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Clash Of Love - Episode 16




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 16

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

(The next morning Jude drove her daughter to school before they left, Treasure has still not return home. Jude dropped her daughter at her school and drove straight to barr. Frank's office)


Good morning Frank

Good morning Jude, how was your night? 

Nothing to say about my night barr. 

(barr. Frank laughed) yah nothing to say about your night because everything to say is written right on your face.  Are you sure that you really get some sleep Mr Jude? 

(chuckles) honestly dude, I didn't wink an eyelid last night not to talk of closing it.

What happened, did your wife find out your plans? 

Nah, far from it, I could remember that I called you and told you she said she was going to get grocery yesterday

Yah certainly you did.

Could you imagine that she never returned home even before we left the house this morning, she texted me last night and told me that she won't be home, but will return early this morning yet no sign of her.

What's really wrong with her? 

Nothing barr. I believe that she must be somewhere cooking up her plans to terminate me... Here look at the divorce papers and also take a look at these videos.

(After watching the video,the barr. Exclaimed in disbelief) 

Oh my gosh! Jude this woman is a dev!l, I think we need to act fast before she does, we need to be two steps ahead of her

Yes barr. and I think I will let my daughter in on this.

Why, won't it cause set backs on our plans? 

I doubt if it will, my daughter is a very smart girl, she's too wise for her age, she challenged her mother through test messages about her evil attitudes and guess what her replies was. She replied her own child that she will deal with her after dealing with her father

Jesus Christ!! This is far beyond every thing, I think that woman deserves more than is to come to her, what an evil personality she is.


After school, I will bring my daughter here so that you will let her in on all our plans, because if I was  to be arrested in my daughters presence with out letting her in on what's going on, she will never believe that I did not embezzle from my company, coupled with the things that her mother will feed her in on against me 

Yah that's true, we are gonna tell her about everything and also show her some videos then we will tell her how important it will be for her to stay low and pretends as if she knows nothing about it and on no account should she make people to suspect..

Don't worry barr., you have got nothing to worry about, Delight my daughter is a good actress and can hold on to something that's very important and dare to her no matter how long.

Of course I know your daughter very well, she is very smart and a drama queen.

Alright thank you barr. 

Yah anytime Jude.

(At 4:15, Jude drove her daughter straight to barr. Franks office)

**Immediately Delight saw barr. Frank she ran to him while Frank opened his arm wide open and embrace Delight, they did a little chitchat and smiled at each other, that has always been their ways since Delight was a kid, they are both fond of each other***

(Uncle Franky Franky as she fondly calls him, she put on his gown and wig and started acting like a lawyer, She can barely be seen in the gown and the wig covers her head although not very big on her, she sat on a chair posed like  Judge she shouted,... court stand!!

Her father and Frank stood up as they could not hold their laughter on how she looks like a rat putting on an oversized coat

Been a lawyer has been Delights passion since she was a kid, in fact she is just born to be a lawyer because hardly anyone defeats her in an argument, she always makes her argument and back it with reasons, she is very bold, smart, brave and intelligent, indeed the qualities of been a good lawyer is embedded in her and she is good in all the subjects that patterns to law)

Do you think is a good idea for Mr Jude to let her daughter in on the game???

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