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Clash Of Love - Episode 13




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 13

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

Everything was going as planned by Jude and barr. Frank, Jude even came up with the idea of slipping a divorce papers amongst the other documents since he is certain that his wife will be too excited to start checking the papers one after the other, he sure knows that Treasure will just sign without cross checking what she is signing.

The two houses was bought including the two Plaza in alaba international market, he made other major investments also, bought land in different places and fenced them, he also opened a very big supermarket, but all was in the name of his daughter. 

Fake documents were prepared with Treasures name and Judes name too, (he prepared some fake  papers on his name to avoid suspicion by his wife) he opened an account with his daughters name and plan to tell his wife that that's where they will be putting all the money realize from the supermarket and plazas into

Jude did all these in a way that his wife will have no clue about, so that she will think that he is very transparent to her, all the plans where made and concluded by Jude and barr frank.

On Monday, Jude came back from work very happy and excited, the wife too noticed and asked the husband what his happiness is all about, Jude simply opened his brief case filled with money for Treasure, she was too excited as she danced happily all over the house, asif that was not enough, he also handed her some papers and told her about the houses and plazas he bought all in her names, he also informed her of the supermarket he opened.

Treasure was so excited because to her it was all a dream come true, she took the papers and all her concentrations was on seeing her names and where she will sign.... She signed everything including the divorce papers that was attached to the fake papers.. (Jude smiled inwardly because his plans are really working out just fine) after signing the papers, she gave it back to Jude but he told her to keep the papers to herself that is all hers and besides the law will be coming after him in a  short period.

On hearing that, Treasure pretends to be sorry for her husband but Jude noticing her pretentious sad countenance, stood up and carried her up then said 

Treasure my love, I love you so much that I can even do anything for you, I deed all these for you and it is certain that the law will surely find me because what I deed is robbery, so I have no choice


(big fool you are Jude, I will personally turn you over to the police very quickly so that you will be out and lost from my life forever, pretentiously, she started faking a crying tune) 

Shhhh! Jude darling, stop saying the law is coming to get you, they won't darling, I am here and I will protect you with our wealth, we will enjoy this money together.

Oh darling, thanks for your love and concerns towards me, but in case if anything happens, just take care of my daughter and protect our wealth, I already opened an account in Delights name where all the money will be going into to avoid suspicions from people.

(on hearing that she frowns a bit)... But Jude honey, why open account in Delights name instead of your name or my name??

(he kisses her) sweetheart, you know the governments and their protocols, they might want to close my account and carry on investigations on yours and if they finds out anything fishy or such huge amount in your account,they might froze it & leave you with nothing(he said convincingly)

Yah you are right Jude.... I never knew that you are so smart and intelligent..... You just made me the happiest and richest woman in Lagos and I love you for that

Anything for you darling... I love you very very much too

(out of excitement, she dragged Jude into the room and they made love together.......after the lovemaking Jude pretends to be asleep) 

Treasure pushed Jude aside thinking that he is fast asleep, she laughed and said.... Oh poor handsome idiot, I gave you the best se* ever and that's the last supper for you, because I baby T will personally hand you over to the law in a weeks time and believe me you will never survive in prison.... You son of a  b@st@rd. She giggled and got undressed and went into the bathroom for a long cool bath

Jude flicked his eyes open, knowing that the T B!+ch is already in the bathroom because he could hear her happy voice singing in victory and the sound of the shower was so loud to, he tiptoed to the sitting room, removed the divorce papers and hide it under the cushion and tiptoed back into the room and lay back on the bed pretending to be sleeping.

(After few minutes, Treasure came out from the bath and started applying creams still singing..... Jude then yarn and signed, then opened his eyes and looked at his beautiful beast of a wife who is dressing up, he stood up stretched his body and purposely went over to his wife, then enveloped his hands around her pecked her and then ask)

Are you going out my love? 

(Treasure turned around making an angry face at Jude, but noticing that if she starts acting now, it is too soon so she mellowed down and fake a smile) Yes darling I want to go and get some groceries, you know we don't have much food stuffs at home

Please leave it tomorrow Treasure, let's spend quality time together darling please 

I am sorry Jude I am already dressed up but I promise I will be back soon

You promise honey? 

Yes Jude darling is a promise..... Go take your bath, you are sweating all over

Alright dear....... Just wait for me to come out before you leave

OK Jude, but just hurry with the bath

I will darling.... Kisses her again and went into the bathroom




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