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Clash Of Love - Episode 15




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 15

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

(father and daughter played different games and had a lot of fun, Jude was weeping bitterly of how bad he is going to miss his precious daughter, he was videoing everything they were doing as a memory without his daughters knowing why he was actually recording what they were doing. Lost in  the fun they were having, they didn't notice that the time has been far spent until Jude received a message alert from his wife which reads )

"I am sorry Jude darling, I might not come home today because something urgent came up so I will sleep over at a friend's place and come back first thing tomorrow before you leave for work"

After reading the message, Delight took the phone and read her mums message, angrily she took her phone and want to text her mum back but her dad tried to stop her but she stubbornly ran into her room and locked the door and started composing a message for her mum

"Mum, I hate you and I hate every thing about you, you are not fit to be a mother, I know where you are right now and I use to hear your conversations with your wayward friends

 I won't say much but just keep it up, I assure you, what ever happens to my dad believe me I will never forgive you. And one more thing, a day is coming when you are gonna regret all your evil deeds and believe me at that time, it will be too late.


(After typing the messages she sent it to her mum and came out to join her dad in the sitting room)

Dad I am sorry for not heeding to your instructions, just that mums attitudes towards you is getting out of hand and I just can't sit down and fold my hands watching her to ruin your life, I can't bear it anymore so I have to give her a piece of my heart, I know she doesn't care much about what I just sent her but I  have to tell her how I feel about her

(Jude hugged his daughter as tears streams down his eyes)

 Is OK damsel, everything will be just fine


Yes dad, every thing will be fine because you are a good man and I love you very very much dad.

I love you too my angel of light

(message alert came into delights phone, obviously from her mum) 

"Delight you spoilt brat, you dare talk to me anyhow, I will sure deal with you soonest... You daughter of a coward"!

Dad, can you just imagine what a woman you called your wife just wrote to me, where on earth did you marry that woman from, I doubt if she is my mother (she started to cry and her father consoled her)

My princess is alright, just bear in mind that dad loves you so very much and no matter what happens just bear in mind that dad will never leave you or let you suffer in life not for a single day, OK princess

OK dad, (wiping her tears)

Now, get up let's go to the kitchen and prepare something that we are going to eat for dinner.

But dad you are gonna cook for me as your little baby

Hahaha do you think that I can not cook? 

Yah I don't think you can cook dad, just prove it now.

So tell me, what do you wanna eat?

Eeemm! Can you cook spaghetti and chicken?


Haha look at this kid, of course that's the simplest food in the world, I can cook it very well 

Hmmm, dad I ain't gonna help you or tell you when to add pepper, salt maggi, onions etc.

You are taking me for granted my Light, OK let us get to business. 

Dad, please not us, you should get to the business (laughing)

(They both laughed and hugged each other, they both get to the kitchen and started to prepare the spaghetti, luckily for them all the ingredients is available and also chicken was in the refrigerator, so they cooked and eat the food.... Delight appreciated her father's food it was delicious more than she expected)

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