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Clash Of Love - Episode 5




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 5

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

Mr frank did you stamp the divorce papers for my wife? 

Please calm down sir, relax and sit down first let's talk about this Mr Jude

Don't tell me to sit down, I believe I just asked you a very simple question that requires a  yes or a  no so answer me before offering me a  sit Frank!!

Mr Jude, I have been your lawyer for about 20 years now just trust me and have a sit first 

Oh my world!  What's even wrong with you lawyers, a simple question that requires a  simple answer and you tell me I must sit down before you give me the answer I am so desperate to hear? 

OK the truth is that I didn't issue it to her, Frank told him after noticing his uneasiness 

Oh thank God Barr. Frank, I know I can always count on you, now I can sit comfortably and listen to what ever you have got to say..Alright tell me more now

Mr Jude, what is really wrong in your family, what's wrong with your wife, she looks too desperate and in such strong mind to get a divorce, what's wrong? I use to admire your home very much.

I don't understand Barr. Was she that mean and desperate for the divorce? 

Of course! that's what I am telling you, she even rendered many abusive words on me and threatened to go to another lawyer for it since I refused granting it to her. Let me in on what's happening I can  be of help.

This is very serious, Treasure! Treasure!! Treasure!!! You are playing with fire, you are tempting me to do what I don't originally have in mind... Don't lemme change my mind about you because if I do, you will pay dearly for it!

Mr Jude, relax you are almost loosing it, pacing up and down won't offer any help to you no matter how long it takes, I have been your friend from our school days, your brother and you private lawyer, you can count on me, let me in on this so that we will tackle these together, remember that your marriage was a  motivation to me, I married because I admired your married life so much so their is no way am going to let it crumble with just one child no way, please Jude tell me about it for there is no problem without a solution.

Don't worry Frank, I will tell you everything at the right time, it might be tomorrow or next lemme get home first and observe my wife's reactions for the last time then I will know what my next line of actions will be. 

OK no problem, just take things easy and don't choose the wrong turn.

I heard you bro, I will give you feedback by morrow.

Alright hear from you soon Jude...

You sure will Barr...

Bye.... Bye

.........................*.........*........*............ *............. *

Hi dad welcome, how was work today, you look so worn out, what's wrong?

I'm fine angel just very exhausted and famished where is your mum? 

She received a call about an hour ago and dashed out of the house without a word.

OK right now MyLight, dad is very famished and tired, do you have any food left for me princess?

Yes dad, but first, you will go take your bath by then your food will be ready

Please lemme eat first after which I will take my bath ok

No dad that's wrong, your bath first then you eat.

Mr Jude yawns

Hahaha dad stop it already, you are faking the yawns 

Nope darling I ain't faking the yawns, it just indicates that am too too hungry and my worms are almost eating up my intestines, of course you know I need strength to bath! 

OK Fine sir you won, go drop your bag lemme set your meals

You are the best MyLight, pecked her forehead 

Smiles... anything for my best dad in the whole world!! 


Wow!  This is delicious, your mom is an incredible cook 

Lol, dad I prepared that when I came back from school 

You can't be serious, Delight why do you wanna take your mums glory to yourself? 

I'm damn serious Dad, when I came back from school, there was no food in the house and my mum was just too angry shouting and ranting at nothing specific, she never answered to my greetings then I have no option than to prepare these.

Wow! You are an incredible cook just like your mum

I will be greater than mum, I will put more efforts in cooking, she said smiling 

I trust you my dear, I believe you can cook more than her in the future..... So tell me, what was your mom fuming about? 

Dad table manner, after eating we will discuss that.


Yes dad I cross my heart.

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