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Clash Of Love - Episode 7




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 7

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

So mum you wanna divorce dad because he vehemently refused to embezzle his companies money? you are the worst wife and mother I have ever seen, if my dad pulls through with the embezzlement and go to prison because you, I swear I will turn the table around and make you pay for it dearly is not a  vain word, is not a  threat but a certainty mum bet me if you doubt it!! 

Common Delight shut up, how dare you raise your voice so high and talk to your mum in such disrespect, where have you drop your manners? 

Dad please spare me manner and respect because she deserves it not! 

Delight I'm the one you are speaking to in such manner? Jude have you seen how bad and arrogant you have trained this girl to be, I warned you to stop pampering her so much but you refused, now see how rude she's talking to me!! 

Darling please relax, you know she's just a  kid, I think she is in her teens now and you know how youthful exuberant makes children behaves, Now Delight get into your room

OK Dad, but please don't do what she's asking you to do please. 

Go in first I will meet you in your room later

OK dad

Delight I see you have grown wings, I will cut off it for you and feed them to you, spoilt br@t! 

Darling please help me with my bags let's take it back to the room.

OK dear, anything for you, Jude replied as he lift the bags



Jude please I am so sorry for the ways I have been treating you for the past few months please find a place in your heart to forgive me. Honestly I don't know what came over me, just that there are some material possessions that I needed to get but your salaries can't afford it so that's why I want you to get big money from your company, what they are paying you is a token compared to the work you are doing in that company.

I understand everything you just said Treasure I want to take my bath am all sweaty

Wait Jude honie! Tell me how you wanna go about it, what plans have you made and what are your strategies? 

Don't worry dear I have everything under control, so can I go and take my bath now? 

OK Jude honey, let's bath together is been a long time we bath together.

Are you for real dear? 

Yah Jude I am still the same old me, please let's go and and take our birth Jude. 

Wow! OK let's go

(they both took their bath together for the first time after many months ago, they also made love together that night although Jude did it absent mindedly) 

*** Jude soliloquize silently in his heart ***

Treasure my wife, you have beaten more than you could chew, you have really brought out the beast in me and therefore you will face the consequences in due time, I promise you, you will reap so much for what you are making me do, now I know the level of your love towards me, I will surely pay you with your own coin.


(loud frightening scream from Delight which made botherushed to her room) 

My angel what is it dear, what happened to you darling, common pull yourself together dear

Dad, I am too frightened I had a terrible nightmare

I know princess, is just a dream, stop trembling I'm with you dear

Dad pls don't do it, don't embezzle your company's money, the dream I had is connected to it, you stole from your company they catch you and executed you straight away without judgement... Dad pls I beg you don't do it.

Jude please let's go and sleep is just her imaginations playing pranks on her

Mum! I had a terrible dream and you are tagging it as an imagination? You are so mean and very cruel, you are so cold hearted and wicked I doubt if you ever loved my dad

Shut your trash you mannerless spoilt brat! 

Oh Treasure, take it easy on her, she's still in shock.

Whatever, mtcheww am in the room please join me soon Jude

I will stay with my daughter tonight, I can't afford to leave her all alone by herself tonight....... We will see tomorrow please 

I don't like this idea Jude, you know I will miss you...... But whatever you can stay with 

your spoilt brat for all I care! Mtcheww! like father like daughter.

This is one hell of a  woman, God help me. Jude said inaudibly.

This woman!!

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