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Fluctuating Hope - Episode 6





Fluctuating Hope - Episode 6

Written By Amah's Heart& Blessing

" Debby! Debby! Debbyyyyyy...!" I heard a loud shout of my name which had automatically jolted me out of my reverie

I looked up to see my mother standing in front of me and staring skeptically at my face

" Ah! Mummy why shouting my name in such a manner nau.." I asked in annoyance as I stared at my mother who kept looking at me in a skeptical manner

" Debby, do you want to die early and leave us here?... for God's sake, what have you been thinking about that took all your thoughts away from the real world... eh Debby?" my mother asked with concern clearly written on her face

" God forbid mummy, I don't want to die early.. and I don't know what you are talking about because I wasn't thinking about anything at all!"

" Seriously Debby? you've started lying to me your mother?.. what is wrong with you, Please Debby talk to mummy" my mother asked in concern but I paid deaf ears and still remained in denial

" I am fine mummy, believe me when I say that nothing is bothering me!" I said but my eyes gave me away easily

" You're lying to yourself Debby and we both know that... your eyes sparkles each time you lie and right now it just sparkled!" my mother said and she is indeed right about my eyes but then I wasn't in the mood for the usual long talks

So I heaved heavily before standing up from the kitchen stool which I have been sitting since Nisi left an hour ago

" I am fine mummy.. all I need right now is good rest and my alone time then hopefully I will be perfectly okay to share what is bothering me.. but for now mom I would love to be left alone please.." I pleaded with my mother before I quietly walked out of the house; I need to purchase pain relievers because my head aches badly.


" Debby meet Chief Raymond, the rich man I told you has been admiring your cute pictures from afar.. chief, chief! this is my beautiful friend Debby you've been disturbing me about" Nisi smilingly made the introduction between me and one of her rich sugar daddies who just came to town for a shareholder's meeting

She had to raise her voice a little louder so I could hear what she was saying, because I stood a few distance apart; at a close corner of the luxurious hotel bar observing them and at the same time admiring the exquisite interior decorations

" Hi my beautiful angelic Debby.. my baby come closer to daddy please!" Chief Raymond said audibly whilst beckoning to me to come closer to where he stood with Nisi 

" Deb you come closer nau.. fear not best friend, for when Chief Raymond is calling you money is calling you as well!" Nisi said jokingly beckoning to me with her eyes and a wink

After a lot of persuasion, I concurred and had reluctantly moved closer to them at the table reservation region

"...oh my gosh! you are even more beautiful than those pictures on phone.. you see my dear when your friend Nisi showed me your pictures and told me everything about you, I knew immediately that you are my last bus stop in women" Chief Raymond continued his speech, and he kept licking his lips whilst looking at me from head to toe as though I was a flavorful meat meant to be slaughtered by its owners.

He is a dark skinned man, I can't guess his age but looking at his aging features I feel like he is in his mid or late fifties

" Good evening sir.. my name is Debby Thompson and it is an honor meeting you Chief Raymond!" I greeted politely

" Oh please drop the formalities already.. call me by my name Raymond, I am perfectly okay with it my angel" Chief Raymond said to me smiling, unknowingly igniting an happiness in Nisi who kept blushing sheepishly to Chief's words on my behalf

" Chief! Chief! na correct gentleman you be!" Nisi kept hailing Chief Raymond who hastily brought out a huge sum of money from his buba, he went on to spread the cash on Nisi's buttocks in a manner I found unappealing and insulting but Nisi saw nothing wrong as she kept twerking in uttermost happiness

He soon stopped doing that as he turned to look at me and I immediately planted a plastic smile on my face to nurse my displeasure over the sight earlier displayed before me

" No sir it's okay.. the generally known name; Chief Raymond is perfectly fine by me.. all the same thank you so much for the offer sir, it's appreciated" I answered trying to sound as humble as possible because naturally I am an humble girl but I can be the opposite of 'humility' if the need arises.

" Wow! such a well brought up girl.. I love you even more Debby love.. please dear sit down, pick the menu and order whatever you want!"

I slowly sat down on the table reserved for the three of us; Chief Raymond, Nisi and then I.

I took the menu and was just staring at it but I wasn't in the mood to order for anything as my mind was more on the outcome of this outing

I believe you're wondering why I am here in the first place? 

Well Nisi and I finally came to a consensus to first meet with the rich men who had strong interest in me, after which I can make a decision whether to push through to the next stage which is intimacy with them or to end it at the first outing

Funny enough as I stared at Chief Raymond, all I felt was deep disgust and sincerely I am already feeling nauseous at the sight of how aged he looked plus all his obnoxious utterances.

Imagine what he was saying to me earlier, 'my last bus stop in women' which only means that he must have lost count of the number of whores he has cheated on his wife with.

" How old are you sir?" I asked the very first question that came into my mind.

The question caught Nisi and especially Chief Raymond off guard, initially Chief Raymond had that mixed look of shock and uneasiness on his semi wrinkled face but he quickly replaced it with a plastic smile

" Why did you ask my age dear? do you have a problem with a man's age?" Chief Raymond queried looking intensely at me

" Please just answer my question sir" I insisted whilst pretending to be more focused on the menu in my hands

" Deb what kind of question is this you are asking Chief... you are not a small girl anymore so please stop embarrassing me!" Nisi asked fuming but I ignored her countenance and focused more on Chief whom I asked the question hence anticipated a direct answer too

" It's okay Nisi, it's not a big deal of a question so I will give her an answer afterall she is my soon-to-be angel.. Debby love my fifty-seven years birthday is coming up in the next months" Chief Raymond answered smiling mischievously and I stared at him with a disgusting look that depicts 'what exactly is funny to this old man'

" Which logically means that you are fifty-seven years old right?" I probe nodding pitifully and he laughed probably thinking that I loved older men

" Yes my baby Debby, I am fifty-seven years old and yet I am even more vibrant than ten able-bodied men combined!.. I can give you mind-blowing orgasms that will make you come back for more mouthfuls without demanding money in return for the pleasure" Chief Raymond continued in his obnoxious utterances and I flippantly nodded at his incessant rants

Keep on dreaming Mr Chief! I thought inwardly but audibly I said to him as I slowly placed back the menu on the table

" Point of correction Chief Raymond.. my name is Debby; I am not your baby, love or soon-to-be angel.. so if I were you I would quickly erase such fantasies because this Debby Thompson doesn't do old men who are old enough to be my grandfathers!" I expressed and stood up to take my leave

" Debby! how dare you stand up in front of big men like Chief Raymond.. will you sit down now or else you kiss our friendship goodbye!" Nisi thundered standing up but I no longer cared about her advices or our friendship 

For all I know, our friendship is officially terminated as I can't continue befriending someone who shares diverse thoughts and value systems with me.

I was about to take a step out of the table we sat, when Chief Raymond's voice spoke out probably to try his luck again

" Debby baby you know that age is just a number and as a young helpless girl that you are, age shouldn't matter much when you need urgent financial assist.." Chief Raymond begun but I cut his statement midway with a question that stirred annoyance yet I cared less

" Chief Raymond tell me truthfully, if I was your biological daughter.. would you in your right senses permit me to sell my young body out to a fifty-seven years man all in the name of money and pleasure?" I asked calmly but he kept mute unable to say a word whilst Nisi gave me a look of resentment

Well it is actually their cup of tea as I took their resentful looks and silence as a cue to walk out of the suffocating hotel environment.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize) 

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