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Belina 2 - Episode 1



Life After The Wedding 

Belina 2 - Episode 1

Written by Adetola Nissi

My wedding night was the best night of my entire life, one that I would never forget even when I am 100 years old. It was terrific, superb and altogether, mind-blowing. Asides the love, care and pampering, Richard gave me a brand new BMW car as his wedding gift to me. I had never driven a car so Richard made it his responsibility to teach me. I, on the other hand gave Richard a priceless gift which cannot be purchased with hard currencies. I had been extremely scared and nervous that night as I changed into a small lingerie dress in the matrimonial bathroom. Prisca had asked me to purchase that blazing red seductive lingerie for this particular time and now that I had it on, I was scared to death. My hair was let loose around my shoulders and I summoned enough courage to step out of the bathroom. My breath was taken away instantly as I stared at what was before me; the room was softly lightened with red light which transformed everything in the room, giving the room a highly charged romantic atmosphere. I felt shaky instantly but the room was not the reason; Richard sat on the bed with his shirt unbuttoned looking breathtaking. It was always almost impossible to resist him, he is so masculine and during our courtship, it took a lot of self-control from my end to keep us from going overboard especially when we were alone. Looking at Richard now with his muscle-filled chest fully exposed to my hungry eyes made my fingers tingle and I could not help but feel protected with him around. I returned from my reverie (illusion) and noticed that he was already on his feet and with the way his eyes bore into me, I instantly felt self conscious. I remembered my look even without looking at myself and all I wanted was to escape from the room in order to breathe properly. I started picking my manicured fingernails furiously; something I do whenever I am very nervous. Richard must have noticed this cos he slowly moved towards me. Every step he took made me more nervous and my eyes left my fingers to my toes.

“You err, *coughs* you look dishy”, Richard said breathlessly.

I nodded, unable to say anything at the moment. He moved closer and raised my chin; I was unable to meet his eyes and he smiled softly.

“I won’t do anything if you don’t want me to, heart”, he said softly.

“It’s… it’s not that. It’s just, I am scared and nervous. I don’t even know what to do”, I said in a fainted voice looking at his chest.

“Just be yourself honey, I am fine with that”.

I looked into his eyes and smiled shakily, “I don’t even know how to do that”.

He laughed a little, “why don’t we both follow our hearts? Right now, I just want to devour you”, he said teasingly and slowly lowered his lips against mine.

My heart beat accelerated and in a few seconds, my shyness was out of the window and our instincts took over. Everything after then was magical and exquisite but what I would never forget was the look in his eyes when he severed the barrier guarding my purity. It was a look of extreme surprise, adoration and respect. He had asked me twice during our courtship but I had changed the subject both times because I wanted it to be a surprise and my gift to him. With the look in his eyes, I felt on top of the world and I thanked the Lord in my heart for helping me hold on till this time.



It is our second year anniversary and our palace-like sitting room is filled with people ranging from parents, siblings, colleagues, friends and so on. It had been a splendid two years journey and I was so greatful to God for the man I married. I married my husband. Love truly is something everyone should have because there is no happiness that can rival the one you feel when someone loves you with all his heart and you love him in return.

I moved from one person to another, welcoming them in my exquisite gown. My parents, Richard’s dad, Tony and Prisca, Prisca’s brothers who were also my step brothers, Mr Badmus and family; and a host of others were present. I felt so loved and honored to have all of them with me.

Best Results Hospital (BRH) had now risen from being the best in Lagos state to being the best in Nigeria. Its branches now spread across the entire country maintaining its headquarters in Lagos. Tony decided to stand on his own two months after our wedding after much planning and his own hospital is now making waves. Due to the fame and connectivity of my husband including of course my exemplary work in BRH as the great psychologist, I was now a regular face in the papers, blogs, TV programmes and what have you. A separate building has been devoted to handle Psychological cases due to expansion and regular demands for my attention. I loved it because I did not really fancy working together with my husband in the same building – we would be doing more personal stuff at work… lolzz.

One thing seems to be the problem though…

“Pat, stop it …… Pat …….” Prisca said as she moved quickly to grab the breakable furniture with her one year old daughter. The one year and three months old Patricia is the exact replica of a doll. She has excess beauty thanks to her parents, and just like her mother, she has hair as black as midnight. She is very lively and energetic that you miss her when she is not around.

Prisca replaced the furniture and carried Pat the way only a mother can. I could not contain my envy. Though two years is nothing compared to the stories I hear from people, I still feel like I have spent a whooping ten years without a child. Bloggers did not miss this emblem thus the numerous rumors and gossips.

I threw away my blind jealousy and took Patricia from Prisca, she is just so adorable. By carrying her, I have a feeling that my child is on the way. Richard noticed my mood-swing and came to hold me affectionately. Everyone started ranting about the display of love not noticing my mood. Just when the party was about to begin, the door creaked open and before me stood a stunning woman who should be in her mid-fifties. Everyone turned towards her and Richards mood took a downturn.

“What are you doing here?” he yelled

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