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Clash Of Love - Episode 10




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 10

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

Holy Jesus! Jude how did you get this? 

Barr. You won't understand, my wife is a cruel woman so I became cruel to play the game with her too. Honestly it was my little smart Delight that gave me the idea to do what I just deed, although she didn't say it directly that I should buy a camera but she just told me that she observed that her mother's friends are influencing her mother negatively judging from the series of calls she always hears her receives, So I thought about it and came up with a plan to purchase a camera that will help me monitor her calls or movement since am not always at home with her. (he signs) I was so scared when I got home to get this camera, I prayed hopefully that I should not get any negative something out of this but reverse was the case. Honestly Barr Frank, if I tell you that it was only traffic that delayed my appointment with you, I am the biggest liar.... I got into my car and drove some distance away from home but curiosity couldn't let me leave the video so as to know what's inside...... I parked my car in one direction, brought it out and watch it. Frank I couldn't believe my eyes, my ears was so itching painfully hearing every thing that my wife is saying to her friends against me and the kind of names she was calling me. Me Mugu! Me Jude Mugu!! chai I don suffer oooo, a woman that I loved and cherished so much is the one stabbing me so much at the back.

Jude please take it easy, wipe your tears and calm down.

Barr. You don't understand anything, you don't know how hurt and shattered my heart is right now, indeed love is wicked, But I will pay her with her own coins no doubt about that

Mr Jude, what are you trying to insinuate, are you planning to pull through with the divorce? 

Not really Barr. I am not pulling through with the divorce but.

But what? 

Can I trust you Frank? 

Of course you can trust me, what do you want me to do for you, but left for me, I suggest you pull through with the divorce because that woman can murder a person in cold blood. 

Nope I will not give her a divorce but something greater and mightier than that.

Which is? 

That brings us to the reason why I brought you this far. I want to embezzle my company's money and...

Oh my world! Jude you can't be serious!! 

Yes I am damn serious and no going back. 

Then am sorry, I ain't gonna be part of that Jude! 

Please barr. Bring your voice down people are beginning to stare..... I am not asking you to be part of the plans but I just need your confidentiality and your support in the favor I want to ask of you please

Jude I don't think I can do it, I am sorry, I don't want to soil my hand and ruin my reputation in any way... Please pardon me I can't (he picked his car keys and stood to leave)

Barr. Please hear me out first and just do this for Delight my daughter please I beg you

(on hearing Delight, he was too weak because he loved the little girl so much and often take her out with his own children, he dropped the key and sink back on the chair)

I can do anything for Delight Mr Jude but if what you want me to do is far beyond me, I am sorry I won't do it at all.

Oh thanks barr. I assure you you won't be implicated in any means

OK then let me hear you out first Mr Jude.

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