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My Name is AKA - Episode 4




My Name is AKA - Episode 4

Written By Amah's Heart

I ran down the stairs and headed for the exit door but I suddenly remembered that I didn't come alone.

Eliza was probably in the kitchen with Lukas

I dashed back to get her so that we can get out as fast as possible.

I ran through the long passage as I wondered silently what kind of big house is this.

I heard Eliza laughing and I followed where the laughter was coming from.

"We need to go Eliza.." i said trying to catch my breath immediately I saw here.

"Go? How...me? I'm not going anywhere. Lukas just finished getting my chicken ready but he's yet to complete the quantity of plantain I demanded..."

"...his boss said I can have anything I want but Lukas isn't cooperating with the orders, I will go and tell the boss if he continue making me beg for what is righfully mine.."

"Eliza, we need to get out of here.." I sounded like a warning as I dragged her away from Lukas hearing.

"Relax Aka, what happened and why are you panting like a bulldøg. Are you through with the cleaning? That was too fast...did the boss says you can go?

"For Christ sake, all this question isn't necessary. I will tell you everything once we're out of here.."

She dragged her hand away from my grip and walked back to the kitchen table and sat on the chair.

"I was trying to lighten the mood in here by telling Lukas a joke. Maybe with the joke he won't delay in giving me everything I want. You can join us if you like but I'm not giving you my chicken.."

"...Ehee, Lukas, what if I decide to resell this my delicious fried chicken to you, how much will you pay for it.."

Lukas didn't reply

"...Lukas, I'm talking to you. Although I'm hungry but I don't mind trading my food for money. How much will you pay or maybe I should go and meet your boss and tell him to give me money instead of the food.."

Lukas turned off the cooker, he brought the plantain plate and dumped it in Eliza's front.

I was pacing uncomfortably

"What's the meaning of this Lukas,  just eight pieces of plantain and you're throwing food at me like a street døg.."

"What's the difference between you and a street døg? You're behaving like a glútton with no home training. Instead of a simple breakfast or lunch request you want all the whole food in your plate, Is over 30minutes and you're not satisfied. I'm going over to inform my boss that I'm done with you.."

"Wait... wait.." I said blocking Lukas from leaving.

"... your boss said he needed an undisturbed rest. He asked me to leave and I shouldn't leave without my friend. Don't go and dustub him, he's want a quiet time.."

"Hey Lukas, am I the one you just called glútton? Do you know who I am? I eat anything I want in my house, my parents have three cars and we live in our own mansion, right inside the estate. My Dad plans to get me a car when I clock sixteen years, I have a bank account with alot of money in it. My Mom is a sister to one of the top and very popular Hollywood actress. My Dad younger brother is a senator in this country and his Dad was one of the youngest governor in his early days. I can get you arrested for calling me names and thinking your 8 pieces of plantain, chicken, egg sauce and the orange juice is worth insulting me. Do you know what I took for breakfast this morning. I have a personal maids that set a large table of different types of England breakfast, the type that's eaten in England, that's my favorite breakfa.."

"That's enough, please let's leave here now..." I said already pissed.

"That's unlikely, my boss taking rest by this time? He haven't eaten breakfast yet, he took only fruits this morning and said he will instruct me on what he wants later. Is he okay or maybe he's sick, maybe I should check up to know if he needs anything.." Lukas asked me ignoring Eliza

"He's perfectly alright. I'm not sure he will like you coming to disturb him even after I just passed his warning to you. I'm leaving now, he will call you if he needs your attention.."

"... common Eliza, let's leave please or I will stop at your mother's shop to inform her that..."

Eliza stood up immediately I mentioned her mother

"Okay, okay.. I'm coming. I need plates to package all this food.."

"...Lukas give me a take away plate let me put all this my food.."

"What do a big girl like you need a take away plate for when you can easily get whatever you want back at your mansion with so many maids at your service.." Lukas said with a smirk plastered all over his countenance.."

"I don't have your time Lukas and nothing you say will discourage me from taking this food. She started walking around the kitchen searching for plate.."

"Eliza, hûrry up let's get out of here or I'm going straight to inform your Mom that..."

"Aka, I said I'm coming..". She said as she quickly grabbed a nylon bag by the kitchen sink.

She rinsed it out in the tap.

After shaking off the water she began pouring in the food.

I was rushing out expecting her to follow-up

"Maybe is a good thing the boss asked you to leave because I was almost losing my patience with your glúttønous friend.."

Lukas said as I was leaving

"You're a rúde and a lazy boy, I wonder why your boss haven't sacked you yet.."

Eliza replied while holding onto her food nylon bag tight and running after me.

We crossed the gate successful and took bike that dropped us at the estate gate.

Eliza and her Mom lives outside the estate gate in a small room and parlour and the mother sells miscellaneous items in her shop close to the market place.

Eliza kept asking me what happened but i said let's go to a safe place first before I can say anything.

We stayed in a secluded corner

"Aka, what's with all this rush. What's goin on? 

"The man, I think he's dead.." I said panting, trying to catch my breath.

I looked around to make sure no one heard me except Eliza

"Which man is dead? I don't understand what you're talking about..?

"Mr Lambert, he said I should come clean his room but he had different thing in mind. He was trying to take advantage of me.."

"How? I still don't get it.." Eliza said trying to pinch out the chicken meat that's inside the nylon.

She threw a large part of the meat into her mouth and went back trying to take off another one.

"Eliza, this isn't the time to eat. I'm serious about what I'm saying. You're not paying attention.."

"I am. I listen with my ear not my mouth. This chicken aroma is irresistible. I have been trying to endure the urge to eat up everything since..right while on top of the bike but I guess my home training failed me at this point.." Eliza said with her mouth full of meat.

"Mr Lambert, Lukas boss is d...ead.."

She stared at me in disbelief while still chewing her chicken.

"... does that ring a bell to you? I asked when she didn't say anything

"That's expensive joke, God forbids it.." Eliza finally said.

"I don't know... everything happened so fast Eliza. He was touching my body...my bréâst and buttøcks.."

I looked around again, making sure it's only Eliza and i, before saying in a whisper

"...He wanted to râpé me. He said that even if I shout, no one will come and rescue me. It was while he was at it I pushed him añgrily. He fell down, smâshing his head on a table.."

"Are you really serious? You kílled somebody...? Stop joking because I know that you can't even kill a fly. That man is bigger, taller and can't possibly want to râpé you. He has money and family too.."

"I can't joke with something like this. I don't know what to do and you're the only person I have told, please don't tell anyone.."

She swallowed up her chicken and chuckled softly

"Aka, heyy! You mean that you kílled Lukas boss! that man is déãd? What are you going to do because I don't want to be involved in this your mess.."

"I don't know Eliza, I don't know what to do.."

"You should have told Lukas or the security so that he can be rushed to the hospital immediately you saw that he fell. You left him there? Jesus... Aka? Do you understand the level of danger you've put yourself. Please, I'm not there..."

"Eliza, you're in this like I am. You were in that house too eating chicken and didn't really bother to help me out which was the main reason I agreed to take you along. I'm not even asking you for anything, only to just keep your mouth shut and not say anything I just told you to anyone. Please... can you atleast do that.."

"Ah! God..all this things you're saying is like a Movie. I'm waiting for the part you will laugh and tell me is just a joke..."

"Is true Eliza, I didn't kíll him intentionally, I only try to push him away from me and he fell down and díed. He smáshed his head on a glass table and I saw bløød..I never wanted to hûrt him in anyway. It was a mistake, I don't know what to do.."

I sobbed quietly, while blinking back tëars

"Me too, I don't know what to say. Do you want to run away? You're going to go to prison if Lukas found out that you kílled his boss and escaped. They will search until you're found and will arrest you.."

"Maybe, i will escape before anyone finds out..."

",I just remember that you're a teenager, is only adults, people from 20 years and above that goes to prison. They may have different punishment for you because you're still underage.."

"Haven't you heard of juvenile prison? Is the type of prison meant for teenagers. You don't know that some teens are harden crimïnals, after they're arrested, they will be put in a very restricted place that won't enable them to have free interaction with anyone. That's like living in hell on earth. I maybe mistaken for one, when I'm innocent...I don't want such life. My parents maybe financially incapacitated that they have to live at the mercy or others even when their child is hunted, but I got greatly plan for myself and this is definitely not how I planned my life Eliza. This whole thing will ruine me.  I'm not a crimiñäl, I'm not a murdêrër, I can't go to jail for something I did unintentional.  I will have to escape.."

"Do you have any where to run to? Do you have money.."

"Yes, I have a 100 dolar that is hidden away. Mr Lambert gave it to me during one of his visitd. I also have the money I receive as a reward during my school debate..."

"This Mr Lambert doesn't suppose to die, so he used to give out dollar? You should have wait and see what he plan to do before pushing him to his death. I could have also received my own dollar today and I will use it to buy my dream shoe..."

"... you will give me some money so that I can use it and buy my shoe.."

"I'm in a serious danger, my life is in trøuble and all you're thinking about is shoe..?

"Yes, getting my dream shoe is another matter of importance too.."

"I have to go now, please pray for me Eliza, that's if you know how to pray.."

"I know how to pray very well but while running away can you stop by my house and give me small money? I'm doing you a huge favor, is only normal to show me some love with cash, like a "thank you cash" for me.."

"I don't know because I don't have time for that, if I can I will stop and give you something but I'm not promising Eliza..."

"...Can't you just be focused in helping me escape than getting paid for every help you rendered. What are friends for..?

"Okay okay. Be careful Aka, and don't let anyone see you escaping.."

I nodded and ran off, I didn't stop running untill I got to the house.

My heart was racing, I try to act calm but it got worst.

My mind was just focused on getting out of the house.

I knocked and Nunu opened the door with her numerous question of asking me where I have been.

I told her I was at Mr Lambert house cleaning his place.

She chuckled suspiciously before walking back inside

I ignored her usual attitude and went straight inside.

I planned on how I will go straight to my room, take the money and find a way of escape right away.

I startled in shock immediately I got to the sitting room.

My mouth dropped open as I saw Lambert sitting comfortably in the living room with my uncle and aunty.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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