his money.

Papa said Eme should be patient, when Amara comes of age, my younger sister will replace me and be his wife.

That got Eme more angry, he arrested papa and freed him after a week in police cell.

Mama Zaram took most of the blame but she remained unshaken and asked me to do all I can to become somebody important in life.

I promise that I will.

That was a big promise but I'm ready to do all i can for her sake.

Me and Ify became good again with no grudge

Ify informed me that factory work is very hard and she will be quitting by next month.

She was injured and none of her boss cared enough to give her free days to get proper treatment and rest.

Ify said she understand how desperately I needed work but I should keep searching.

She wouldn't want me to work in a factory because they're all users and pays stipend.

I told ify that I don't really mind and she said maybe I need to taste and see.

She promised to let me know whenever there's job opening there.

They recently placed her on night duty, she works all through the night and comes back by morning.

She's always exhausted.

I began to feel sorry for her, I wonder how Uche was looking all freshened up and he's been spending so much money this days without a care to his woman.

Maybe the maga has finally paid or there's another means of Uche making money.

 I'm becoming uncomfortable staying in the same room with him.

He sleeps on the bed while I sleep on the floor with the wrapper Mama Zaram gave me.

Uche will be touching my thigh while I sleep

He will ask me to come over to the bed and stay with him.

Ever since Ify starts her night shift duty, I'm always afraid of sleeping in the night.

I remain awake almost all through because of Uche.

I have threaten to tell Ify but he said Ify won't believe me and he likes me More than Ify.

He said I'm more beautiful and a good cook than Ify.

If I agree to be his, he will kick Ify out and it will just be me and him.

Uche is an ungrateful being.

I remember how Ify use to send money to him, she loves him dearly and can do anything for him, how could he disrespect and treat her this way.

He even showed me money, small bond of cash and promise to give all to me if I agree to his selfish request.

I will never do such to Ify

 Uche is a betrayal.

Ify deserve someone better but she won't listen even if I try to tell her.

She is deeply in love with Uche and have so much faith in him.

I dislike guys like this and don't care about whatever he was or offering.

I called Tobe after a week to thank him again.

He asked me to dress well without makeup come out to a certain place and wait for him

He was coming to get me so that we can go chill in an eatery.

As i was getting dressed, Uche wanted to know where I was going but I ignored him.

He came to hold me from behind, I pushed him away and warned him to leave me alone.

He said henceforth I belong to him, he was no longer interested in Ify but only me.

I rushed my dressing because of Uche and left.

I was combing my hair, adjusting my clothes while walking out of the street.

I really don't know how I'm going to overcome Uche and he's sudden interest in me.

But I know this too will pass.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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