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My Name is AKA - Episode 2




My Name is AKA - Episode 2

Written By Amah's Heart

I was surprised to meet the door widely open.

It was indeed a very big sitting room and it does not seem dirty at all.

It appears it was freshly cleaned because it still has a nice fragrance of ivanda product which is the exact air freshener we have back at home.

I inhaled deeply as the strong fragrance greeted my nose.

He suddenly cleared his throat loudly, startling me

I turned and saw him sitting in a dark corner of the living room, close to an in-built fireplace.

He had a long tobacco cane in his mouth.

He pops and exhale, letting out a thick smóke.

I never knew he was watching me from that end as I walked in.

"Aka..welcome to my home.."

"Good morning sir.." I greeted shakily

"Come over and sit on my lap.." he said wilding his legs and exposing his white undies, underneath the blue robe he was putting on.

"I will rather stand uncle Lambert.." I had to mention his name to remind him that he was a close family friend to my guardian and we all respect him. He was supposed to be an uncle and not a predator.

"I love the way you call me with such a lovely voice.  please say my name again.."

I stared at him, wondering what he meant.

"... Aka, what's my name? Say it continuesly untill I ask you to stop

"Uncle Lambert, uncle Lambert, uncle Lambert, uncle Lamb..."

"Stop, that's okay. You turn me on when you call my name with such a séxy voice.."

"... I'm all hard for you, come and sit on my lap..my sweetest Aka.."

",No sir, please..I just want to clean and go home. Where do you want me to start from, what am I going to clean, tell me so that I can get to work.."

"Start from me, my body needs cleaning. Come over girl, let me make you feel like a woman, you will love it, I promise you.."

He stood, took off his night robe and it dropped carelessly on the tile

He kicked it aside as he matched towards me with a cocked smile.

", Please sir, I want to go home.."

I said moving back towards the exit door

I was calculating my step as he matched  forward, trying to pøunced on me like a prey.

I was terribly scâréd, I targeted the exit door as he draw closer to me.

I quickly turned and dashed towards the door but he caught me before I could get to the door

He carried me to a big room and dumped me on the big bed carelessly like a piece of paper.

I pleaded as I try to find my balance but, he was acting insåne.

"Relax my lady, I promise it won't be painful and you will come to enjoy it..."

"...You're ripe and looking all delicious, I want to be the first to plúck you before others do..."

"Please sir, I want to go home.." I cried out in anguish

"Offcourse, you will definitely go home Aka. I will be done before you even know it and you will be on your way.."

"I don't want to do anything with you, please don't hürt me..I don't want to do anything, I want to go home.."

", You will come to love doing it with me after today because I will make it enjoyable my dear Aka. I won't forgive myself if another first me in eating from your bossom of delicious meal.."

"...Pull your clothes off let me quench my taste from your séxy body. I'm all hungry for you my dear. I may decide to take it by force if you refuse..."

"I will tell my uncle and aunty if you dare touch me. Let me go and I won't tell anyone of what you try to do to me.."

He laughed out sarcastically before moving closer to me.

I try to hûrry away from his grip but he caught me like a mouse.

", You're a good negotiator and I'm loving it the more..."

"... take a look at me my dear Aka, between you and I who looks convincing, who's believable, who do you think they will believe? A common maid or man that commands riches and respect.."

He drew me to his side, press hard on my bréâst before pining me down to the bed.

"..I'm already out of patients Aka, I have to take it by force since you refused to corporate..."

I struggled, throwing punches, screaming loudly and struggling with all my might.

He overpowered me, pressed hard against me while pining me to the hard mattress.

He try pulling off my undies

I pleaded as he landed on me with his full weight

I screamed.

"Please sir, please... I'm pleading, forgive me if I have ever offended you, please don't do it, don't do this please.. uncle Lambert.."

I fought amidst sweat and tears


A hard punch sent me crashing on the ground

".. what type of rubbish sleep is this? Do you know how long I have been shouting your name? Nunu queried angrily

 "...Mum is calling you and you better have a better explanation on why you will be sleeping by this time when you should be getting ready to go to uncle Lambert house for the house cleaning.." Nunu said walking out of the room.

I robbed my eyes, looking around the room in terror.

I gasped in relief as I quickly got up.

So I wasn't in Lambert house, he wasn't trying to take advantage of me.

It was all I terrïble dream.

"God! Thank you.." I heaved quietly.

I slept very late thinking about the whole Lambert thing

When I finally slept, I never knew the deadly encounter that felt close to my skin was all a nightmare.

I rushed out to meet my aunty

"Aka, what time is it..? My Aunty asked irritated by my mare appearance.

"Is 8:15am ma. I'm sorry ma, I didn't know that I overslept.."

"8:15 and you're still sleeping huh? In my house Aka? You haven't done anything this morning, sleeping like a pregnant woman. If it was in the village where you came from, you should be in the farm, harvesting cassava or weeding the ground..." 

"Is too early for all this honey, Lambert has already called twice. She should get ready and leave.." my uncle said to his wife and immediately went back to his phone.

My aunty turned to me, still angry

"You were told yesterday that you will be going to clean Mr Lambert house today. He wanted you to come early and he has called three times already. I thought you were already gone, it was even Nunu that informed me that you were busy sleeping and snoring in your room like a fat cow. I guess is because you have a room to yourself, you think that you can sleep and wake up as you please. Back in the village where you came from, is it not only a room that is to your entire family name. Both your mother, father and siblings sleeps in just a room, you thin.."

"Honey .." my uncle interrupted her again.

"..There's no time for all this, look Lambert is calling again..."

Turning to me, he said

"..Aka, quickly go get ready, take transport from the dining table, I left some money there, hûrry down to Lambert place. You can still remember his house address, we've all visited with you twice.." my uncle said

"Get out from here immediately and disappear to Lambert house..." I don't want him to call and ask of you again..."

I opened my mouth to speak but my Aunty's footwear came flying straight at me.

I dodged it and it flew across my head and landed on the door.

I quickly ran out.

Tidied up few chores, got ready in no time.

The dreams didn't leave my mind even as I left the house in a hurry to Mr Lambert place.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART STORIES)

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