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Delayed - Last Episode




Delayed - Episode 13

Written by Charles Fancy Dorcas

Stanley has finally found his missing rib, he can't contained the joy he is feeling deep within  right now. He was all smiling and laughing out loud at every moment he flash back to the day he saw her and how they met at the mall and now, the reception hall is all amazing. 

"Hmmm.....How God works" He thought while smiling

At last he could not miss having her contact this time, what a relief he said.

 Promise on the other hand could not stop to tease his friend, though happy for him but he enjoys looking for his trouble as well.  

"Guy, you haven't told me how it went with you and Jane. 

As they jounrned back home, Jane became the talk of the day but Stanley was not ready to say anything to promise, only if he can fly back home...he needs to hear her voice one more time he wished silently.

"Promise please speed up this car is  suffocating..."

"Ah, bros

 chill...what's up with you? You have met your Jane so what's annoying you again...don't tell me you are doing this because you don't want me to ask how it go with Jane..."

"...the way you went after her was wow! I never thought of you going to the extent of searching for her"

Stanley kept mute, he doesn't want to say anything yet until she agrees to his proposal. He doesn't want a delay any more, he just want to  have her  himself. He wished somany things to happen between them but first he needs to take one at a step.

Immediately he reached home he kept mute still thinking on when to call her 

"Will she be free now? It's 8pm already....maybe I should let her rest today then I'll call her tomorrow hopefully she will give me a listening ear. I couldn't say my mind to her because we needed to know each other and I want her to be freely with me. I want to make her my friend, my best friend at that!"

"Yes! God help me, I don't want to rush her now..."

He said and fell asleep smiling

After the reception Jane had to accompany her friend to her new home but decided to be with her mother. She has this confused facial expression that her mother was easy to see it clearly from her daughter.

Her mother has been with her and can tell when her child is not herself so she called her attention to ask what could be the problem this time.

"My dear, I observed you during the reception today, You looked worried at some point in the reception, tell me did anything happened? Is there something bothering you....I'm here for you at my love" the mother assures her.

Jane took a deep breath before telling her Mom about Stanley.

She can't stop thinking about him and each thought of him makes her smile.

Her Mom said Stanley maybe the answer prayer, the man they have been praying for.

Jane couldn't conclude on that yet but she silently hope Stanley will be the man.

He seems to possess the qualities he wants in a man.

Jane knelt down and prayed that night for herself, for her newly married friend and even for Stanley

She wanted more revelation on him.

The next day, she spoke with Stanley extensively

He even asked her on a date and she agreed.

Jane and Stanley were so connected that they couldn't do without speaking to each other.

After telling promise about Jane, he was so happy

Promise told Stanley to marry Jane right away without wasting time before another person will over take him

Stanley laughed at his friends advice.

He knew promise was right

He has fallen over hill in love with Jane and couldn't live without her.

Stanley didn't want to take any chance again.

He organised a surprise proposal within Jane friends and his own.

Jane was surprise at the unexpected surprise proposal.

She was so happy

They began to plan their wedding and a date was fixed in no time.

Jane's mother was so happy for her and reminded her that God remains faithful.

Jane wed Stanley just after four months of meeting each other.

It was not very elaborate

Just with family and friends and few invited guest.

Stanley and Jane were married and Stanley who already knew that Jane is the woman for him couldn't let go of her even during the reception.

Promise came to tease him but he only laugh.

He was a happy man again

Even if the road becomes rough, he was happy to have Jane by him side.

Jane completes him in every way and she was everything he ever prayed and wish for.

Jane was happy that she settled with God's choice for her

Despite the delay, she was at peace and fillfiled waiting for God to perfect all that concerns her and he did.

Stanley is a prayer answered for her.

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