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Clash Of Love - Episode 8




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 8

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

Dad please promise me that you ain't gonna embezzle from your company

My angel, lemme sing lullaby to my darling so that she can sleep already..

No dad I am not gonna sleep until you promise me what I  asked of please sssss..... 

My Light dear, what I can promise and assure you is that I won't ever let you suffer in life, no matter what happens just remember that dad loves you very much more

But dad I think you are determined to ste....al

Shhhhhh! Just lie down my princess let dad sing you to sleep.

OK, good night dad

Good night my angel of light 

(Jude soliloquies in his heart) 

I am very sorry my daughter I don't know what to call my self, COW@RD OR F00L but which ever name I may bear tomorrow I gave that name to myself, your mum don't want my happiness in life but am gonna deny her every single happiness she have in her entire life, I will crush her when life becomes more sweet, successful, exciting and enjoyable to her, I will make her pay for her wickedness in a greater way and after that my daughter, I will take you back from her and treat you like the Princess you are, is a  promise my Light, dad might fail you temporary but will cherish you forever

 (Delight already asleep now, he kissed her forehead).l

............................................ **

Good morning dad, why didn't you wake me up, is almost 7am, now I am going to be late for school.(rushes out of bed) 

I am very sorry my darling, just that you was sleeping so soundly and I enjoyed watching you sleep like a  baby, although with some lines on your face that indicates that you are a bit worried about something.  I am gonna miss you my dear 

What do you mean you gonna miss me dad? 

Did I say that? 

Yes dad you just said it now 

I guess you didn't listen correctly, I said I have missed watching you sleep 

Dad! That's a  lie, that wasn't what you said!! 

Are you serious princess, you just forgot that old men don't lie..... Every thing they said is always the truth (laughing) 

Oh no dad, you also just forget that I am no longer the Delight of 4,6 or 10 years old that you can easily trick out of your way with those ridiculous superstitious lies.

Hahaha, I forget dear that you are now 20yrs old , I will start calling you big Aunty from henceforth.

(Laughing), dad please I am not 20 just 14 and turning 15 next month

Wow! Seriously? 

Dad stop it already (throwing her pillow at him playfully ) you can so pretentiously flatter someone

Hahaha that's dad for you, if I don't flatter my princess who will! 

Hahaha dad you are the best, I love you,.

I love you more my my angel 

Delight ain't you going to school today? 

Of course mum I am 

And you are still dear doing what, go get dress for school... And you Jude ain't you gonna go to work today?

I will honey

The time is far spent, so go preparer for work. You food will be ready in no short time

(Delight brought out her head from the bathroom) Dad please don't leave me, I will be fast so that you drop me off to school.

OK my child just be fast about it

Sure sir, I will!

(20 minutes later) 

Delight please hurry up, your dad is running late for work! 

Yes mum, I coming 

OK darling, have a nice day at work, (comes closer and whispered in his ears) Don't forget our deal darling

(fakes a frown) Sure I won't dare to forget

Alright have a nice day and good luck Jude

Thanks honi... 

Bye mum... 

Alright bye princess, be a  good girl, don't be a spoilt brat!!

(replies slowly) I will mum

(they drove off to, in the car) 

Dad I noticed something about mum, she's a kind of.... 

(places his hands on her mouth)

Shhhh! My jewel, don't talk about your mom, just promise me that you won't behave like your mom

God forbid dad, I can never behave like her, I will always support my hubby at all times

Wow!  That's so cool, keep it up dear

Yes I will.... Thanks dad 

Always my princess.... Here we are, hop down dear.

OK daddy bye and take care of yourself

And you too My Light...... Be a good girl

Yes dad bye.....  Bye.... 

Am so sorry my little girl, dad is about to do something terrible but I promise, I will make it up to you my angel 

(he wipes away tears dropping from his eyes)

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