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Clash Of Love - Episode 1



Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 1

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

Oh please mum stop quarreling and fighting with dad he just told me that every thing will be OK, that all he needs now is our prayers. Delight a 14years old girl told her mum in tears

Just get lost you useles$ child, what do you know? even this cloth that you are putting on right now do you know how hard I managed to get the money to purchase it, even the food you eat on  daily basis and your school fees i have been the one paying it close to a year now and I  am also the one providing for the useless father of yours yet he is working ooo, every morning he dresses up and leave this house only to return home empty handed, then by month end he will only give me #25,000 for home management and upkeep, a chicken change, what will I do with that? 

I have told him countless times on how to get big money to make us rich but he has cowardly and sluggishly refused to do it, what others are doing and getting Scott free but he just can't..... He is the worst cowardice and wretched man I have ever seen in my entire life, in fact let him come back to this house I am filing for divorce and you are going with your stupid father let me be free and go out to make my money just like every other high class women in the society

please mum that's not fair, don't divorce dad please, I heard that he was very very rich when he married you and even when I came into this world, now that things seems to be rough now just give it sometime and with God every thing will be alright 

Delight, Delight, Delight!  How many times did I call you? 

Three times mum, 

That's very good, now listen and listen very good and attentively, you are 14 now and have small oranges in your chest and maybe you have started seeing all those little boys in your school and it seems you are now sleeping around with them

 No mum I am not doing a thing like that

Oh shut your trap you daughter of a coward, this should be the first and last time you will ever open that stinky mouth of yours to speak when I am not done talking yet. Now hold your two ears and listen very good, this should be the last time you will ever open your stinky mouth to speak when I have issues with that nonentity of a man that calls himself your father, the next time you will try it, I'm gonna cut of your ears and cook it for you to eat. Idi@t, now get lost from my presence before I transfer my aggression on you now

But mum, I am only trying to tell you to take things easy because dad has not always been poor, just help him out because women are helpers and companion to their husband and marriage is for better for worst, my class mates father is just a carpenter but her mother never complains about that but....

Oh now you have the impetus to talk to me any how, I will skin you alive now, (she removed her slippers to hit her and Delight took to her heels shouting mum is not fair just change she ran into her room and shut the door.

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