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Delayed - Episode 6




Delayed - Episode 6

Written by Charles Fancy Dorcas

"Emm!...well, my name is Jane may I know yours?" Jane broke the silence trying to free her hand as well. She winks at him when she finally succeeded!

"Em.....emm...... am sorry please. My name is Stanley, Stanley Boniface and I..."

"It's alright Mr Stanley please do take care of yourself I need to hurry now". 

Jane said as she quickly started hurrying away

"But can I..." 

"..shít! Why was she walking so fast, she couldn't wait a little..."

Stanley wanted to ask for her number but Jane was fast to go as he keeps staring at her till she was out of sight.

Stanley got home reminiscing what just happened at the mall.

How he felt seeing Jane and her touch was something he has never felt before. 

"How did I end up been speechless at her sight? I guess her smile and accent got me staring at her".

 Not to talk of how beautiful she is and very kind to even a stranger like me. He can't just get her off his mind. Suddenly a knock jolted him back to his world. 

"Who is it? I'm coming..." He said, going towards the door.

Why would anybody want to take me out from my fairy world" he thought

"O boy! Open this door before I break am joor. That was promise voice as he opens the door and went back to the couch.

"Must you always spoil my mood. This guy wetin now, who send you this time..."Stanley said feeling moody

"Guy what's up nau, how far you? Why you dey breath like say you see ghost? Or did anybody..."

"Abeg shift, anybody what?"

"Haha, my friend I know you well that I can depict when you are upset or thinking about something. So what is it, share with me if you wish...".

"I saw her again... Stanley cut him short".

" I don't understand, You saw who again? Your ex?


" Who then...? 

Stanley became quiet

"..Guy, talk joor. I don't like this face of yours and!"

"Promise, I saw Jane, her name is Jane..."

"Stan, look, I no like joke o abeg. Jane should be a lady's name so who is she and what happened to her? how can a lady put you in this state nau....the giant himself hahaha! Did she put small sense into your small brain?"

"Hmm...Promise this not a time for joke, I saw the girl we met months ago at the restaurant, the dark Lady. Can you remember?"

"God of Moses!" Standing up from the couch with Eyes open. This is not true, wait let me digest this....are you kidding me?"

"...Wow! This is amazing. Is that why you are like this? What did she say to you? Did she insult you, hope you spoke to her? This is God at work my guy!".

"...Chai! My brother, I am so happy for you man! Did you take her number...I mean, you should have asked her for her number now..."

Stanley was calm looking at how his friend was reacting, as if he has gotten the lady already. What's wrong with this guy. He thought

"Well...Sorry I wasn't lucky she left before I open my mouth to ask for it, looks like she's in a hurry".

"... I also saw a wedding Card in her hand hope she's not getting married? No! She can't! I mean,why would she be getting married this soon, isn't it too fast?" Asking no one in particular 

"...Why am I even worried? I barely know her. Stanley said.

"Ahhhh! My guy.....Don't tell me you are feeling jealous already....see jealousy written all over your face nau haha!"

"...see Guy, better do the needful before someone else does o, don't say I didn't tell you, thank God am getting married soon and you'll remain a bachelor. Don't even come to my house asking for food". Promise winks.

"... you saw a good opportunity to start a conversation and collect her number yet you didn't but if na to shout for my head and give me orders you will be number one.."

Promise went back to sit down while Stanley wondered how and when he will see the lady again.

He doesn't want any other mistake or delay because that maybe dangerous.

The only issue is how to find her now.

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