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Delayed - Episode 7




Delayed - Episode 7

Written by Charles Fancy Dorcas

While at Stanley house, the two friends teased each other

"Don't worry my friend, after you it will be me. Just wait and see, my wedding will be a grand wedding for now it's your turn". Stanley said to promise after he made fun of him.

"...have you brought the files with you? I need to look into them before tomorrow please, hand them over and disappear from my presence. Your noise  confuses my brain" Stanley added.

"Do I blame you, I don tell you make you stop this boss thing o, if not that you are my friend, I for eh! But now I know why you are doing this, it's because you are fraustrated haha". Promise teased and Stanley stood up to chase him away both ended up laughing

"May the Lord forgive you". Stanley said as he sat down again

"Hope food dey this house? I'm hungry please". Promise asked going towards the kitchen without waiting for Stanley's reply.

Stanley ignored his friend and continue with the files in his hand.


Meanwhile Grace on the other side has been in deep thought wondering and imagining what happened that day. 

"Why was he staring at me that way? He looks at me as if he has seen me before? Oh gosh! I couldn't even wait to ask him why he was acting strange. Well, it's fine that I didn't, there was no time for that. at least I was able to deliver Grace's message early. Let me go see her now". reaching to where she kept her designer's bag.

She dressed into another cloth.

Jane picked up her phone and decided to call Grace.

"Hello girl, how's it going?

"Very well, I have been seriously busy. Thank God that you called because I planned calling you later. were you able to deliver the message yesterday?

"I'm actually coming right away, I was able to deliver your message but there's something I want to gist you about".

"Alright. I'm home my darling, waiting to hear whatever gist you're bringing.." Grace said before Jane  ended the call.

Within 30 minutes Jane arrived her place and went straight to Grace's room.

"Hi, bride to be.." Jane teased

"Yes o o, my Chief! Come here, sit let me bring you something to eat I know you must be tired". Grace stood up and came back with chilled drink and food.

"Thanks Jane for helping me yesterday to deliver the wedding cards. what would I have done without you? You didn't even think twice before agreeing to leave your work place early just for me. it's rare to have a friend as you. Thank you so much Jane, I'm so grateful to have you as a friend..." Grace said with all sincerity.

 Jane began to smile

"C'mon Grace please stop this". Jane said teasingly

"...i will do anything for you my dear, anything at all. You are like my own kid sister so what would I not do for you? Come to think of it, I have something that I want to share with you".

"What is it, tell me..." Grace said attentively.

"I really don't know how to explain it, remember I passed through the mall when I was going to deliver your message.."

"Yes I remember.."

"Good! I met a guy on my way going in and he was just staring at me as if he knew me. I even went as far as picking his things that fell to the ground due to how lost he was he didn't know that they fell down. Even after speaking with him he couldn't say much but I happen to know his name...."

"Wow! That's strange though but did he ask you anything...? It maybe that he has seen you before, maybe one of your crush. You know you are so beautiful, not only that but beauty with brain, character and all the packages.."

Jane began to laugh sheepishly

 "... He maybe your prince charming, you can never tell. If it's meant to be then his part will cross yours again.."

"Okay o. If you say so.." Jane replied

They began to talk about some other things concerning the wedding.!..

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