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Clash Of Love - Episode 11




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 11

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

Thanks Frank, the thing is that I will collect huge amount of loan from the bank or my company, I will also sell some of my shares that my wife is not aware of,  After that , I will use the money and buy two houses, build plazas and do a lot of investments with the money but all will be in my daughters name,but you will help me in preparing some fake documents about the house on my name and her name too, I mean Treasures name. I will pay some people to come and arrest me for embezzling from my company and take me to prison. I will be taking to prison but then I will escape from there and the rumors will spread, I will then go into hiding. The rumours will spread very wide and broad and within some time I will be forgotten. 

Honestly Mr Jude, I am not getting what you are saying

Barr. I will travel out of town, my papers are almost ready, every thing is a game but I want my wife to believe that I embezzled my company's money, get caught and go to prison, but luckily I escaped and go into hiding, so she will now think that every thing belongs to her. 

Then, one day I will emerge from nowhere and snatch every thing from her. 

But Jude, that's too risky, what of your daughter, will you tell her, she might think very bad of you

That's where you comes in barr. You will help me explain things to her and tell her that all I deed is a mirage

No no no, Jude I disagree with you, she might not believe me, because when you will be caught and arrested in her presence she will only believe it and nothing else

No Barr. Delight is a very smart girl, just a little explanations and good conviction she will definitely understand

But I still suggest you travel with her because that woman Treasure is not good enough to train a child, especially female one, she might end up corrupting her

Don't worry about that, Delight won't let her mother to corrupt her because she detests her mom's attitudes and besides if I get her involve, it might ruin our plans or set us backwards.

Yah, you are kinda right Jude.

OK, Barr. You will have to help me prepare the fake documents, by tomorrow I will get the loans, the shares has been bought already every thing will be set before next week..... I think you will need to keep the video tape also so we will have to duplicate it for more evidence in the future

Yah you are right... But how long do you plan to stay away?

At least five years, then after which I will come back for my daughter.

That's long but not too long though I just pray and hope everything works according to planned

Me too Frank, I am a bit nervous about the whole thing.

Don't be is normal, just compose yourself and everything will be just fine.

Hope the documents will be ready by Thursday Barr? 

Yah it will, but what of if your wife finds out that it is a fake document, what will we do? 

(laughing) don't panic about that Barr. My wife is a money and material lover so she will just be super excited over everything and won't have the time to take proper look at the papers

OK if you said so.

Yah, thanks very much Barr. Frank, you have been of a great help, I know is very confidential and just between us

Yah Jude, what are friends for, I know you will succeed, I only feel for Delight but anyways just keep in touch with her... and as for your wife, she doesn't deserve any good or pity at all.

You are right, that's why I wanna pay her in her own coins and beat her at her own game. 

Alright then let's call it a day 

Thanks for everything Barr. I know I can always count on you. 

Anytime Mr Jude... Bye

Bye and thanks.

............ *........ *....... *....... *...*

(Mr Jude drove straight to her daughters school, he picked her up and they drove home, the little girl was surprised because her dad never picks her up from school )

Dad is quit surprising that you came to pick me up from school, I thought you should be at work by now? 

No angel, I took permission because I wanna spend quality time with my princess.

Really daddy? Wow you are the best


You are the best and smartest daughter in the whole world too..... So when we gets home, you get refreshed, I bought a beautiful gown for you so you will wear it ... I wanna take you out. 

(jumped up in excitement) 

wow! dad, you are the best, but don't you think the outing will be better on weekends? 

Today is perfect dear, we can still go out by weekend if you wish, but I have the urge to flex my princess around today, or is it awkward? 

No not at all dad, mum is going with us too right? 

Yah if she is at home my Light... But I doubt if she is.

Did you phone her and she told you she is not at home dad? 

Nope my little damsel, I heard her phoning her friends that they are going on outing to flex and Cruz the town.

(Delight in sober)  Mum has changed so negatively, that's too bad of her, I can never behave like my mom(holding her father) dad don't worry, don't just mind mom's attitude every thing is gonna be fine Okey. 

Yes my darling, I believe that every thing will be just fine very soon.

(they got home, truly Treasure is not at home, the house itself was unkempt, her clothes could be seen scattered allover the bed as she was selecting the best outfit to wear to join her friends and celebrate over her mugu husband..... Jude seeing all these Smile to himself and said, fools call others fools) 

What do you think about Jude???

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