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Belina 2 - Episode 10




Life After The Wedding 

Belina 2 - Episode 10

Written by Adetola Nissi

I stood right there, at the entrance of Oyinade’s office, staring in utter shock. I could not believe my eyes. Oyinade was definitely oblivious of the fact that I was in the office as she held on to Richard like a lifeline. Richard tried to detach her on sighting me but she clung to his shirt, too busy crying. I had left my office for Richard’s, when I saw Oyinade’s door open. I wanted to bypass it and come back later to see her but a familiar shirt stopped me. The alarm went off in my head as I stepped closer and I instantly became convinced that Richard was there. I did not remember common courtesy which required me to knock before entering, I just pushed the door wider and there, before me was Richard holding a crying Oyinade to his chest with his arms all over her.

Richard pushed Oyin away and her shock was evident when she saw me. Tears filled my eyes to the brim but I refused to give them the pleasure of seeing me in tears. I ran out of the office which was already chocking me. I heard Richard calling but I ran out like a crazy love-struck teenager to the amazement and shock of the staff. Thank God we had a staff entrance and the patients could not see me. I could not hold the tears as I ran, it came cascading down without stopping. I could not stop, no, I could not. I felt like throwing up, and I did. Thank God no one was there.

I felt Richard’s approach even before I heard it. I sprung to my feet, desperate to get as far away from him as possible. He called me over and over but I turned a deaf ear, wiping more tears from my face but it didn’t stop.

Richard grabbed my hand fiercely from behind. “What is wrong with you, Bell? Would you at least let me explain” he yelled, looking angry.

I shook myself out of his grasp. “Let me go” I shouted

“What you saw was nothing. I… she was going through an emotional breakdown caused by her fiancé and –”

“And what? And you decided to offer yourself as a substitute?” I said with pure anger.

He looked outraged and pained. “What? You don’t trust me? for how long have you had that doubt honey?” he said folding his arms around his chest.

“That girl told me… she told me yesterday but I did not believe her. I trusted you cos I thought you loved me” I kept on lamenting, vibrating with tears of anger and hurt.

“What nonsense are you saying? What girl? What did she tell you?” I was confused.

I just could not stop my tears and even though Richard was deeply angry and hurt, he could not bare to see me cry. I saw it in his eyes. I became very dizzy and everything rotated around me.  I felt Richard’s arms around me in an instant but I still summoned strength to ask him to get his filthy arms away from me. He did not seem to hear because he never left me and I passed into a realm of nothingness.



Oyinade jubilated like she never had in her life. She never expected things to turn out the way they did. She had merely wanted to put ideas into Richard’s mind by pressing herself to him. She could not imagine anyone being immune to her charms. She had also hoped that if luck shined on her, she would have someone see them who could carry the gossip to Belina.

She had planned on seeing Belina though, just to taunt her with words but she doubted that they would have very far known that she was a psychologist and could deduce truth from lie with a glance. A wide, evil grin spread across her face as she dialed Ronke’s number to give her the good news.



Richard held Belina in his capable hands, racing towards the hospital. His heart was pounding wildly even though he knew that she just fainted and would awaken soon.

“Bell… sweetie c’mon wake up” he kept on saying as he carried her. He entered through the staff side and some of the staff members were around him in an instant. They placed Belina on the stretcher and wheeled her into one of the rooms. Richard was denied entrance and he stood outside fuming in veiled anger which was just a camouflage for the deep worry in him. He wanted to vex his power and authority as the head and owner of the hospital in order to enter but he knew that the doctor was doing what he was paid to do. Apart from that, he is not one to be found guilty of pride. If he had been in a better state and if it hadn’t been Belina, he would have guessed what the matter was without waiting for the doctor’s report. He would have guessed it right from the start but some things just skips you when you are with the one you love.

Doctor Felix approached with a smiling face. Even if Belina were awake, Richard still could not see why he should be smiling happily.

“She is alright sir but asleep now” he said still smiling.

Richard breathed deeply as a sign of relief, still curious though. Doctor Felix was deeply happy for the couple as he had been part of their waiting period. He is a year older than Richard but he respected him more than he could ever respect someone five years older than him. Apart from Richard being his boss, he had taught him humility. He treated everyone equally and even though he was probably the youngest millionaire in Nigeria, he was not puffed up with pride. The same goes for the ever beautiful Belina, he thought. The relationship Richard shared with his wife was one that he would wish to have if he finally found the right person.

He held Richard’s gaze with a grin, wondering how he could have missed that fact considering his unequalled doctorate skills. “Congrats sir, you are going to be a father”

Richard blinked and swallowed hard. “W… what are… what are you talking about?” he stammered.

Kelvin expected this. “Your wife is pregnant sir”



Ronke dropped the phone with smiles all over her face. It had been fun and interesting, using her semi-tatafo voice to shake Belina’s trust in her husband. She was very convinced that things were falling in line. Luck even seemed to smile on them because Belina walked in on Richard and Oyin, making it look like a confirmation of what she had heard.

She knew that money would be at her beck and call if Oyin becomes the apple of Richard’s eyes. She would be able to extort money from Oyinade as much as she liked, but what if Oyin tried to prove stubborn then? Blackmail would come in handy then, she thought. Surely, she would not risk having their secrets out in the open.



Richard entered the room Belina was with tears clouding his sight. He was almost never moved to tears but now, all he wanted to do was cry tears of joy. He knew the news came at the wrong time but uncontrollable joy was the only thing he could feel. His heart was filled with pride and love. The one you can only feel when you become a father. Even though he could not see a child physically, he could feel the child’s presence. He could not believe he had skipped the fact that she might be pregnant. He could have easily put one and one together and arrive at this same conclusion. How could he even assume she was when they had believed God for the fruit of the womb for over two years? He was sure that despite Belina’s anxiety, she never suspected the possibility of her being pregnant.

He sat by his sleeping, marveling at her increasing beauty. They had had a fight, a misunderstanding; but even her distrust could not stop his heart from beating wildly when she was near. He bent over and kissed her forehead tenderly. She had mentioned a girl, he remembered. Who was that? What did she say? And why was it yesterday? All these went through his mind within seconds but it was overtaken by his heart felt joy. ‘you are going to be a father’, this went through his mind again and he wanted to scream. He placed his palm on Belina’s tommy, feeling his child inside and the tears he tried to hinder flowed down his face. He wanted to explode. He had to tell someone. He left the room in a hurry to make a few calls.



Oyinade went about her duty with smiles of victory on her face. She had successfully created a discord in that house. Now, the only thing she had to do was seduce him while putting fire in that house continuously. She spotted doctor Felix, being more lively and happy than usual. She had heard people gossiping about Richard and Belina with long worried faces but she had assumed that it was due to the way and manner at which they both left her office. She hadn’t noticed the whole drama where Richard carried an unconscious Belina back to the hospital.

“Doctor?” she called curiously

“Miss Oyin, hope your day is going on well” doctor felix faced Oyin.

“Very well” she said, meaning each word. “What is going on? You look very happy today”.

Apart from being an exceptional doctor, Doctor felix is not one to be trusted with a secret. Whenever he is happy about something, he tells as many people as possible. “Oh… I am very happy. Mrs Branson was brought in by her husband after she practically fainted” he paused for emphasis. This delighted her. The shock had definitely taken its toll on her. She knew though that Doctor Felix could not be smiling because of this, so she pressed on for the full gist.

“Oh my God…” she gasped feigning shock. “And?”

“After reviving her, I discovered the obvious. She is pregnant”

“What” she exclaimed, her blood draining from her face, leaving her as white as snow.



Richard got to his office to pick up his phone and call his dad, Tony, Prisca, everyone his mind could think of; but reason took over him. His wife had to know about her pregnancy before any other person. Besides, she is pregnant person. He terribly wanted to explode, so, he exploded to God by thanking him and thanking him until he was sure God had acknowledged his appreciations.

He made for BRP Hospitalto take everything Belina had brought to the office. He would surely not allow her lift a finger. As soon as she awakens, his work for the day would be over because he would take her home to take care of her properly even if she wrestled with him due to their earlier fight, he vowed.



Kelvin had been sitting in the mini reception room preceding Belina’s office in BRP Hospitalfor over thirty minutes. He had been waiting for Belina but luck was definitely against him today. Even though he hadn’t planned with Oyin and her accomplice to meet with Belina today, he felt he had to rekindle the fire of the love they had once shared hastily before it was too late. Seeing Belina had erupted emotions he had tried hard to bury and he had vowed to claim her back. He had used his own hands to destroy the wonderful love they had and he intended on creating it back.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Richard said through gritted teeth as he stared at the last person he wanted to see.

Kelvin rose up and faced his adversary.

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