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Delayed - Episode 9



Delayed - Episode 9

Written by Charles Fancy Dorcas

Grace's marriage introduction finally came and was done. 

Everyone were so excited both the parents and the family members were in attendance and necessary things were paid by the groom's family and the traditional marriage was also done according to plan. 

Grace couldn't stop crying and at the same time she was so happy to have married the love of her life. She wore the best of the dresses and came out looking more beautiful. 

"This is all God's doing and it's marvelous!" She said to Jane.

"Yes dear, there's nothing this God cannot do. Look at you, now Mrs John. I am so very happy for you sweetheart. I bless you, I bless your home and all that you have. I pray for a baby boy soon!" Jane prayed and both ladies began arguing which should come first between the gender.

Grace admires her friend's courage and patience. Not for once has she felt bad till now, she is always happy and looking more pretty than ever! This is God at work she said.

In her room she never stops praying for her friend.

Jane is a loving soul who deserves every happiness in life,  She doesn't want her friend to feel lonely when she finally goes to her husband's house. 

During her wedding preparations, she had fasted for Jane and prayed without involving her. She believes this would be the best she can give to her friend, prayer!. Not knowing that Jane too has been praying for long and still praying and waiting for her Mr Right!

Sometimes when she comes home she would always tell her mom what went on in Grace's house and how everything is working out perfectly as they have planned and also the kind of wedding she would love to have. The mother too would always smile seeing how her daughter's faith has grown. 

She had thought that her daughter would give up one day and deviate but here she is, still holding on to her faith and to her promises. 

Her Mother would pray for her daughter in her closet for God to strengthen her child.

 One day came as she was praying the Lord revealed that her prayer has been answered. 

It was like a dream.

 She woke up one of the night hour and started praying again for her daughter and her future and God revealed the second time who her daughter's husband would be.

She didn't tell Jane because she needed to be sure of  the revelation. Still it came out similar face, structure and nothing was hidden from her.

One morning, after their morning devotion Jane's mother decided to asked Jane what she has never done for long now. She needed to know what is happening in the life of her daughter, She had prayed and she's convinced.

She has asked God to also reveal this man to her daughter one day too.

"Jane dear..." The mother called in the midst of their chats

"Yes mother".

"I want to ask you something please.."

"Okay...what is it mother..."

"My dear, You know after you parted ways with that brother of yours I have not seen you bringing any brother here, even if he's your friend. I know that you are still praying, that's why I never want to bother my prescious jewel, even now. But dear, have you seen someone, how has your prayer been? Is there any revelation? God can speak to us in diverse ways don't forget Jane.  Grace is married and soon you will be the one remaining. But my dear, your mother is here with you, God is with you. If no one has approached you yet I believe he is coming sooner than you may expect him! Trust me and trust this God dear, the later shall be counted all joy" the mother lastly said

"Hmm, mother, I'm so grateful to have you by my side...I understand that every mother looks and prays for a day her daughter will grow to be a woman, bring a man of her choice and a day she will be called a Grandma...".

"...for that is the prayer of every mother. Yes mother I know it all. Mother, I believe that my prayers and my waiting will never be in vain! The Bible says that 'we should seek him first and every other things will be added unto us!" This verse keeps my hope".

"...Don't worry mother, I am doing perfectly fine! And after Grace's wedding mine will be the next!" Jane said smiling hard

"Amen my dear... you deserve the smiles, may you find peace in your future home. Happiness will never cease and God's love will keep on burning. Your future man will not rest untill he locates you o..." The mother prayed and they all chorused amen!!! Filling the room with laughter .

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