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My Name is AKA - Episode 7




My Name is AKA - Episode 7

Written By Amah's Heart

I searched all around the room, scattering the whole place, I even went as far as raising my room foot mat up.

My cloths that has pocket in them aren't left out, I checked my shoes, books and school bags.

I literally turned the room upside down but found nothing.

The almighty Lambert dollar was gone.

Someone took it and not only that the person took all the money I left in my small handbag.

Whoever stole it knows that's where I used to keep money and quietly robbed me of all my savings.

I know is either my Aunty or Nunu, those two are capable of  anything just to hurt me.

Is been two days after the whole Lambert incident and this past days has been one of the wørst.

I was treated like an outcast, everyone avoided me and never stopped cúrsing and swéaring for me.

They said I wanted to close the long time friendship door between Lambert and the family.

They said I'm very lucky that Lambert didn't press charges or get me arrested and I will get tørtured in pølice cell, all thanks to my uncle because my aunty wouldn't mind joining hand to make it happen.

She hátes me that much.

I will finally be leaving tomorrow, my bags are packed but scattered again while I was searching for my money

I went straight to Nunu's room

"What are you doing in my room, she shouted looking up from her phone immediately she saw me.

"Did you take my money? I can't find all my money.."

"You're stûpíd for coming into my room and asking me about your rúbbish money? You want to start accusing me of stealing just like you lied against Uncle Lambert, that he was touching your breâst and bumbum. Lie lie Aka, please leave my room this instinct.."

"You haven't answered me yet. Did you take my money Nunu..? I asked again boldly.

She dumped her phone aside and rushed to my side, pushing me out while insúlting me

Exactly the way her mother use to throw insülts at me.

If I push her out of my side and she happens to fall down, they will conclude that I beat up their daughter.

They won't caution her running mouth now, there's limit to my patience but is all good because I'm leaving this house.

Molly who was lying down quietly, stood up from her bed.

She share the same room with Nunu.

"Nunu stop fighting Aka, everybody should leave her alone.."

"Shút up and go back to sleep.."

"Shút up your own mouth too..." Molly said with a loud hiss followed by murmuring.

Nunu paused and turned to her.

"Did you just insülted me Molly? do you know I'm your elder? I will tell Mom and Dad that you told me shút up.."

"You can go and tell the president of Nigeria or the whole wide world.. I don't care. You are the first to tell me shút up and you use to insúlt your elder too, now you can't even take little of what you've been dishing out to Aka.."

"Keep quiet and stop talking trásh. Aka is my maid and I can treat her in anyway I wish.."

"Keep your own mouth shút Nunu because you're the one saying rúbbish. Aka is still older than you and she's not a maid. If you can't respect your elder, then don't expect me to respect you..."

Nunu went close to Molly

"I will give you a dirty slap now. Who are you talking to like that? Are we now age mates, don't you have respect anymore?

"... So is because of a common Aka that you're disrespecting me. Aren't you here when she insülted our favorite uncle Lambert, lied against him and didn't even want to apologise untill mummy beat her up. Even her friend was surprise that a common maid will have the audacity to lie a against a big and well to do man like Uncle Lambert. How can you still defend her after everything she did..."

My Aunty walked into the room

"What's all this noise, why aren't you girls sleeping yet..?

She turned and saw me

"... what are you doing here Aka?

As I opened my mouth Nunu interrupted

"Mom, she's here to cause her usual trøuble. We were sleeping and she just walked in, tapping me awake and asking me about her money.."

"You were not sleeping Nunu and she did not tap you awake. I was about sleeping but you were busy pressing your phone when Aka came in, she stood by the door and asked you about her Money. And i won't be surprise if you stole it.." Molly said as she sat on her bed, hand akimbo as she dares Nunu who had obviously had enough of her.

"Mommy, did you hear what Molly just said, see the way she's disrespecting me? I will béât her up without mercy, she's begining to take my silent for granted and my patient is running out.."

My Aunty apologized to Nunu but Nunu kept ranting angrily

"... how can she be siding a common maid that will be gone without notice. A maid that had the gút to insúlt a whole uncle Lambert. Aka tries to bit the very finger that fed her without thinking, she's such a føølish girl and I wish she can just disappear right away..."

"...I watched a movie where a maid almost poisoned an entire family but she was caught in the act and forced to eat the pøisoned food and she dropped déâd  after they forced the food down her throat. All this desperate house helps are dangerous Mom..."

"Very dangerous my daughter, we all need to be very careful around them... especially maids like Aka who is not only desperate but also heartless. Is her entire family that she's going to kïll not ours. Her friend exposed her even more, I never knew that she was pretending all this while.."

"Imagine that Mom,  Aka was even planning to escape without notice after she thought she had succeeded in kílling uncle Lambert. Just imagine that Mom? She would have been gone without trace and nobody would have thought that the innocent looking maid is responsible for the dèãth of a whole business tycoon.."

"Let it rest please, all I keep hearing in this house is Aka this and Aka that.  Can I atleast get some sleep, Aka too needs to sleep, she have a big day tomorrow. Atleast her name will rest in everybody's mouth.." Molly said as she lie down on her bed, shut her eyes and pretend like she was sleeping.

"I won't be surprise if Aka gave Molly some fetish stuff to eat so that Molly will love and defend her at all time.." Nunu said

Molly rose up again from the bed

"Aka is not capable of such, I trust her and feel very safe when she's around. She sings and plays with me when Nunu will rather púsh me away. She's my friend and I will really miss her when she's gone but is all for the best because I feel sad with the way everyone treats her in this house. Desspite how much you hated her, she's still kind to you and if..."

", Hellooo! She's a maid, how am I supposed to treat her..? Nunu said, interrupting Molly. 

"Listen aka.." my Aunty turned to me

"... you're bringing rift among my girls and I can't wait for you to be gone for good. You will go and taste village Life and see the way it is. You don't know that you're actually in heaven here right? Let me see how your shoe maker Father and vegetable seller mother will take care of you and the rest of your poor family..."

"...get out of my girls room and I don't want to see you in here again because you're capable of anything.."

I heaved sadly and walked out without a word.

It has already been arranged that I'm leaving tomorrow, which is a Saturday.

My uncle will be off work and can travel

I don't have any prøblem leaving but the money I was saving to use in getting something for my family is all gone.

Even the hundreds dollar that I took insülts for has disappeared.

That money would have gone a long way but I can't complain.

I quietly packed up my bag and waited for morning to come.

As for Eliza, she went home that day smiling with five thousand naira tip from Lambert.

That girl sold me out without thinking twice but I wasn't too surprised, I only thought she won't betray me that much

Our friendship is already in the mud, I won't be seeing her again because I'm leaving my painful past behind and she's already part of it.

I said a short prayer, thanking God for helping me escape a very big prøblem, because if Lambert had diëd that day, I don't know what would have become of me.

I asked God to guide me home and I will meet my family in good health without problem.

Is been three years since I left them and only visited home once, which was two years ago and back then I pleaded none stop with my uncle who later agree despite the wife opposing.

I'm too eager to leave, I will miss Molly, my sweet little girl who never stopped fighting my battle and defending me.

She will be nine years soon, sadly, I won't be around to celebrate with her.

Although I don't know what awaits me at home but I have face so many challenges before and will face anything that comes my way.

The following day, as I carried my bag and was leaving with my uncle

Molly came out and hugged me

She squeeze something like paper into my palm

Austin surprisingly waved a goodbye to me

That's quiet a shock because he wasn't on my side or the side of Nunu

He's never on the side of anyone

He will talk down on me if needs be and caution Nunu whenever she's out of line.

He doesn't joke with his belly and I make sure I make his meal ready before he even ask.

He cracks annoying jokes with me sometime after filling his belly but instead of getting offended, I will laugh it out.

I didn't open whatever Molly put in my hand until I was outside and alone

I saw three hundred dollar, I was surprised.

"I sneaked out the money Nunu took from your bag and some of my own savings because you need the money more than I do. I wish you will be around for my upcoming birthday but I understand... I will miss you but I want you to be happy and I know your family will treat you better than mine. I wish you true happiness and laughter. I trust you and will be praying for you. Byee! Molly.."

I took a deep breath

"I hope so too Molly.." I whispered to myself

".. I hope my family treats me better and I find true happiness. God bless and keep you safe for me. Thank you for everything my little angel." I prayed quietly.

The money will really go a very long way.

I want to be gone before Nunu, the drama Queen will come and say her money is missing.

Who knows how Molly managed to take out the money without Nunu seeing her.

My uncle came out from the house with his bag, he entered the car and off we go.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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