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Clash Of Love - Episode 12




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 12

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

Jude where are you guys coming back from this late? 

Mum good evening.

Oh shut it! you spoilt brat!! 

Mu.... M! 

Is OK princess, go to your room and get freshened up dad will join you soon.

OK dad, thanks again I really had a great day today

Any day my angel

Jude, I don't understand what's really going on between the both of you? 

I don't get you Treasure.

You don't get me, for this pass days, you have become so close and attached to our daughter and I am beginning to suspect the both of you!

You are unnecessarily becoming paranoid Mrs., what's your annoyance just hit the nail on the head

OK, why did you went out with Delight leaving me behind without inviting me over? 

Oho oo! Now you come, Treasure darling, I came back home to pick you up but you wasn't at home, I dialed your number countless times but you wasn't picking my calls, so what should I have done? (he gets closer to his wife, pretends as if he wants to kiss her but withdraws covering his nose)

Hmm!  Treasure, you stink of alcohol, you must have really had a lot of drinks, so tell me why did you drink so much and what's the celebration? 

Oh Jude (brought out a chewing gum and put in her mouth)

I didn't really drank much, just had two glasses, you know how strong the smell of alcohol is..

Oh really now! When I came back in the afternoon, our bed was littered with cloths, I guess the party you attended must be a classy one and you just left in a hurry living every where unattended to, did you get the information about the party late? 

(she smiled, and said in her breath, fool! There was no party, I only went to celebrate your foolishness and down fall and also my freedom)

(Jude was looking at her pretentiously and faking ignorance like he doesn't know why his wife had a lot of drink, he smiled inwardly, you're a greater fool darling) 

What were you saying darling, I didn't get it?

Nothing Jude, I wasn't actually talking to you, just that my friends organized a little get together party and called me to join them, so I hurriedly left the house that's why(she lied)

(faking annoyance) and you never bothered to tell me, you just left since morning leaving the house and our bed in a mess, you never bothered to tell me your whereabouts, what if something had happened to you there or on your way, how will I know? 

Please Jude, nothing happened to me and I am at home now! just that it was too urgent and calling you skipped my mind, that's why..

Oh I see! Calling me skipped your mind and picking my calls also skipped your hands right?


I said I am sorry for that Jude! 

Oh pls Treasure, lower your voice we ain't fighting and the kid might hear you..... I wanna take my bath now, please tidy up the bed, I need to have a good rest because I have something great and important to do tomorrow so I need to calculate my plans very well to avoid loop holes

(she jumped up and embraced Jude happily) So tomorrow is the D-day right??

I didn't say so Treasure, I have to strategies my self first before anything else

Okey no problem darling just take your time,

I love you very very much my Jude.

Should I say I love you too or thank you for saying you love me after 5 months? 

Lol.... Jude darling, let's bury the hatchet and start all over again... I love you and I really mean it this time.

No wahala I heard you, I just hope your love for me will continue this time around with out failing?

Yah trust me Jude it will... 

Okey, I will be in  the bathroom just arrange the bed very well for me please.. 

Right on it darling and I will join you in the bath soon.

(big fool, just watch how I turn you over to the law after getting hold of the money, kikikikikiki I can't wait to flex life, I can't wait to be free, oh freedom is coming so fast at last, I am sorry Mr Jude Mugu, I am done and dusted with this marriage and I am taking my daughter with me LOL)

(Jude who was peeping at his wife from the bathroom door, he knew every thing that his wife is saying, although she wasn't audible but he could sense what her plans are and how evil and wicked her heart is towards him and his daughter. He gently closed the door and pretends to be bathing all the while... His wife came in and they bath together

Before Jude slept that night, he went in and spend some time with is daughter, they played games and crack jokes and riddles together, after which he sang lullaby to her and she slept off,.... Before he left the room, he kissed his sleeping angel of Light for 3minuites allover her face, with tears, pains and heavy heart because he knows that he is going to miss her so much very soon)

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