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My Name is AKA - Episode 3




My Name is AKA - Episode 3

Written By Amah's Heart

I saw Eliza, she's in my school, the same class and live with her Mom outside the estate.

She was coming back to buy something when we met.

"Where are you going to this morning Aka..? She asked immediately she saw me while grinning from ear to ear.

"Where are you coming from this morning Eliza.." I returned the question and she began to laugh.

"I went to buy bread from Dano's bakery. You know how sweet a fresh and hot bread taste with tea in the morning, i wouldn't miss it for the world..". She began chuckling again.

I managed to smile even with a heavy heart.

The delicious smell of the bread hit my nose, I became hungry, there was no time to eat breakfast before leaving, I don't even have an appetite for food.

I just want to go over there and return home in no time

"You like food too much, this your bread makes me hungry, I haven't eaten anything yet but don't feel like eating yet until I'm done with my today's heavy task. go and enjoy yourself..." I finally said walking past her

"Are you going to buy something? 

"Uhmm! No, I'm going to clean house for somebody.."

"Will the person pay you? Should I come along? There's one fine shoe i asked my Mom to buy for me but she refused, saying she doesn't have money..

"... I don't have any serious thing doing at home. My Mom already washed all our cloths and I cleaned the house before she return from the store yesterday night..." 

"...I planned going with her to the store this morning, that's where I will spend my own day. I can't wait for school to resume, this holiday is too boring.."

"I don't know Eliza, he is a friend of the family. I'm even scâréd going alone and that's why I decided to trek down here to get a bus.."

"I'm looking for where to go, even if he's not paying for the cleaning, let me still come along since you're scared. I'm sure my Mom won't mind if I tell her that I'm going out with you.."

"... Will you follow me let's go and tell my Mom. She may not allow me to go if she did not see your face..."

Without thinking much about it

I asked her to hurry up because I'm already late.

I don't want to get into trøuble

We went to Eliza's place, and the Mom agreed for us to go.

Eliza cut a large chunk out of the bread, she gave me some.

Despite I was hungry but I'm still not in the mood to eat anything yet.

I thanked her before letting her know that I don't want to eat bread.

She chewed up the whole bread in no time.

We hurried out and took a bus, Eliza said we should lap each other so that we can save some money.

I told her that I don't have strength to lap her, I have enough money to pay our transport

Eliza insisted, saying she's saving for her new shoe.

 I agreed to carry her on my laps while in the bus, we had to pay for just one seat instead of two.

I gave her the bus money so that she can include in her savings.

We arrived at Mr Lambert house around 10:46am

After introducing ourselves at the security we went straight to the door

I was a bit relieved that Eliza was with me.

I knocked and a young boy about twenty opened the door

"I came to clean the house, is Mr Lambert home.." I said to the boy.

",, He's busy upstairs. Which particular area did he mention that you will be cleaning.."

"I don't know, he asked me to come over for house cleaning.."

"Maybe we should start with this place..." Eliza said looking around the big sitting room.

"...Aka you can start cleaning here, the rooms and outside, while I will go to the kitchen to wash dishes and clean it and also the bathroom too. If I finish before you, I will come and help but if you finish before me you join me.."

"Hey, look around you.." the boy said to Eliza

"..did this place looks unclean to you? 

We both looked around at the same time.

"... this house is already clean.." the boy finally said

"Oh! What are we supposed to do now.." Eliza asked him while raising a questioning eyebrow.

"Hello, who do we have here.." Lambert voice was heard as he stood on the stairs.

"Good morning sir.." I greeted, Eliza also greeted him, we almost chorused the greeting.

"Aka, my dear. How're you? you came at 11am.."

"...I started calling your uncle around from 7am and as about 8am he told me that you've already left the house.."

"I'm sorry sir, I couldn't get a bus on time.." I lied which was very unlikely because I hate to lie but I don't want him to tell my aunty and uncle that I got to his place very late.

"Is all good my dear, I want you to come and clean my room carefully, Lukas has already tidied up everywhere except my room..."

He looked towards Eliza 

"...I can see you came with your pretty friend, Who's your friend?

"My name is Eliza sir.." she replied even before I could say something

"Hmm! Eliza.." he said tasting the feel of the name.

"... okay. Aka, are you scâréd of coming alone? I wanted you to come alone so that you won't be distracted on the job I have for you.."

"No sir, Eliza just decided to come along..".

"No, she said she was scared and asked me to come with her.." Eliza quickly replied defensively.

I looked at her and she said "..but is true. You said you were scared, that's why I decided to come along with you.."

"Is alright my dear. There's nothing to be scâréd off in this house.."

".. before you start, have you eaten?

"Yes sir, thanks.." I quickly replied.

",No, we haven't...

"...Aka, but you told me that you did not eat before leaving the house.." Eliza said.

What is wrong with this girl? I wondered silently to myself.

"Lukas will take you to the kitchen, my cook is yet to resume, Lukas will help you out.." he had a  phone call and began speaking over the phone.

Eliza turned to the boy who was still standing close to us

",Do you people have chicken lap and fried plantain, with egg sauce and orange juice or fanta? That's what I want to eat.."

"... where's your kitchen, your boss said you should take us to the kitchen so that we can prepare anything we want to eat. Why are you still standing, didn't you hear your boss command..?

At this point I was begining to regret bringing Eliza along.

She was supposed to be helping me and not worsening my situation.

"..Aka, I have said what I want to eat, what do you want to eat.. you better say it fast so that Lukas can bring everything out.."

"I'm not hungry Eliza, I'm here to work and not to eat.."

"Yes na, I think the man said you're to clean his room which is the only place left. Is it not after eating you will have strength to start work? If you don't want to eat, me I'm going to enjoy myself.."

She followed Lukas as they went towards the kitchen side.

"You're not going with your friend to get something to eat..? He said turning to me after the call.

"I'm not hungry sir. Please show me where to start cleaning.."

"I was just on phone with my friend. His wife wants to know what took you so long to get here when you left the house since morning..."

"...since you're my favorite girl at the moment, I had to say something nice about you, so that you won't get into trouble and get beaten when you gey home.."

"Thank you sir.." 

"That's nothing. come on let's go my dear, my room is a bit untidy and it will take alot of time to get it done.."

I swallowed hard and followed him to his room.

He locked the door behind immediately I got in.

My dream flashed right before me as he approached.

"I will start right away sir, I said shakily. Even though the room looks clean enough to me.

 he came close and brushed his hand on my bréâst

"Aka, you know you're a pretty girl. I can help you escape from my friend and his wife, I understand that they're not treating you so well but you're hard-working and deserve better than been treated like a garbage.."

"...do you want me to help you and give you a better life than what you have.."

"No, thank you sir, I'm fine. Please don't touch me or I will shout.."

"Is time to open the package, is long overdue, I must say. my dear, although I can be a little bit covetous but don't be so alarmed, I'm not going to hurt you.."

"... beside nobody can hear you up here. My room is sound proof and we're the only one in the third floor, your friend and Lukas are downstairs and is not like they can help you if you decide to scream, maybe is a good thing you came with Eliza, your friend. She's seems wiser more fun filled and won't be difficult like you.."

"... I want to help you, you are pretty and deserve to be treated like a princess.."

He brushed his hand towards my bréâst again and licked his lips

My fear turned into rage, i became angry when he pinched my buttøcks hard, I released a quiet scream as his nails dug into me

"..They're real, I was in doubt until now. You're well endowed at a young age my dear Aka..."

 He slapped my backside hard, I released another scream of terrór.

He try brushing his hand again on my chest.

I angrily pushed him hard with all my might.

He lost his balance, I watched as he struggled to grab hold of something but there was nothing at his reach.

He slipped right down, hitting his head on his reading glass table close to the beside.

The table shattered to pieces

He became still on the ground, I saw bløød

He wasn't moving at all as I touched him, tapping him continuesly

"I'm sorry sir, hello sir.. uncle Lambert.."

I shake him repeatedly, apologising for pushing him but no reply came.

"Jesus Christ, I have kílled him" I said terrified

I quickly unlocked the door and ran out in a hurry

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