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Clash Of Love - Episode 14




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 14

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

(in a low voice) Hello sandy bae, finally my net has caught a very big fish, not just any fish but a very mighty shark

Wow! Finally I am very happy  for you, this is the time we are gonna do the real celebration. 

Oh yeah! I am coming over to your crib so that I could yarn you all the gist.... I am super excited

Don't worry about coming over T. Bae I am around your area so lemme just roll in and get the real gist at once I can't wait wooow! 

No no, don't come over, my Mugu is at home I don't want him to get a glimpse of what's going on.

Geeze! Treasure you mean Jude is really at home and you are making this call? 

Yah but he is the bathroom singing and whistling happily thinking that I am with him, I could hear the shower turned on

OK no wahala I will still hang around so whenever you comes out just give me a call and I will let you know where I am

OK sandy, lemme drop the call he might come in any moment

Treasure honey who are you speaking with? 

(in fear, stammering) eem eem, I was actually speaking with no one

But I heard you talking

Yah I just made a call to the grocery shop to inquire about some items

OK darling (Jude robbing her shoulder) you looked tensed hope everything is alright? 

Yah every thing is just fine,  I should be on my way now because I don't wanna return late.

Lemme dress up so we can go together because you look breathtaking in this your outfit.

Never mind Jude I will be back right on time, OK bye.

Not yet Treasure

(her heart skipped and started beating very loud, she was afraid that Jude might have heard about her conversations) Wh....at again Jude?.. She managed to say

No nothing, just that I missed those lips...Jude stepped forward to kiss her.

Oh no no no! You gonna ruin my lipstick, just hold it when I comes back you will have me all to your self... (she dashes out, now in the corridor she whispered big fool you are Jude Mugu Lol *

Immediately she closed the door behind her, Jude rushed to the sitting room opened the cushion and took out the divorce papers, he glanced at it without blinking an eyelid as tears streams down his face freely..... So many thoughts crossed his heart and he remembered all the good memories he had with his wife and child, how fun it was when love was leading the way.

He cried the more and thought of withdrawing from the whole games and give his wife a second chance but then he remembered the camera and quickly went to take it out and watch it. 

There he saw the whole thing his wife discussed with her friend and after they finished making love, how she planned on handing him over to the law by herself 

Another round of tears started flooding his eyes, then his phone rang interrupting his thoughts, it was barr.Frank on the line 

Hello Jude, how's it going, did she find out about anything or she signed the papers? 

She signed the papers barr. (sounding very weak and broken) 

What's wrong Jude, your voice is not stable should I come over to the house? 

No I am fine barr. I was just thinking of how cruel my wife has become and how she just turned to Jezebel overnight, even now she has become worst than that, she is now Delila with knife

I am quit surprised at your wife's change of attitude overnight. Frank complained 

Hmmm! Frank it baffles me the more because right now, I am watching a video I planted in the room, she said I am the big shark her net caught and also the worst is that she is planning to hand me over to the law personally.

Oh my god!!! Jude you can't be serious, that woman must be a Luc!fer herself ooo, you better hurry and do whatever you have to do fast so that you will take away your daughter from that b!tch

Yes barr. I will bring the paper and video for you tomorrow so that you can keep it, I want us to stay away from my wife's notice so that she won't start to suspect anything.

You are right Jude, I even planned on telling you that when we see

Alright bye, I will see you morrow.




Dad, where are you, I am back

I have got to go barr. My daughter is home

OK bye

Yes princess I am right here, how did you know that I am at home angel? 

I saw your car packed outside and I know you must be at home, Where's mum? 

She went to get some groceries

Dad,are you sure is grocery she went to get, because I just saw her with some ladies that looks very wayward out there

(pretends) no darling you must be mistaken her for some one else

Dad are you trying to tell me that I  don't know my own mother anymore? 

Nope angel I didn't say that, I only thought so because she left telling me that she wants to go get groceries

I can even call my friends to confirm it if you thought is a joke dad

Princess darling, go and freshen up so that you have your launch and we do your assignments together, and play some games Okey

Okey dad, but I barely knows mum at all, I hate her attitudes, she's changed so much! 

Shhh!! Angel of light, don't say that about your mom! 

Dad I hate her character I must confess

Go and refresh darling I will be waiting for you here dear, I can't wait to beat you to the game


You won't dad, I 'm gonna win you.


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