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Clash Of Love - Episode 6




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 6

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

Thanks dear I think I'm filled, you dish is tantalizingly delicious my angel

Lol, dad you sure knows how to flatter somebody, my head has swell and if you don't stop it might explode

Hahaha funny girl

So tell me what was your mum lamenting about?

Well dad all I could lay my hands on was that she was gonna divorce you as soon as possible


Yes, she answered series of calls before she left the house. So tell me dad, are you guys fighting again?

No dear, is an adult stuff every thing will be fine we will settle once she returns 

Dad I know she has been constantly persuading you to do something which you have always been refusing vehemently, So I know that what she wants you to do is wrong, please dad don't do it

My light, I won't let you suffer in life no matter what, no matter what happens always remember that dad loves you so much, now go and continue with your movies lemme go and have some rest 

OK dad, Be safe 

Sure, oh look, here comes your mum

Mum welcome 

Thanks dear, come and help me off my shoes 

OK right on it, lemme clear the dinning

Darling welcome, if you don't mind lemme help you with the shoes

Mtcheww! didn't I see you before asking delight or do you think that I am blind? 

Oh sorry dear, you must be really pissed off, hope you ain't trying to transfer aggressions from friends on your family? 

Mr Jude! If you are not as stupid and cowardice as I think just keep your gutter shut and stay off my path! 

Oh relax Treasure, our daughter is here so mind the kind of words you use on me

To hell with the both of you, does it look as if I cares! Is just a  matter of time you will see the real me

Mum please outstretch your legs lemme off your shoes

What took you so long, I know you must have been eavesdropping all the while, quickly come and off this shoes my legs are itching me

OK mum! 

Ouch! Is that how to off shoe, do you want to injure me eh Delight? 

Sorry mum, just that the hook got stiffed and stuck 

Just take it easy and don't hurt me!!

Mum, please stop treating my dad like a  trash and talk to him with respect

Oh my gosh! Jude I don't blame this br@t but I give all the blames to you because you are the one that gave her the impetus and audacity to open her gutter to talk to me any how, I don't blame you both but rather I blame my self for remaining under this roof up till now. Delight! From henceforth you won't only remain Jude's daughter but also his wife, and to you Jude, Delight is gonna be the one to perform every marital duties and obligations of a wife

What are you insinuating Treasure? 

What do you mean mum? 

You might not understand it now, but in 30minuites time you will understand, Excuse me

Dad what's wrong with mum, why the sudden attitudes dad, is their something you ain't telling me? 

Nothing child, I can't remember ever hurting your mom my wife since I married her for a single day, I can't tell of her sudden change of attitudes and hatreds towards me and you. 

Dad please don't cry let's just see what's she's up to

............................................ *.*

Darling where are you taking all your luggage to? 

Mom, where are you leaving us to, don't go please we are sorry, please mum don't leave I and dad all alone who will I call mum if you leave? 

Delight, your dad will take good care of you, I will be coming once in a while to pay you a visit.

Please mom don't leave dad

Darling, I don't understand, why have you turn to a total stranger within a twinkle of an eye? What have I not done right for you? 

Jude, I gat no time for your crocodile tears or pity pleading, I am handing my daughter over to you, take good care of her and I don't wanna hear by any means stories that touches, hope you know what I mean.... yah that reminds me, in few days time, the papers will be ready and court hearings follows after. Have a  good night COWARD!!! 

Mum please don't go stay with us

Darling please give me another chance

Get lost coward! my freedom is certain!!

Treasure give me till this week and I will grant your desires! 

Is that a joke Jude? 

No my love my mind is made up and I saw sense in what you told me... You know I love you and can do anything for you

Now you are talking honey, Delight darling come and return this bags to my room 

I love you My Treasure

I love you more Jude my hubby (kisses) 



Never start a battle you can't win...... ..........*

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