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Delayed - Episode 11




Delayed - Episode 11

Written by Charles Fancy Dorcas

The long awaited day finally came, everybody was set for the wedding.

 Different people and groups in their different attires. The bride's friend's are not left out, they came out in a beautiful gown looking stunning with same color. 

The bride also dressed in her long white gown dressed with sparkling stones that shines bright on her gown and her best friend is looking take away, though with her simple make up yet she already have secret admirers. Her friend who noticed this called on her

"Babe, what are you doing to these men....see they can't stop staring at you just take a look, what are you doing? remember that today is my wedding not yours, Please don't forget". She said smiling

"My sister, the thing tire me sef, it's not my fault though let them keep admiring" Jane said and they bursted into laughter.

By half past ten they were already in the Church premises. Jane kept admiring and saying sweet words to her friend, this makes her to blush even more. Her make up was simple too but looking beautiful and breath taking. 

"I never knew you would be this beautiful o, hey! Don't get me wrong, you are amazingly beautiful but today's own is...." blowing her kisses

Her friend keeps blushing and smiling 

"You are not an exception too.. you look more beautiful darling, thank God you will be close to me today else these men might snatch you away from me..."

"...I am jealous already please, Let them admire you from here" Grace said acting jealous but they ended up laughing hard again forgetting they are in church 

A guard came and knocked at their car door signifying them that it's time to match in. 

Jane came out holding her friend's gown while she make her way to the church. 

Wooow! The congregation turned looking at the bride and her Chief, the men were already salivating as the bride keeps matching in. 

The bride was all smiling from ear to ear including her friend. Sometimes they feel shy but had to keep a straight face. 

"The bride looks beautiful..look at her gown" one of the ladies said.

"See her Chief bride's maid, so beautiful.."

"Oh I envy them, I wish it's me o, look at their skin..." Another one said

John was not left out either, he was staring at his woman without blinking an eye. 

"God! Am I the one that have all these? My God! Take a look nau..." He said silently to himself and smiling as his woman approach him. 


Stanley and Promise got ready for the wedding with matching outfits, Stanley entered his car while Promise went on his own with his fiancee.

Stanley has already planned on witnessing the church wedding because he might not stay long or go for the reception at all. 

They had to hurry before it's get too late, he had advised his friend before zooming off. 

But the more Stanley tried to increase his car speed the car keeps giving him attitude as he drives, it keeps slowing down. He tried all he could but still the car slows down with strange sound! 

Promise was already ahead of him, now what would he do... 

He stopped by the roadside to check what might be the cause, he opened the engine of his car and touch whatever he sees.

He took an iron, hitting the engine one after the other but yet the car could not start.  

He thought of calling the mechanic but waiting for him to fix the car might take a longer time. He may not meet the wedding if he waits. He thought of informing Promise at first but chooses to call his mechanic instead.

He dialled the number but it was not getting through, he tried again but this time it rang and no one picked.

Stanley stood by the road, beside his car thinking of his next move.

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