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Belina - Episode 8




Belina - Episode 8

Written by Adetola Nissi

I woke up few minutes to 7 and I was glad that I was not feeling much pain. I knew was up already and it would be awkward if I walked in on her and her parents so I just waited for her. I knelt down by the bed and thanked God so much for everything he did for me. I thought about my kidnap, and I could not believe I was actually here.

After the lengthy prayer, I went to the bathroom to take my bath. Thank God that I had struggled to wash my gown yesterday despite my aching body cos I didn’t like putting on other people’s clothes no matter the closeness. I had worn Prisca’s nightie yesterday but that was different. As I showered, I noticed that my feet were still sore but I paid them no heed.

I came out of the bathroom and spotted prisca’s cream. Since I didn’t have any permanent cream, I used hers without worry and put on my blue gown, thanks to the light material it was, it was already dry. I took my bag and started going through its contents for the first time since I carried it. I was surprised when I saw the envelope that I was given in the concert first. I opened it and when I counted the money, it summed up to 20, 000 Naira. I was happy that at least, I would have money for some clothes. I can’t resume work on Monday with my gown, I thought with a smile. I searched the bag and met everything intact, including my purse, ATM card and others.

Prisca came in and was surprised to find me awake. “woow, I thought you would still be asleep, I would if I had gone through what you did”, she said with a smile. I smiled and leaned on the bed dramatically, “I could go back to sleep if you want, I don’t mind being pampered”, I said feigning tiredness although I felt a little bit weak. She laughed, “who would pamper you? Abeg stand up joor, lets go and eat”. “What of mumcy?” I asked “Dad and mum are both waiting for you at the dining. I explained everything to them and if I hadn’t insisted otherwise, mum would be here now, although, they were not happy that I sneaked out of the house”, she said winking at me.

I smiled and got up from the bed, held her by the waist and playfully pushed her towards the door, “well, lets go then, I could eat an elephant”.



Tunji arrived at Boruwa lane and looked around happily making sure that he was not being followed. He got to the footpath and stopped his car. He locked his car and went through the footpath on foot. When he was about getting to the building, he looked back to be totally sure he was not being followed before he entered the building. When he entered the building, it was totally quiet and he thought they might be upstairs since it was a one story building. After checking all the rooms downstairs, he climbed the stairs and upon arrival, he still did not see anyone. He was not finding it funny so he took out his phone and called Tolu. “Oga mi, good morning, I am already on my way to-“ tolu started saying. “shut up now”, he ordered, “I am at the location now and I cant find anyone. Are you playing games with me?” he said yelling. Tolu was taken aback, “NO… I dare not…. Pls let me call the guys maybe they had to change location for some reasons”, he said. “hurry up, I am losing my patience”, he said and hung up.



Richard was surprised to find out that he had actually fallen asleep yesterday. He had gone back to Deji’s room and found him sleeping soundly and the sleep seemed to be contagious that he went back to his office and slept like a baby.

His office was a very big one which included a toilet and bathroom so he went in, had his bath and wore another cloth which he had brought from home. He wore his suit and made for Tony’s office to give him the goodnews and find out the outcome of his outing yesterday. As he was going he saw Adewale coming towards him and was happy.

“Good morning doctor Richard”, Adewale said. “Good morning Adewale, it is good to see you looking fresh”, Richard said stretching forth his hand for a handshake. “Deji’s parents just left this place so I decided to see you to know how he is faring”, he said. Richard smiled at Adewale and said, “you can relax now, he is out of coma”.

Adewale jumped on Richard and he almost fell down. “I am sorry” he said leaving the doctor alone. “thank Yo Lord” he said and faced Richard, “Thank you doctor, i… I am so greatful”. Richard laughed, “Thank God not me, I only did my job, God heals”, he said placing his hands on Dewale’s shoulders. “I would go and inform the parents”, he said and before Richard could stop him, he was out of the hospital. Richard smiled and went into Tony’s office.



Tunji walked from one end of the building to the other, matching furiously. Just when everything seemed to be working, those idiots had blundered it. He looked at the time, it was almost time for his flight to take off and he was still here waiting for the fools that that Tolu of a boy sent to get Belina. After calling Tolu, he had searched the entire vicinity again but hadn’t seen anyone or anything except a nylon of beverages and things like that. Did i tell them that i want to drink tea? he wondered.

He left the building because the bushy area was beginning to scare him so he headed towards his car. He met Tolu, Spanner and Sparrow coming midway coming towards him and his anger multiplied when he did not see Belina with them.

He charged forward and tried to calm his nerves because those guys may be dangerous and it would be one against three. “Where is Belina”, he asked through clenched teeth. Spanner opened his mouth, “i… she… ehm…”, he stopped as Tunji moved towards him, sizing him up like he was an ant. He was short so he had to look up to Tunji but that was a mistake because as soon as he looked up, Tunji sent him crashing into a nearby bush.

Tunji moved to Sparrow and asked him the same question, “Where is Belina” Sparrow looked very strong and rugged so Tunji knew that he had to be careful with him no matter the answer. “Oga, we do wetin we ask you to do o, but that girl be winch, we no even know as she leave our front and the next thing we see be say, we dey pursue her and before we open our eyes, close am, she don enter motor”, he said and then pointed at his leg, “see, see my leg… the motor almost killed me” he said.

Tunji wished he had a gun to shoot him dead instantly, but instead, he faced Tolu. “What is the meaning of this now? what kind of rubbish is this? i should be at the airport now, ehn…” “i am sorry, Tunji, i didn’t know that these idiots would spoil things this way”, Tolu said Tunji glared at him. i want to see Belina today, did you hear me? Today. If you don’t have belina with you, make sure you have my money” he said and pushed Sparrow into the bush as he made for his car.



Mr Badmus got to the airport much earlier than he ought to and he sat down in his car waiting for Tunji. he put on the radio in his car and for the first time in a long while, he danced to the music which was being played in the radio.

After he had waited for one hour and hadn’t seen Tunji and Belina, he called Tunji’s line. He did not pick the first time so he called the second time, already getting worried.

Tunji picked the phone and he heard “Hello…” “Hello, Tunji. I have been at the airport for over an hour now and i have not seen you, what is up?” he asked hoping that nothing had gone wrong. “Oh pls, spare me all that. That miserable daughter of yours is nowhere to be found”, he replied. Shocked, he screamed, “WHAT?” “Pls, don’t deceive me, are you telling me that you know nothing about this”, Tunji asked shouting angrily. “Ahn, Tunji…” “Don’t ahn tunji me. if you don’t produce your daughter today, be ready to return all the money i have been giving you since this matter started. I have been recording it and I have given you nothing less than 180, 000 Naira. Don’t joke with me o, failure to produce any of the two, i would get you arrested. You should know, without me telling you that i mean what i just said and i have enough power to back me up”, Tunji said and before Mr Badmus could say anything, he hung up.

Mr Badmus opened his mouth in shock, looking frightened.



I entered the dining room along side prisca and immediately Mrs Jegas, Prisca’s mother, saw me, she jumped from her seat and came to hold me tenderly. She had been almost like a second mother to me ever since she knew me as her daughter’s friend. Her husband was also in the same vein although he covered his own; men’s characteristics. She was also so emotional so i was not surprised when i saw her face swimming with tears. The little display of affection made me feel sick cos it made me remember what it had been like with my mother. My mother was not one who was perfect, infact, she was one of the most imperfect people on earth but i loved her all the same.

I quickly cleared some air by saying, “mum, it is not a big deal… or maybe it is but i am fine”. “No you look tired baby, come and sit down”, she said and moved me to a seat and quickly stuffed my plate with food. Mr Jegas, prisca’s father who could not hide his anger later said as we ate, “How can a man do this to his own daughter? He must be dealt with” He looked at me and said, “You can stay here for as long as you want and anything you need, you can count on us”.

I muttered my sincere appreciation and went to hug them lovingly. I sat down on my sit and i looked at Prisca who was smiling at me. I sighed internally and i thanked God for giving me a place i could call ‘home’.

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