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Delayed - Episode 10




Delayed - Episode 10

Written by Charles Fancy Dorcas

Weekend is around the corner yet Stanley is in the midst of confusion. He is yet to know if to go or not, thanks to Promise who try to bring him out of his confused world. 

Truly a friend in need is a friend indeed, just as God would have it planned out Promise too refused to go except his friend accompany him. Promise who has been used to being the one following his boss doesn't want to make a mistake and then be fired when he comes back to the office, he just loves walking around with his friend. 

A day to the white wedding a strong sensation overpowered his confusiopn and he found himself making up his mind to go. He had this strong feeling that by attending the wedding, that there his wife will be. 

God used this means to let him know that he has heard his silent prayer.

"Would it be God whom has made Promise adamant on insisting going with me too?" He soliloquised

The next thing he picked his phone and dialed Promise number to inform him of his readiness to go.


"Yes what is it this time boss? Look, if it's not office work don't beg me to go for that wedding o. I don't want to go again, I would rather stay with my fiancee, besides it's been awhile since I set my eyes on her..." Promise said without waiting for Stanley to speak first.

"Hmm, this guy when will you stop being  childish! well, I didn't call you to start arguing with you just get ready we are going for tomorrow's wedding, that's if you are till interested. I don't entertain lateness don't forget.." he said and ended the call.

"Wait...who is this guy that he will do as he pleases with me" putting his hands at akimbo, but what o! did I hear him right? Did he just said I should get ready for tomorrow's wedding...? that's strange but am glad Sha.." he said

Stanley started preparing himself beforehand so as to enable him have the right outfit. From his designers shoes, clothes and wristwatches, he has to select which would be ok for the days color. 

There is this inner happiness he feels within him after he made up his mind on going, he can't just explain it!

Meanwhile Grace and Jane have been awake talking about the wedding and praying too. They prayed for a successful wedding and inturn grace prayed that Jane's husband should meet her at her wedding. 

It was an amazing moment between the two friends. 

Jane used the opportunity to encourage and advice her friend on the journey she is about to enter and promised to always be there for her whenever she needs her. 

From a happy moment, the atmosphere turned to be an emotional one, they cried and laughed at their expression.

"In my next world babe, you will always be my best friend and my Chief! I love you, I love all that you do for me Jane. You are such a sweet soul..." Grace said hugging her Chief brides maid tight and Jane inturn replied with a warm hug 

"I love you more baby girl...just be good as you have always been alright? God will be with you just as he has always been. 

"...Tomorrow is the day you will say your 'i do' to your husband and I won't be happy when you are saying that with a sleeping eyes, so let's get some sleep..." She advised and they both slept in preparation for tomorrow's day.

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