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Clash Of Love - Episode 19




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 19

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

(they ate in silent after which Delight cleared the table and excused herself from her parents Often times she and her father exchanges eye contacts with each other)

Thanks mum, thanks dad the food was delicious mum.... I will be in my room to do my assignment

Is OK dear

I will see you my light before I go to bed

OK dad

So Jude darling, how was work today? 

Work was fine but I think there's a problem some where Treasure.

What could be the problem Jude, did they find out? 

Hmmm.! Not yet but I think soon they will 

How soon, I mean why did you say that Jude? 

I had a bad feelings about that but...

About what?

A meeting was conducted today and it was concluded that the Auditor of our company will be arriving in two days time to check the company's financial assets, profits, expenses and loss.. 

Oh my gosh! Jude, What are you going to do then?

I don't know Treasure, honestly I am really scared and nervous about the whole thing, if I had known, I wouldn't have listened to you!

 (pretends as if he is crying)

Oh please Jude!! don't ever put the blames on me at all, I only told you to embezzle your company's money, did I give you the strategies to do it or did we steal it together? 

Treasure just shut up! Is this the only thing you have got to say? 

Oh please spare me that!  and don't tell me to shut up Jude, why are you always like this, why are you such a coward, many people are doing this and are still walking freely on the streets living big and comfortably up till date, but because of your fear and act of cowardice, you just spoilt everything, sometimes I wonder if you are even man enough mtcheww!!! 

Treasure am  I the one that you are talking to with so much disdain? 

Jude I don't care what you are saying now, all I wanna tell you is that, I can't return this wealth I have lay my hands on, I can't give it up not for the world,, so know what you will do or how you will convince your company about the money you just stole from them.

Treasure, please lower your voice, our daughter might hear this, please I don't wanna get her involved in all these please (pleading) 

God danm it! What do I care huuu! Does it look like I give a damn about your daughter hearing this? Anyways in just no time, she will hear everything, about how her saint loving father stole from his company and tried to involve her innocent mother with his crime *she smiled cunningly **

Treasure, why are you like this, why have you change so much in just a short time, I can't believe you are the one saying all this to me, where is the woman I got married to?  how on earth have i ever offended you? Please my love, I ain't gonna involve you in my crime but all I need is just your love and support in this few days that I have got to spend, just stand by me and protect our daughter that's all I want from you please  I beg you

(Treasure laughed and clapped her hands, then start to mimic what Jude just said... Holding his shoulder and gently massaging it still smiling,she pretentiously said) 

Don't worry Jude, you still remains my humble, loyal and loving hubby, I will stand by you through this trying times of yours and of course I will take care of my child.... But first you have got to promise me this

What is it? tell me I will promise you once is not above my power. 

(She Smiled wickedly ) 

I just want you to promise me that you won't return all these wealth to your company

God forbid! Treasure darling, I will never return this wealth. I made a huge sacrifice just to make you happy, so I won't steal your joy by returning what I have already stolen... I am ready to face the law no matter what

(she smiled satisfactorily and kissed Jude) 

That's my boy, that's why I love you so much, Now let's go and take our bath together

OK darling, I love you my T. 

Kikikikikiki, I rove you too Jude darling muaah!.

Delight who has been watching and eavesdropping on her parents discussion, she also was recording every thing her mother had said to her father with her phone.... She was really touched as tears flowed through her eyes.... She went back into her room and slumped on her bed weeping over her mums wickedness, after some minutes of weeping, she made up her mind fully to make her mother pay for her evil. *NO MORE GOING BACK, NO MORE PITY,THAT WOMAN MUST PAY FOR HER WICKEDNESS SO THAT OTHERS LIKE HER WILL LEARN AND CHANGE THEIR WAYS"

She then dried her tears and went to the bathroom to take a long cool bath.

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