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Delayed - Episode 12




Delayed - Episode 12

Written by Charles Fancy Dorcas

He tried again and someone picked 

"Hello sir..." The mechanic finally picked

"How are you Musa, please come to Lagos express my car is no longer moving and I am in a haste right now please. Come along with the black Benz please. Be fast as you can time is against me..."

"Alright Sir, am coming right away... Just give me few minutes" Musa replied

After the call ended, Promise called him to know where he was.

"Guy, what's happening...the wedding is almost getting over and you are not here. Is everything alright with you? Hope it's not one of your prank.." promise asked

"Not at all, my car broke down please"

"..I'll be there in a jiffy"

"Alright..Should I come over...?"

"No please, stay with Mandy. I've called the mechanic and he is on his way..."

"Alright then, we are waiting for you..."

As soon as he ended the call Musa came with a flashy Benz and threw the keys to him. Stanley caught the keys and entered the car leaving the mechanic to care for the other car.

Unfortunately before he reached the church Promise called again informing him of their way to the reception and he didn't waste time but turned to another direction leading to the reception venue 

Promise went to where he parked his car and took him to where they were sitting.

Just as the Lord would have it, as he was about to sit down he rose his head to a dark cute looking lady who caught his sight at a glance. At first he couldn't recognise her so he asked his friend who she was.

"Guy, who is that lady...she looks so beautiful and have caught my eye in a glance!" He asked

Promise and he smiled at his friend before answering. Before then, Promise had asked questions about the lady without Stanley knowing.

"Wait...Are you telling me that you don't know the lady you've been dying for secretly again?" He asked, trying to make fun of him but then realized they are were in a public place.

"Well, if you wish to know that is Jane Monreo the Chief bridesmaids to Grace. Mehnn...the girl is to so beautiful!".

Stanley looked at his friend shocked at what he just heard

"You must be kidding right?!" He Said standing on his feet and removing his eye wear to see the figure clearly this time but Jane was already covered by the crowd. 

"Wait, where are you going to..."

"I need to go talk to her to be sure of what you just said! And If it happens you are making fun out of this I Promise you your name will change!"

"..I can't sit here and watch her in a distance. What if..., what if another man approaches her first before me,? She is looking too pretty...".

He said, expressing his jealousy.

"But wait, the reception is not over yet..." Promise said but Stanley paid no attention to him

All that was going through his mind right now is how he can get in touch with Jane.

"No, I have lost her before I can't stand losing her again. I must look for her no matter what!.." He kept saying within himself

The crowd covered her up, he couldn't see her again. He started searching.

 It was a big hall and the crowd were covering up the hall

He was becoming worried and tired

"No, not again Lord...." He said worried.

without looking behind him, he turned around in search of her

he mistakenly bumped into a dark looking figure. The drink she was holding splashed on Stanley's fine English wear

 she opened her eyes in shock.

"Oh my goodness! Sir please ...I  am really sorry.my mind was so occupied with lots of things please I didn't see you standing in the way. Let me clean this please" Jane said while looking for what to clean the drink on him. Lucky for her she has her handkerchief at hand and she used it to clean the stain.

Stanley couldn't utter a word but kept admiring the lady before him. As soon as he got hold of himself he held her by the hand and smiled.

 He was seriously staring at her, she raised her head to see why he was holdingd her back but was confused seeing the way he was staring at her.

"Hey! It wasn't your fault my lady. Please stop blaming yourself, guess I wasn't looking straight and I ended up bumping into you" He said looking into her eyes while speaking and smiling

"Are you sure you are alright? I mean, am very sorry please, I need to go get another drink ..." Jane turned to go  but he held her by the hand again

"Don't you remember me..?" He asked. Looking at her straight in the eye.

Jane was at first confused but at the mention of his name she opened her mouth

"Are you for real...! Mr Stanley? What brings you here, are you one of our guest?"

"...who would've known that our part would cross again..." Trying to hide her face from laughing remembering the drama that took place at the mall that day.

He began to laugh happily as if he won a jackpot.

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