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Clash Of Love - Episode 18




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 18

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

Alright thank you very much barr. Frank, our plans are starting today, by weekend some people will come and arrest me before my wife hatch her plans

No problem Jude, all the best

Thank you uncle franky Frank, I know our plans will  work out just as planned

Yah sure pretty, just be a good actress

(laughs) I will be sir, I am a drama queen younno 

OK bye and thanks again bar.

Anytime Jude..... Bye

Bye uncle franky Frank

Bye damsel....

(they left Franks office and headed home) 

Dad I am a bit nervous about this whole thing

I am also nervous my princess but you know we can't let our fear get the lead of our life because if we do, success will never get close to us.

Yes you are right dad, you know according to Brahama Kumaris, "he said that FEAR is your greatest enemy because it freezes your mind and cripples your creative ability" So if we allow fear to take control, we are bound to fail.

So we are gonna be strong and stop this bullshit from mum once and for all

Wow! God I thank you for giving me such a brave and brilliant smart daughter as a child, what will I ever do with out you... That's why I call you my ANGEL OF LIGHT, Thanks for coming into my life my princess

Oh dad please stop, you are making my eyes water, you have been there for me always, you took the motherly responsibility and also a fatherly responsibility too, so what on earth will I ever do without you, dad you are a good man and nothing bad will happen to you

Thanks darling.... 

Anytime dad..... 

(they drove into their compound and saw her mother's car parked there) 

Dad mum is back.

Yah she is, who knows what her next lines of actions are

Lets watch and see then, we are gonna play her by her games

They both joined hands together and said, we are in this together.. Hurray!!! 

(they went in and met Treasure in the kitchen) 

Good evening mum

Yes light honey, how was school today? 

Very fine thank you, what are you cooking, the aroma is too strong

Smiles.... Longer longer! Go and remove your uniform then you can now come and check what I am cooking

OK mum, I will be right back

Good girl, hurry

Hi Jude, I know you must be mad at me for last night, I am sorry, a friend of mine phoned me while in the grocery shop that she was really sick and needed to go to the hospital, so I rushed to her thinking that is just a minor something but unfortunately it wasn't and she doesn't have any one around to stay with so I was left with no option than to be with her

Wow! This friend of yours must be really close and dear to you, did I know her? 

Eem eem! (scratching her head in confusion) no not really I don't think you know her.... 

Hmm! Treasure, when did you start keeping friends that I don't get to know of?

Eem Eem... Ju..de.. She's ju..st(she stammered)

Dad, I know Aunty Sandra, she's mums close friend and she often drops by most at times, she's really a nice lady

So Delight you knew this Sandra? 

Yes dad I do, mum always converse with her on phone (turning to her mum, with a face that expresses concern) Mum is Aunty Sandra really sick, oh! I feel for her, hope she is getting better now? 

Yes, yah she is better than yesterday, and she's responding to treatments very well

OK my regards to her, she should get well soon

Thank you darling, she will hear your regards


No problem mum, oh dad you are still holding your briefcase and still wearing your work cloths.... Thought you said you were very hungry, please go and get changed so that we will have our dinner 

OK darling.... Treasure my regards to your friend

OK, thanks Jude darling, you food will be ready in a while 

OK, be fast because I am famished

Right on it darling muah! 

** immediately Jude left, Treasure in a low tune said**

Delight dear, why did you cover up for me, have you seen Sandra my friend before?


No mum I have not, I just deed what's right because I don't want to see you and dad fighting again.. I just want us all to be happy once again

Wow! That's very smart of you, thanks my darling

Mum is nothing, I just want to see my parents happy

(Treasure smiled cunningly but she never knew that Delight was watching her and knew what she is smiling for,... Delight also smiled in her heart and said.... The cheater is about to get cheated.... I am sorry mum, but you have got to learn in a hard way)

What do you think of DELIGHT?

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